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“Imam in a faint“: really so tasty? We prepare and check...

Today we will prepare surprisingly tasty dish which is excellent cold appetizer, but I will tell you in confidence, as hot it is extraordinary tasty.

In what look to give to a table - cold or hot - you solve when you prepare. For now I remind: the dish it from Turkish cuisine is also called “Imam Bayildi“ that is meant in translation by “The imam in a faint“. The name sounds not really, but take me the word that it also reflects high tastes of this dish.

There are three versions of an origin of the unusual name. According to the first version, the imam came home and, entering the house, felt the surprising smell reaching from kitchen from what fainted. The second version says that the imam fainted, having tasted a surprising dish. The third version tells that the imam fainted, having learned how many olive oil the wife in the course of its preparation exhausted.

Well, you are ready to try this dish? Prepared meatless, broth and fish, it will not concede in anything to meat delicacies, the king of all vegetables in the markets of Turkey, all darling - an eggplant will form a basis.

It will be required by to us :

6 of the average size of eggplants;

3 big bulbs;

of 8 segments of garlic;

1 bunch of parsley;

dry mint;

of 4 average tomatoes;

1 glass of olive oil;

2 sugar teaspoons;

salt and black ground pepper to taste.

For a start we will prepare a big bowl of strongly added some salt cold water. We wash eggplants and we cut out on their surface strips so that our eggplants became striped as a water-melon. We place our eggplants in the prepared salty water, at least, for half an hour. We get from water, dry we wipe them and we place on in advance warmed up frying pan with olive oil. We have to fry eggplants to semi-readiness from all directions, constantly turning them on the one hand on another. Then we place on the baking sheet oiled olive, we do on everyone a longitudinal cut the eggplant “revealed“ and we could put a stuffing there.

And now we are accepted to stuffing . For this purpose we cut onions rings. We husk tomatoes and we cut them small cubes. And well we wash out parsley and small we slice. We begin to fry onions and small cut garlic on olive oil until they become soft and will change color. Then we add tomatoes and parsley then carefully we mix everything. We add salt, pepper, sugar, mint to the received weight and we bring to readiness. We also fill with this stuffing our eggplants.

We warm up an oven to 180 °C and we send a baking sheet with the filled eggplants there for 45-60 minutes.

It is considered that this dish is capable to strengthen heart. Being completely vegetarian, it will give force in days of a post as not only tasty, but also very nourishing.

And anyhow, the similar combination of products cannot but well affect an organism especially as sometimes together with a stuffing in an eggplant fill a few peeled pine nuts - for a bigger piquancy.

Bon appetit, and let this useful dish will become the frequent guest on your table!