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How visit on etiquette?

People meet and communicate in various situation. But how meetings in cafe, in clubs and other public places were popular, one of the most common forms of communication remains visit of relatives, friends or just familiar at their place. And how it is correct to visit on etiquette? Let`s consider some of its provisions.

We will begin with the fact that the unexpected guest can not only please owners, but also take them unawares. Therefore to visit without invitation or the prevention it will be unethical. If it is required to come to the acquaintance for the solution of some question, then it is the best of all to ask it, personally or by phone in what time it will be convenient to it to accept you. Traditionally on a visit do not go early in the morning and late at night. By rules of politeness visit from 12 to 20 o`clock.

If visit coincided with time of a lunch or dinner and the hostess of the house out of politeness invites you to a table, it is possible to thank and refuse, having referred to what you ate recently. If the hostess insists, you should not persist especially.

To leave right after you got up from - for a table, it is indecent, however, being visiting, it is impossible to lose also time sense. If the owner looks for hours or casually will tell about something left unfinished, so the guest already sat up. All, probably, heard a proverb: “Be not afraid of the guest sedentary, and be afraid standing“. It concerns those who like to stand at an entrance door, saying goodbye to owners.

There is a weight more of nuances in a question of how correctly visit. As an example we will take the young man who is going to marry and has to get acquainted with parents of the bride. It should come to precisely fixed time with a bouquet of flowers for the future mother-in-law. Most likely, will offer it a cup of tea or a glass of wine. This visit should not be excessively tightened. At a well-chosen moment the groom asks for permission to take the leave. He waits when he for farewell is given him a hand future relatives as they are more senior. If parents of the bride do not see the groom to doors, then it is done by the bride. As for the bride, she goes on a visit to parents of the groom together with him.

By the way, acquaintance to parents of the bride or the groom can be organized and outdoors. For example, at joint visit of theater or a concert. In that case the atmosphere of a meeting can be much less intense.

There are also other details about which it is worth to remember. Going on a visit, as a rule, do not take with themselves foreign people if about it it was not previously agreed. Children are taken on a visit only in those houses where too there are children or where will be glad to them. With dogs do not visit. It is excessive to say that the person respecting the owner and himself too will not be to the house in hop, unshaven or with a cigarette in a mouth.

Already on a ladder it is necessary to walk carefully. Having entered the room, the guest as it is accepted, leaves the footwear in a hall and if it did not take with itself(himself) easy footwear, then owners, usually, have several pairs of room shoes for guests.

If the guest was led to the room where there is nobody, and left one for some time, then he it is necessary to expect owners standing. Prietom it is not accepted to go from one corner to another, examining a situation and things in the room or to dart inquisitive glances through an open door.

So that it is correct to visit, it is necessary to know the corresponding rules as visit is a manifestation of politeness and respect for hosts.