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What is not enough for today`s school?

Quarter of the century we built new school! We built, built and, at last, constructed what it is possible to call school with a big stretch. Stuffed it with all equipment, struck the numerous checking and supervisory authorities with innovations, experimented with programs and textbooks, established virtual relation between the teacher and the pupil.

The result of this grandiose building, sublimated in series with the name of the same name (I mean series “School“), nightmarized several months all country. Only all were terribly revolted for some reason (frightened?) children, that is school students are seniors. As were indignant on numerous current - show, debates and round tables the souls of the teacher offended up to the depth and valorous workers of all RONO, GORONO, the ministries and demanded: “To forbid!“. They - that precisely were frightened most. Same result of their work!

And personally to me it was offensive, sick and terrible for teachers. On the place of directors of schools would collect all pedkollektiv in the assembly hall and forced to watch all movie without all changes and breaks for tea drinking with cookies. That looked at themselves with eyes of children who are taught and bring up, or just disaccustomed and brought up (as director of sensational series).

Yes, children are cruel, cynical, embittered! At the same time they are lonely, unfortunate, lost. And it is already wine of adults: parents and teachers! But children are not hopeless! The director lit - at the very end of a tunnel a weak small lamp, gave up tiny hope that these the unfortunate, tired by 16 - 17 years of adulthood children are capable to change. Cries and absolutely childly the humiliated, polovozrely and already fairly shabby Budilova calls mother. Cynical Yepifanov is capable of love and care. And Ania Nosova makes the Act too . Children`s (so child absolutely!) awful, tragic, but act!

And here teachers and remained gray weight! The chewing cookie which is leaving behind everywhere crumbs (as invisible parasites are determined only by the left excrement) gray weight. And this is really terrible. Even if one pupil sees them such, so there are such teachers. And it is the main problem and the real trouble of modern school! There are no hopeless pupils and uncontrollable classes! There are dull teachers, indifferent to these pupils and classes! And, to a great regret, it is more and more of them every year.

What teacher was presented to us by literature and cinematography of last century (excepting hysteria of permissiveness and publicity 90 - x)? Kind and sensitive, attentive and patient, talented and keen, looking for and doubting: “French lessons“ of V. Astafyev, “To you also did not dream“ to G. Scherbakova, “Correction of mistakes“ Yu. Polyakova, “Let`s live till Monday“, “A key without the right of transfer“). The teacher has to not only teach, give knowledge, but also carry away, light, lead, help.

The distance between the child and the teacher is much less, than between the child and the parent, so far as concerns life experience, living position. And this advantage has to be used by the real teacher. Communication of the child and adults - very important component of formation of the personality. What adults surround the child? Parents and teachers! Means, the teacher bears responsibility for the child almost equally with parents. Whether many of parents can brag daily 45 - minute communication with the child? Most often this process is reduced to questions: “How are you at school?“, “Made lessons (or made)?“.

In mad race on modernization of an education system absolutely forgot about the main component of school, forgot about the teacher! And still Rose trees said that “the school is only and entirely the teacher: the teacher - in - the first, the teacher - in - the second, the teacher - in - the third, and only in - the fourth, still something …“ Today almost everyone even very rural school can brag of interactive boards, computer classes and the Internet in each office, author`s programs and there is a lot more than.

But is not enough for our school of the Teacher who “for everything replies, … creates not only “lesson“, but - on general expectation and on the fair and disinterested belief - creates and undertakes to create and “I smother the pupil“, the perception, the assimilation. It - is scary thin, odukhotvoryonno, carefully … Work of the teacher - intellectual, nervous; it and educational, it and uchebno - the scientist“ (Rose trees V. Sobr. soch.: Russian statehood and society. M, 2003. Page 209).

This most important component is not at today`s school. There is no teacher - the friend, the teacher - the interlocutor, the teacher - the mentor, the teacher - the adviser, the teacher - the assistant. There is no teacher! teachers for whom results of checks and open lessons, reports and demonstration performances, ranks and extra charges are important Are (and it is not necessary to accuse them of it!) . The good teacher became inconvenient to school long ago.

The pupil is important for the good teacher, educational process is important. The good teacher does not give the hours on rehearsals and runs, does not allow to take away from the lessons pupils for participation in various bedlam. The good teacher understands that the child at school is not material, not the tool, not the visual aid for demonstration of achievements of pedagogical collective or bureaucracy of the Ministry of Education with the purpose to receive the next tick or the next grandee.

Activity of the teacher more distinguished, delicate, than activity of professor or other any scientist. Professor is not responsible for how lecture will be acquired. Its task - to specify the direction for search and knowledge acquisition, to orient listeners and to present the vision of a problem, subjects, a question …

the Teacher has to teach to be guided, to teach to ask a question and to find the answer. To teach ! Besides, the teacher has to train, bringing up (or training, to bring up)! Here because - that our school also died that there is no such teacher left at it...