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How to get rid of neck pain? The correct gymnastics will help!

of the Muscle of buttocks, a lower back and a press give to our gait appeal, and to shape validity. Neck muscles if they are, give perfective aspect to landing of the head and completeness all bearing.

If to exercise in a problem of strengthening of these muscles judgment, then in the form of a bonus we will receive a regal bearing and a look of the self-assured person. Because the neck is built in a design of a humeral belt, not to ignore also the vorotnikovy zone so familiar to much on problems with it. For this reason it is necessary to strengthen all design, “having dressed“ it in a muscular corset - it and will become the most reliable protection.

We passed on the veseena - summer clothes, having cleaned furs till a cold season. It is a little a pity - the fur captivates and bewitches, it not only gives to shape elegance, mysteriousness, but also hides bearing flaws. The neck opened to views. And what we saw? Someone had the second chin probably the head went to shoulders, there was a rigidity, and someone will notice on a neck of a fold or the first wrinkles and will be upset... Quite often behind external trouble there are internal problems. And if the neck has an effect pain, means - things look bad.

Already young people face the first problems and pain which have property to be aggravated with age. And after 40 years and at mainly sedentary life - to the grandma do not go - will be shown fully. What!? It is fatigue and indispositions like a sleep of brushes, hands; dizzinesses, faints, headaches. And diseases - osteochondrosis, kifoz, hernia of an intervertebral disk, a protrusion.

Problems in cervical department can lead it to jamming of the nervous terminations and vessels supplying with blood a brain breaks food of a brain that leads to violation of regulation of work of all organism. Besides, sight worsens, the cataract and atherosclerosis “look younger“. And as deification of war of the “forgotten“ muscles with the owner - a blindness, marasmus or a stroke. Vereshchagin`s picture...

It whether you know, not the complete list. But my task not to frighten, and to show a vital game of chess which can win against an illness, but not you. For this purpose it is necessary to fall in love with a neck as the most expensive: such what it is. The care of it will also become incentive which will periodically remind you that it is time to care and cherish a favourite neck by gymnastics and not to stop on this way.

I know 4 correct techniques of healing of diseases oporno - the motive device, the physical exercises based only on performance. Each of them surely includes exercises for cervical department of a backbone and a vorotnikovy zone. These are Sergey Bubnovsky, Valentin Dikul, Mirzakarim Norbekov, Elena Pluzhnik`s techniques - similar in fact, differing only in particulars. These dear people suffered in due time serious injuries which in usual life result in disability. And they won a victory first of all over themselves and, as a result, over an illness therefore they have the right to teach others and to be called Teachers! In addition I would note a technique of the guru of yoga Svami Shivanand - the practician according to his doctrine is also very effective at problems oporno - the motive device. However today on it we will not begin to stop - we will concentrate on domestic producers of techniques, without having forgotten, however, an axiom: first of all it is necessary to learn the exact diagnosis, having consulted with the doctor.

Who is engaged on any of techniques not less than three months - about former troubles already forgot and will confirm that after training the head becomes freshen, is thought better, the person turns pink, there is a wish to go with the straightened shoulders and to breathe a full breast.

By means of the good trainer it is possible to develop a way to a victory over an illness and to learn to count the forces at each stage. And to go to it, without stopping and without going in cycles in today`s problems, not to be lazy and more often to praise itself. It is absolutely necessary to work on strengthening of muscles of a neck and a humeral belt. Problems will leave, and you will remain with a beautiful neck, the strong head and good sight.

In group of improving aerobics I am a little more than a years. The gymnastics complex for a neck entering training works wonders - pain passes from the first class, and in supervision over itself and colleagues from group as a result of regular trainings I can note the following achievements:

- the neck “left“ shoulders and was extended;

- folds and wrinkles were smoothed, skin of a neck became smooth;

- the second chin disappeared, at girls touching clavicles opened to looks;

- shoulders were developed, the breast rose at the expense of what the tummy cleaned up;

- complexion quickened;

- headaches and dizzinesses passed;

- sight was stabilized or improved.

It is not all range of “pluses“ received for the account of care of such, apparently, small part of a body. And as important! I think, it will be more interesting to everyone to keep the own list or the diary of achievements.

However for residents of big Russia there is one problem - authors of the known techniques work generally in Moscow. As option, it is possible to be engaged on sets of exercises on disks or to the programs uploaded to the websites of authors and their partners. But if a problem serious, it is necessary to begin occupations under supervision of the skilled trainer. Russia is rich in such. Look for “the“ trainer in the city, on responses and recommendations - and you will surely find. A neck - too serious and sore subject to neglect.

So do not postpone, find gymnastics for a neck on open spaces of the native Internet, it will be better let it is remedial gymnastics, connect colleagues, friends, members of household and begin! Will be both royal to become, and confidence, and you - in all magnificence!

It is possible that from the first it will not be possible to execute all exercises in full if there is pain - make that you can. Over time everything will turn out. By the experience I will tell, the movements by a neck were limited - stirred pain, total absence of muscles and an osteofita. How many types of pillows and mattresses tried only to get rid of pain - absolutely vain occupation. Only strengthening of muscles gives effect. From the beginning of occupations the neck gradually got stronger, and osteofita began to disappear. I will not tell where - I do not know. The X-ray found small part of what was, and now they do not prevent to twirl by the head by 270 degrees. I think that there will be no they left soon at all. I do not worry now on what pillow to put the head and on what mattress to sleep.

Try to feel this pleasure. Be engaged in the morning if it is necessary to be refreshed, or before withdrawal to a dream better to fall asleep. Daily! If there are neck pains, every other day there will pass the pain syndrome, and in 3 - 5 months will forget about problems. And then the understanding will come that you won against an illness.

The neck on - Old Russian sounds as the Vyya - unusually and not too harmoniously … But as precisely! Having heard this combination of sounds, there is a wish to extend a neck and the top, to raise a chin and to smile slightly, isn`t that so? And well - be looked in a mirror. Well! Remember this ancient word more often.

And finally a life situation where the strong neck is simply necessary. the Father tells

: “The daughter, I will go I will be washed“.

Daughter: “All right, only wash a neck better, and that to me on it to sit“.
Now you know

why the small neck can bring so much chagrin. But if to surround it with care, then she will present kingly!