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It is called: whether you know about this April holiday?

Are one more holiday in April, on the importance and greatness not inferior to Easter. Only know about it the few. So far … It is connected with an event, absolutely unusual to our world, which can take place only once in the whole millennium. And holiday history

following … It left in the fine garden filled with a set of fragrant pink bushes. On the earth night, dense, dark, flickering the far, released from all wordly cares stars already went down. Gravel quietly rustled under its easy gait. The night breeze played pleated clothes, moved a thick dark hair and tried to glance everything in it is immense the deep eyes containing everything secrets of the Divine Universe. Aroma of roses floated over avenues of a garden, carried by an ubiquitous midnight zephyr.

Every day at dawn gardeners cut off the roses framing four avenues of a garden and put them in the middle of its blessed tent. The lots of flowers was already big that being going drink morning tea in its tent could not see each other. He with own hand distributed all these roses leaving it flowers at its request were delivered it to friends that remained in the city “ (from the collection “Nabil`s Narration“).

In a garden except It there were many people. All of them were different age, differed in the social status, had various professions and outlooks on life. All of them came to this garden only for the sake of It, to see, hear, feel. And all of them now … slept. Yes, slept, having settled where they were overtaken by night, directly on the warm spring earth.

Because they were people with usual opportunities and needs of nature. They overflowed and tired with own feelings, were overcome by an ordinary terrestrial dream. People had a rest, and It went on paths of a spring garden, and his immense love soared on powerful wings over the sleeping children human.

At that time to It all secrets of life, all depths of the Universe, infinite knowledge of God were revealed. He did not know fatigue and during those days that he was here, in a garden, together with the followers, opened them great secrets, generously gave Divine knowledge to people. But their abilities could not contain such power, and with calling of a sun people sank into a sleep … All these events are quite real

and there were they in not such times removed from us in vicinities of Baghdad, in April, 1863.

A name of this surprising person Baha`u`llah that is translated from Arab as “Slava Gospoda“. The destiny it entirely reflects destinies of all unusual people in this world. Huge love of simple people and persecution and hatred of the mighty of this world. He spent the most part of life in exiles. Here, in Baghdad, there was for Baha`u`llah “thaw“ in the relation with the authorities.

Within not less than eight years he freely lived among inhabitants of Baghdad. He walked among them, sat together with them and gave them the knowledge. Though It also did not open before them the situation, nevertheless many people of various social standing were attracted to his personality and dreamed to stay at its presence, to hear his words or just for a moment to see how It goes along streets or measures by steps the coast of the Tiger shipped in meditation “ (from the collection “Nabil`s Narration“).

However the Muslim clergy could not reconcile to that huge impact which Baha`u`llah exerted on people. At the request of Persia the Turkish government issued the order on Baha`u`llah`s expulsion far away from the homeland - to Constantinople.

News quickly expatiated on its departure among residents of Baghdad and the neighboring cities, and many wished to pay Baha`u`llah the last a tribute of respect. However it became shortly clear that his house is too small for this purpose. Then one of representatives of the aristocracy of the city gave the park to Baha`u`llah`s order. This fine garden his followers called the Garden Rizvan (Paradise), and themselves - bakha.

Baha`u`llah`s doctrine presents to mankind the new world order very actual to our hard time. In it uniqueness of God is approved, the interrelation of all divine Prophets coming to Earth reveals and the principle of integrity of all human race is proclaimed.

He explains need and inevitability of association of mankind at this stage of its development for the solution of all global problems which hung over a civilization.

His followers adhere in the life very much of of democratic principles doctrines. It:

- the independent search of truth which is not burdened by various prejudices and prejudices;

- interaction of religion and science (“that not scientifically, is not religious“);

- equality and equal opportunities for men and women (“they as two wings of one bird, on one wing the bird will not depart“);

- general education;

- rejection of excessive wealth and extreme poverty;

- refusal of institute of clergy;

- will lock slavery, asceticism, begging and a monkhood;

- the instruction of a monogamy, stains are not really welcomed;

- obedience to the government, but not participation in political races and elections;

- any constructive labor is equated to service to God;

- creation of auxiliary international language, or acceptance as that one of the existing languages;

- peacekeeping around the world.

On April 21, 1863, in the afternoon, Baha`u`llah moved from the house to a pink garden near Baghdad where there were twelve days before departure to the next reference. In the first day He declared the Mission in front of the satellites.

Day of arrival of Baha`u`llah in Rizvan`s garden is considered the beginning of the largest of all holidays of a bakhaa which lasts twelve days. This holiday of Declaration of its Mission is called Rizvan .