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Whether it is necessary to be fastened in the car? Indicative krash - the test

As if who treated seat belts, the piece this very useful and saved more than once lives to drivers in extreme situations. The same motorists on whom the seat belt was a burden, alas, in most cases left life on the place.

As the world statistics claims, refusal of use of seat belts is the second for number of the victims a cause of death of people in dorozhno - the transport incidents caused by speeding - 92% of the died people were not fastened by seat belts at the time of collision of cars and arrivals of cars on obstacles. And even collision at a so-called “city“ speed constitutes the same danger as falling on asphalt from height of the five-floor house.

Why some drivers do not want to be fastened, a single question - at everyone “reasons“. And now we will consider in details what happens to the careless driver who did not want to be fastened.

A few years ago scientists decided to decipher on milliseconds krash - the test which is carried out under following conditions: the car at a speed of 80 km/h runs into a motionless obstacle. We hope that these results will convince to follow safety rules even of the most thoughtless citizens.

So, the car crashed at the set speed, for example, into a concrete column. Already through 26 milliseconds after blow on the driver and all passengers who are in the vehicle on what seats they were, force by 30 times exceeding gravity begins to work.

39 milliseconds after blow - the driver by inertia together with a seat promptly moves forward on 15 centimeters.

Later 5 more milliseconds the driver a thorax breaks a wheel.

50 milliseconds after blow - the speed of the vehicle falls so that all people who are in it are affected by force by 80 times exceeding their body weight.

Later 18 milliseconds the driver, continuing to move by inertia, with a force of 9 tons hits against an instrument guard.

On hours 92 milliseconds - the driver and the passenger on a front seat at the same time hit the heads against a windshield and skulls sustain deadly damage.

0,1 seconds later after collision the driver together with a seat is rejected back, he is already dead. In the same time the car begins to be rolled away back.

On hours of 113 milliseconds after blow about a column - the passengers sitting on back seats (as a rule, not fastened - this opportunity is not even provided in the majority of cars) like mad hit against front seats, receiving deadly injuries.

0,15 seconds after collision - splinters of a windshield and fragments of iron fall to the ground, the place of accident shrouds a dust cloud.

Here, actually, and it is a driver and passengers who are in inside of the car are dead for some 15 100-th seconds.

You want similar result? You should not tempt destiny - always, under any circumstances be fastened by a seat belt! Of course, it is not panacea, but as practice shows, in tens of times increases chances to survive even the most terrible road accidents. Good luck on roads!