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Linguistic disagreements or “bachy bebs“

Are languages which to learn rather easily, but many will agree with me that Russian and Arab are not included into this group. And not only from - for grammatical features, but also from - for a large number of different sounds which are present at one language, but completely are absent in another. Who studied Arab, will understand me what he himself is proud after the correct pronouncing one of four versions “x“, and attempt to learn sounds “Ainu“ and “åéí“ can develop an inferiority complex. But you should not forget that some sounds, such planets habitual to the Russian-speaking population, in the Arab language are absent therefore even if you know English, its Egyptian option can strongly surprise you.

For a start remember that in the Arab language there is no letter “P“ therefore there it is said as “B“. It would seem what trifle, but in my Egyptian life happened to me many amusing stories connected with this feature. Be not surprised when you learn that favourite drink of Egyptians - bebsa (Pepsi). I remember a case when the girl the tourist`s leader was dumbfounded by the representative of hotel which showed on her uniform and asked “bigas? bigas?“ with an accent on the first syllable. The poor thing could not understand that he just specified whether she works in Pegasus.

Somehow on the beach I heard conversation of two familiar divers who it is noisy talked, often repeating words of “bean“, “zhob“ and “Russia“. And that you so cheerfully communicate, I speak, too it is interesting to me. Here they chorus gave out to me that one of them silly because does not know that in Russian ass will be “bean“, but not “zhoba“, and the second, respectively silly because does not know that ass is “zhoba“, but not “bean“. I decided to reconcile them and told what can be spoken as a bottom, so an ass, and still a bum, buttocks, a seat, zhopen and so on. Here they quickly reconciled because they took offense at me and asked not to philosophize too and there cannot be it that for one part of a body so many words were thought up.

If someone from Egyptians tells you that it “fry abbyr idzhipt“ is all - navsy means that it from the “top“ Egypt. And top it is considered on the Nile Current, but not on an arrangement on the card, that is the top Egypt, is that to the south of Cairo that is if to see according to the card, it below Cairo. With it it seems everything is clear, top - it from below. But the word “abbyr“ for me long was a riddle, the only association arose with Bulgakov`s novel “Heart of a Dog“ when Sharikov learned to speak and Abyr shouted “! Abyr! Abyrvalg!“ that then there was “glavryba“ only from another from the right on left (as in Arab). And there was a miracle, I go across Hurgadochka in a marshrutochka and I see the bus, and on it “upper Egypt“ is written, here - that I also removed the golden rule destroying language barriers - “we would“ change on “ï“ and we receive the familiar word from any “abbyr“.

One more feature of the Egyptian pronunciation - lack of a difference between sounds “about“ and “at“. When I led Russian lessons for personnel of hotel, it was necessary to spend a lot of time for learning with them two words - “tables“ and “chair“. My pupils at first asked, a subject two and why the word - that one? After that with me chorus sang “This stuuuuuuuul“, “This stoooooool“. Also helped, after several occupations everything turned out.

I do not want that the impression was made that my note is an occasion to laugh at Egyptians and their accent therefore try to tell fifty four on Arab “an arbaaa uye khamsin“, believe, it will be ridiculous too.