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“I do not take a bribe...“

Luspekayev Pavel Borisovich (Luyspikayan Pokhos Bagdasarovich) (on April 20, 1927, Luhansk - on April 17, 1970, Moscow) - the outstanding stage and film actor, the honored artist of RSFSR, the winner of the State award of Russia (for it is thin. movie “White Sun of the Desert“, posthumously (1997)).

Pavel Luspekayev Bagdasar Gukasovich Luspekayev`s father (Luyspekayan) was a sort from the Nakhchivan Armenians, worked as the butcher, mother Serafima Avraamovna Kovalyova is the Don Cossack from the village Big Sala. At the beginning of 1940 - x Pavel came to the Luhansk vocational school, worked as the mechanic.


the Fifteen-year-old teenager it got to one of guerrilla groups, repeatedly participated in combat operations as a part of guerrilla reconnaissance group. During one of fights Pavel was wounded. After recovery it was appointed in a staff of the guerrilla movement 3 - go the Ukrainian front.

Young talent. 1944 Luspekayev left to

B military service and settled in Voroshilovgrad - it was enlisted in troupe of local drama theater. Within two years while there was, played several roles among which were the most noticeable: Aleshka in the performance “At the Bottom“ of M. Gorky and Ludwig in statement “Under chestnuts of Prague“ K. Simonova.

Summer of 1946 Luspekayev arrived to Moscow and filed documents to Theatrical school of M. S. Shchepkin. On an attestation of eyewitnesses, it was full of determination to arrive surely though perfectly understood all the flaws - it a heat has a specific southern speech, rough manners and a lack of the general education. But Luspekayev also did not think to be given.

R. Kolesova remembered: “Call a surname: Luspekayev. The young man with the big burning eyes stepped on the stage. Thin - thin, long - long. Also began to read. It was a surprising show. Reading the fable, it gestures illustrated each word and represented that character on behalf of which read. Showed hands as birds as animals fly move with ears or twist a tail.

Then he read Dovzhenko`s story... In professional sense it was reading absolutely illiterate person (though Pavel already worked two years in theater), but... person of huge talent. His temperament took, his charm bewitched.

But what is it? Hands are bandaged. Konstantin Aleksandrovich Zubov asked Luspekayev: “What at you with hands?“ Luspekayev answered: “Burn“. But Zubov was a person very skilled and, at once having defined “illness“, told: “And well - the young man, untie - hands, all the same we know that it is a tattoo!“ Then several questions which he very witty answered were asked Pavel, and... it was allowed to take examinations on theoretical disciplines.

At examination in literature entrants wrote compositions. Pavel took a sheet of paper, wrote two - three words, long sat, and then handed over to the examiner a blank sheet. Vasily Semenovich Sidorin told that for a blank sheet he cannot put even unit. On what Zubov threw: “Invent that want I all the same it I will take!“ Luspekayev was accepted“.

In school. meanwhile occupations in school began

for Luspekayev with unpleasant procedure: teachers declared to it that they will not let it in audience if it does not remove a headdress on the hands. Luspekayev had to go to beauty shop and to sustain several painful operations. After them it within several weeks came to school with the bandaged hands …

As for such subject as “acting skills“, here Luspekayev was considerably distinguished from all the fellow students. Teachers steadily put to it “perfectly“. And it played different roles. On 1 - the m a course it was the mail carrier in “Witch“ and the German - the colonel in a fragment from “Young Guard“, on the second - Kolesnikov in leonovsky “Invasion“. However the greatest success accompanied Luspekayev as Vaski Pepl from Gorky “At the bottom“. After this role Zubov like a bigger love to Luspekayev and all next years fostered him as native son.

During study in “Chip“ Luspekayev got acquainted with the student Inna Kirillova who studied as two courses is more senior than him (V. I. Tsygankov`s course). It was always tightened, strict girl, all the appearance reminding much the grammar-school girl. Their love to each other was one of the most touching in school, and shortly business came to the end with a wedding. The daughter whom happy parents will name Larisa will become a wreath of this marriage.

Tbilisi dramatic theater. Having graduated

from school in 1950, Luspekayev very much hoped that it will be accepted in troupe of some capital theater. Most of all he wanted to appear as a part of the glorified Maly Theatre, however, when it seemed there, grown wise masters skeptically shook the heads: at Luspekayev in four years of stay in the capital its southern accent was not gone. And Luspekayev remained nothing else how to leave far away from Moscow.

