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How not to allow emergence of wrinkles


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - the humour

How not to allow emergence of wrinkles of folds of flabbiness of skin will get rid to clean to reduce the reasons from what appear are formed promotes unpleasant decorate spoils have to hide

kpv At first think of beauty of soul - and then bodies.

kpv is better the withered person - than stale than heart.

of l of the Woman carry out by hours at a mirror, hoping to see shape

of youth. More ingenious look for a mirror and, having seen

a web there, forget about a web of wrinkles on the face.

of C the Smiling wrinkles - a charm. pv Kindness does

the person much more attractively, than cosmetology.

pv skin Folds from a smile are attractive - from rage are disgusting.

d At the kind person of a wrinkle are pleasant, at angry - are disgusting.

and Wrinkles on a favourite face - are not visible.

and Who lives for others - that a wrinkle do not concern.

to the Wrinkle - the index of wisdom.

and Wisdom of a wrinkle decorate.

and Wrinkles give solidity.

d Wrinkles can appear from cardiac wounds.

d Wrinkles are formed with experiences.

d Wrinkles are formed not only from excessive activity of muscles, loss by skin of elasticity and elasticity, but also sufferings of soul.

z Surprise and suffering add wrinkles on a forehead, cunning around eyes, the wrong bearing on a neck and a chin, laughter in corners of lips, time everywhere.

and in corners of lips can be judged By wrinkles how many, it is how strong and as the person smiled.

to the Wrinkle - the died dreams.

p Is people at whom the old age is shown only in wrinkles,

in all the rest they differ in nothing from young people.

and One old age meet as due, others with horror react to each wrinkle.

z Skin spoils the midday sun.

and the Person who is constantly without headdress is similar to the sun on sukhofrukt.

d to Formation of wrinkles are promoted by adverse factors of external environment.

and the Friend of wrinkles - a pillow.

d Wrinkles are formed from - for diseases.

and the Friend of wrinkles - a mimicry.

d Wrinkles generates a grimasnichestvo.

d Skin spoils wind.

and Wrinkles in old age are natural.

z to Formation of wrinkles are promoted organism dehydration from a lack of reception of water.

and the Girlfriend of wrinkles - flabbiness.

pv to Emergence of wrinkles are promoted by addictions.

d to Formation of wrinkles is promoted by presenilation.

to the Wrinkle - time mark.

z the Nature through wrinkles helps to make more right choice of the second half.

and Wrinkles - determinant of range of plans.

and Wrinkles - the natural index of age.

from the Wrinkle emphasize incorrigibility of nonsense.

and Wrinkles push to estimate the person on that - whether he was taken wisdom.

and the Friend of wrinkles - a mirror.

and the Civilization defines age of the person through counting of years, the nature - through quantity of wrinkles.

p Wrinkles have to be only from smiles.

zp That did not appear wrinkles it is necessary how to be too gloomy to laugh often and strongly.

and Reduction of wrinkles are promoted by healthy nutrition.

zp Enemies of wrinkles sunglasses and a hat with fields.

pzv Prevention of wrinkles is hygiene.

d Nothing so hides wrinkles - as darkness.

d The is brighter light - the wrinkles are more noticeable. zi the Veil which hid wrinkles only from strangers women replaced

with cosmetic masks.

z to the Man is the best of all to hide wrinkles and small defects on a face behind a three-day bristle.

yu That will get rid of wrinkles enough not to look in a mirror.

yu Wrinkles - dream of children.

yu Wrinkles on a stomach - from generosity.

yu is easier to hide wrinkles - than nonsense.

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