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Drivers are how superstitious? We sort autosigns of

Each person, as if he denied this fact, trusts in signs. And everyone has them the: the right hand - to a meeting itches, the black cat - to misfortunes stole a march. Drivers have signs and, and seldom who will venture to wave away from them. At drivers everything begins

already from the moment of acquisition of the car. For example, if the motorist prefers to buy a second-hand car, then will surely begin to discover the identity of the former owner. If it is the successful and influential person, say, the director of successful firm or the large official, then to be to the buyer the same solid person. If the seller - the person with middle-income, then it is necessary to drag “miserable existence“ nearly until the end of the life. Anyway, but it is worth checking the identity of the seller nevertheless - suddenly this car is registered in stealing, and its current owner is searched by law enforcement agencies.

Many drivers claim that any car has the karma, destiny. The car at least once got into accident - will “fly“ further. Often broke - not to avoid malfunctions and to the new owner.

Direct process of sale of a car has essential value too. In particular, it is impossible to agree directly in a car interior with someone about sale of this car. The car can take offense in all seriousness and if the buyer wants to try to sit driving, will surely break at midpoint. According to ardent motorists, the car has a soul too and to the old owner becomes attached as a pet. Also it is considered that it is very bad to photograph or film the car at sale. Why - it is unknown, however properly then to treat advertizing of the largest motor shows and TV - advertizing? It turns out what all cars, so to speak, “maleficiated“?

Color matters too, especially abroad. In Russia, generally only pink color plays an important role - it means that driving the woman. And here in Great Britain and the USA, for example, many try to avoid cars of green color, statistically, in the United States cars of this color most often have accidents, and drivers of such cars become participants of terrible road accidents.

So, the car is bought, the driver`s license in a pocket. Now this business should be “washed“ correctly. Usually this tradition is executed is noisy, solemnly, in a big way. This process varies depending on desires and opportunities of drivers: someone just moistens edge of the certificate in a glass with alcohol, someone drinks vodka exactly so much how many it is located in a glass on height of “rights“ (statistically, this ceremony repeats several times). And there are also such citizens who water wheels of the new car with champagne, martini and similar drinks - everything depends on financial opportunities.

So, the car and the rights “are washed“, we go to get numbers. In this case happiness to the driver has to privalit surely only because in number there are repeating figures. If all number consists of the same figures, then, according to a sign, their owner is obliged to be incredibly successful in all undertakings.

And here, at last, the happy person takes the wheel. And here too there are nuances. For example, if at least once struck the car in the first two months - means, it is unhappy. Though it is more desirable to study, of course, correctly to go and follow Traffic regulations.

A bad sign to throw out garbage in a window - wait for year of bad luck. Here nobody will argue with it. And yet not the fact that only one year - depending on what and where threw out, the term of failure can significantly drag on.

One more negative is considered to drive the dirty car. Besides - to argue with it it is useless. If the person goes for important business negotiations, then the splodgy car can seriously impair a little to it reputation - time it cannot wash the car, so and treats another matters also carelessly.

And here if to wash the car, then as numerous motorists assure, this day the rain will surely go. As this sign works, it is unknown, but if logically to think, then in view of total of cars on the planet, would already have to flood Earth on the top of Everest long ago.

Is in a moneybox of drivers of a sign and concerning traffic police officers. So, for example, to whistle in inside of the car or to recalculate money during movement - a sure sign that will stop patrol. Not to good and a penalty at the very beginning of the long road - rest will be spoiled and a lot of things are not realized. Of course, there is to it and an objective explanation - if the violator is fined a round sum, then, of course, it is necessary to correct hastily drawn-up plans, especially if they concern any acquisitions.

Of course, it is not the full list of signs and superstitions of drivers. Everyone will decide to believe in them or not - for himself. But there is one sign, universal for all, working perfectly - implicitly to follow Traffic regulations. Follow it, and neither rains, nor whistle in salon, nor the green car going in parallel will not sadden your way.