So it got to the Tbilisi state Russian drama theater of A.S. Griboyedov. The first exit of Luspekayev to a scene of theater took place on November 3 as Martyn Kandyby in a performance according to A. Korneychuk`s play “Kalinovaya a grove“. After that roles followed one by one: Georges in “Fight for life“, Vozhevatov in “Girl without dowry“ (1951), Hlestakov in “Auditor“ (1952), Trigorin in “Seagull“, Alexey in “The optimistic tragedy“ (1953).

About what was Luspekayev those years, the colleague from theater M. Plisetsky tells him: “Its ability to the most convincing improvisation in life sometimes helped us with difficult situations. Somehow during tours in Kislovodsk we to one of revivals went to a guest performance to Pyatigorsk. When the train approached the platform, it became clear that the audience of just ended races who rushed to the car will not give us the chance to leave. Then the mighty figure of Pavel rushed to doors. He began to yell: “Stand, here mentally ill people are carried, let`s pass“. The dumbfounded public parted. And Pavel ordered: “You remove, carefully you remove...“ Also brought all actors. When the public understood that it was carried out, and rushed in the car, doors already slammed. And Pavel cheerfully shouted following: “Not those were brought, mentally ill people in the car remained“.

A debut at cinema. In the Tbilisi theater of A. Griboyedov Luspekayev by right was considered as

as one of the most noticeable actors. Eventually the glory about it reached ears of cinematographers, and in 1954 - 1955 to it two offers from a film studio “Georgia arrived at once - the movie“ to act in at film. Luspekayev agreed.

So he played Boris in the movie “They Climbed Down Mountains“ (director N. Sanishvili) and Kartseva in “Secret of two oceans“ (director K. Pipinashchvili). However, in spite of the fact that the last picture made great success at the audience (in hire of 1957 it occupied 6 - e the place, having brought together 31,2 million viewers on the viewings), the role which is vividly executed by Luspekayev and remained unnoticed.


meanwhile in the middle of 50 - x years in the Tbilisi theater the director L. Varpakhovsky put performances. He had very high opinion on acting skills of Luspekayev. When Varpakhovsky went to Kiev, to Theatre of the Russian drama of Lesya Ukrainka, it began to abandon literally Luspekayev letters with the offer to move to it. Luspekayev some time hesitated, however in 1957 took away the wife with the daughter and arrived to Kiev. The military seaman Baklanov in the performance “Second wind“ according to A. Kron`s play became his first role on a scene of this theater.

It should be noted that this role of Luspekayev literally struck theatrical Kiev. The actor was so organic as Baklanov that there was a miracle - both critics, and the audience were equally delighted with its game. The management of theater immediately approved after that to the new actor the highest rate.

“A blue arrow“.

there did not pass unnoticed this role of Luspekayev and for cinematographers. The director of a film studio of A. Dovzhenko Leonid Estrin in 1958 started shootings of the adventure movie “Blue Arrow“ and suggested Luspekayev to play in it a role of the chief of a staff. Luspekayev is the offer accepted. The picture came out the countries in 1959 and became one of favourites of a season - having occupied 3 - e the place, it brought together 44,5 million viewers. However, considering that Luspekayev`s role in a picture was not most important, to the viewer it really was not remembered.

Big Drama Theatre.

B 1959 the popular actor Kirill Lavrov working in the Leningrad Big Drama Theatre arrived to the family to Kiev. Kirill Yuryevich visited Lesya Ukrainka`s theater and paid attention to Pyotr Luspekayev: “It made great impression on me. I seldom had to see such penetration into an essence of character of the hero, such amazingly organic existence on a scene though I knew many great actors“. Lavrov told about the talented actor to Tovstonogov. Thus soon Luspekayev appeared in Big Drama Theatre.

Within the first three years of stay of Luspekayev in Big Drama Theatre it felt unprecedented creative growth, letting out two new roles a year. Among them were the most noticeable: Galen in “Not inclined heads“, Bonar in “Fourth“ (both performances left in 1961), Nagulnov in “Virgin soil upturned“ (1964).

However in 1962 at Luspekayev the illness of legs became aggravated, and on one foot the serious wound which did not cicatrize in any way was formed. He then rehearsed Skalozuba in “Woe from Wit“, but from - for diseases was forced to go for a long time to hospital, and the premiere took place without it.

Talent of the writer. and did not allow to take

In days when the illness leaned on Luspekayev and a step, he lay at home and composed stories. Nobody knew about this his hobby, except relatives. But once Luspekayev told the secret to the colleague from theater and the neighbor in a landing Oleg Basilashvili.

Oleg Valerianovich remembers: “Once, when I entered to it the room, it confusedly - hasty hid some notebook under a pillow. I understood that it is better not to ask it about anything. But somehow, obviously wishing to reward me for the story which was pleasant to it - display or just on - childish to brag that too was peculiar to Pasha, he offered me... to read his story.

It is necessary to tell, I had then not really high opinion on the general culture and Pavel`s education. I knew that war took away from it the childhood that its destiny was difficult. It, and mainly natural talent, explained and acquitted Pasha, reconciled with the fact that it, as they say, “not the erudite“. I not often saw it with the book. Therefore it seems I did not manage to hide amazement, having goggled, I not so much asked how many I already condemned: “And you what, you write stories?“

It is guilty looked down: “Yes so... wrote... you read“.

I read what he called the story. Then still something similar. I do not know, I cannot define to what genre, the type of literature should carry read, but it was incredibly interesting and talented. It was clear that a feather the hand of absolutely inexperienced writer, but what was seen accuracy, a strangeness of outlook on life moves, original sincerity, originality of stories of Luspekayev made the stunning impression on me. The pasha, appears, is able not only to see to represent spotted in people, he very in own way, on - luspekayevsk comprehends life...“

of Cinema. 60 - e years.

As for Luspekayev`s relations with cinema, they continued to develop not in the best way for the actor. Directors considered Luspekayev as purely theatrical actor therefore if invited him to a role, then were limited to either supporting roles, or episodes.

At the beginning of 60 - x he played a number of such roles in movies: “Given rise to live“ (1960), “The Baltic sky“ (1961), “The soul calls“ (1962), “The mercy train“ (1964), “I go on a thunder-storm“, “On one planet“ (both are 1965).

Stepan`s role in Gennady Poloki and Levan`s movie Shengelia “Kapron networks“ (1963) in which Luspekayev revealed in all power of the talent became the only exception.

However, shootings took place in this picture for the actor not too smoothly. Gennady remembers Pollock: “Our co-authorship with Levonom Shengelia was not really viable. Luspekayev was tired by our infinite disputes. Once during the next painful rehearsal he flew into a rage. Most of all got from it to me who was already staying already in blank despair. When through short time it cooled down, it became clear that he regrets. After each run he addressed for amendments only to me, and did not lag behind, did not extend from me some remark yet. Then dragged me aside and began to apologize passionately. But I was too vulnerable and could not cope with the vanity. It is simple to break off the relations with the actor playing a major role, the director cannot therefore decided to observe a polite distance. The usual address “Pasha“ turned in official “Pavel Borisovich“. For sincere, direct Luspekayev it was painful.

So proceeded half-month. And here outdoor shootings are finished, Luspekayev goes to Leningrad. All group left hotel to carry out it. There were both Nikolay Afanasyevich Kryuchkov, and Leonid Kharitonov, and Shengelia … I left number too, but did not go down to the car as everything, and waved to it from open gallery of the fourth floor.

To the station it was necessary to pass one hundred and fifty kilometers, remained to time just barely enough, and Luspekayev could not say goodbye to seeing off in any way. The driver continuously signaled, and suddenly Luspekayev darted off and on the sore legs rushed off up open for a ladder to me on the fourth floor. Ran up, grabbed my hand, kissed, hoarsely told: “Forgive!“ - also ran back. At me intercepted breath. As I cursed myself for the fact that I tormented him with distant politeness! “

Unfortunately, this prompt rise was one of the last in Luspekayev`s life. The matter is that soon after the end of shootings it was put again in hospital where two operations were performed on it: at first on a nasopharynx, and then standing - amputation of toes. Therefore in the movie “Kapron Networks“ Luspekayev`s role was sounded by other actor - Gallis.

In 1965 to P. Luspekayev the rank of the honored artist of RSFSR was given.

The same year he left troupe of Big Drama Theatre for a number of reasons. There was also an intensity which arose suddenly in the relations with Tovstonogov, and impossibility from - for a surgery to direct all the efforts to a scene. The cinema and television remained the only earnings of Luspekayev from now on.

In a year on the creative account of the actor still the successful role appeared, and it was connected with a name of the director Mr. Poloki again. It is about movie “Republic of ShKID“ in which Luspekayev got a role of the physical education teacher Kostalmed

Stoit to note that originally the movie contained in itself two series, and in it one of leading roles was allocated for Luspekayev. His hero had to endure the mass of various stories among which there was also a secret love to the teacher Elanlyum, touching friendship with Savushkaya`s shkidovets. However in the heat of shootings at Luspekayev the illness became aggravated again, and it on was long laid in hospital. Eventually, doctors made the decision to amputate at it foot. On shooting Luspekayev did not return any more and when Pollock offered dosnyat several scenes with participation of the actor directly at it on the apartment, nothing left this invention - Luspekayev could not get up. Therefore Kostalmed`s role was too short in the movie.

“The white sun of the desert“.

the Main work of Luspekayev for all his creative career.

At the time of shooting Luspekayev endured the next heavy operation - at him amputated the second foot. However, despite it, it gave the firm consent to act in the movie. Especially for it to it special boots which on were designedcould to it, though not fully, to dull pain at circulation. Outdoor shootings took place in Dagestan (near Makhachkala) and in the desert near the city the Bayram - Ali to Turkmenistan in the summer - fall of 1968 and at the beginning of 1969.

It should be noted that Luspekayev`s role was originally slightly shorter and Vereshchagin`s death at the end of the movie had absolutely other shade - he perished, without having entered fight with the enemy. However on the course of shootings when it became clear to the director into what epic figure Vereshchagin performed by Luspekayev turns, it was decided to change the final. What from this turned out, the viewer perfectly knows.

Last days of life. having Hardly finished with

shootings in this movie, Luspekayev right there received two new offers: the director Grigory Aronov invited him to a role of the major of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs in the adventure picture “Green Chains“, and Konstantin Voinov - for one of leading roles in the musical comedy “Wonderful Character“. However Luspekayev managed to act only in the first picture. During preparation for the second Mikhail Kozakov persuaded him to go to other picture - “All royal host“.

Before departure of the actor from life there were only several months. And he, probably, perfectly understood it. Here what is remembered about it by A. Volodin: “Once we met Luspekayev in a garden of the Leningrad House of cinema. Decided to sit on a bench waiting for viewing. He told: “You think why I so live - I drink, I gad at night? I needed to live not for long“.

One more episode relating Luspekayev`s lives to the last months was told by Evgeny Vesnik. It concerned a peculiar mascot of Luspekayev - his stick on which it leaned when went outside. As Luspekayev considered, this stick always had to be at him. “If I lose it, then I will surely die“, - he said to Vesnik. Also it was necessary to happen so that once they sat down on a shop and talked nonsense. At this time by there passed some company of young people, and someone from them imperceptibly pulled together his mascot at Luspekayev. And in several months after that the actor died.

However before it occurred, Luspekayev managed to endure triumph which fell upon it after an exit to screens of the country of the movie “White Sun of the Desert“. It was in March, 1970.

Mikhail Kozakov remembers: “At Moscow movie theater began to show the picture “White Sun of the Desert“. Luspekayev bought three tickets, and we are with him and my then twelve-year-old daughter went to cinema. There was an early spring, he slowly went down the street, leaning on a stick, in a coat with a beaver collar, in a wide white kepi - airfield - a tribute to the southern tastes, and worried how the boy.

“No, Mikhail, will not be pleasant to you. Here it will be pleasant to your daughter. Katka, is pleasant to you when shoot at cinema? There now, it will be pleasant to it“. “Calm down, Pasha, I love too when shoot at cinema“. “Well, however, there not only shoot“, - he smiled.

The movie began. When the motive of a song of Okudzhava and Schwartz “Still off-screen began to sound it is not lucky me in death, will carry in love“, he pushed me sideways and told: “My temochka, is good?“ Then in a crack of shutters - a large eye of Vereshchagin. Luspekayev: “Saw what eye at it?“ Here that amazingly, he could, had the right to tell “at it“. In lips of another, it would be bad taste, a claim. And in a crack of shutters really there was a huge eye of the customs officer Vereshchagin.

After the movie he told about shootings, praised the Crank, winked at me when passersby smiled, turning around on it: “Saw, saw, learn!“ And then told: “I, you know, it is happy that remained it is faithful to itself. I was convinced of a picture to fight on - American, under laws of a genre. Like, western etc. And I refused. I play Vereshchagin, “beaters“ at me be healthy, here I them also will thresh. And nothing, threshed...“ And he laughed so cheerfully and infectiously, as we with the daughter began to neigh on all street...“

Was it in the middle of March when Luspekayev lived in Moscow and acted in the movie “All Royal Host“. To the middle of April he managed to act in two episodes and prepared for the third which shootings were appointed on 18 - e. However it did not live up to them …

on April 17 Luspekayev called one o`clock in the afternoon from hotel Minsk“ to Kozakov. Complained that it is boring for it that he waits for will not wait tomorrow when shootings are resumed. Reported also that yesterday to it there came old friends from Yerevan and they well noted their arrival. On it conversation ended. And literally in an hour after it Luspekayev died. Doctors stated a rupture of a cardiac aorta.

of KINK “ - critical ischemia of the lower extremities - so in scientific literature call an illness of which the great actor died. In “The white sun of the desert“ the actor already acted legless - at the end of 1960 - x to it half amputated feet. However, the audience about it also did not guess …


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