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Knife: a subject with history in two million years? Welcome

, it is difficult to find in the history of mankind a subject more universal, than a knife.

And if to consider that there are to it more than two million (!!) years, subject this really unique. Every day we use a knife in life for cutting or cutting of products and we do not even guess how many changes the knife underwent to be to us in the modern look.

So, the person invented a knife during paleolith era. Naturally, it was made of a stone. The knife for production of food, that is for hunting, and also for defense and protection of itself against the unpredictable neighbors was used. However, as show researches, applied a knife and to cutting of just killed animals. I think that already then people estimated universality of a knife. Though... whether they were able to estimate then something?

The stone knife was short-lived, at strong blow it broke up. Therefore it was necessary to look for stronger and durable materials. On their search the millennia left, during this time knives had a handle and the pointed tip.

About 5 thousand years ago the person began to do knives of bronze and copper, and after approach of the Iron Age - of iron, respectively. Just iron knives also became the real prototype of knives today`s, made of stainless steel.

Recent finds of scientists opened to the world one more secret - the penknife was thought up in Ancient Rome and was considered as the most useful invention for the person. To dare get a penknife only very rich people therefore it was considered as the privilege of governors and their confidants could.

On a knife blade

the Knife played an ambiguous role in the history of mankind. While one used it in the “good“ purposes - for cooking, in hands of others knives became a weapon of blackmail, revenges and murders. How many historic facts demonstrate that the knife killed prominent statesmen, eminent military personnel, and other outstanding persons! They say that only couples centuries ago the person who was going outside without knife felt defenseless and vulnerable, on the street he was trapped by all means by dangers, and existence of a knife gave forces and self-confidence. “Oh, times, oh, customs!“ - you will tell. But they a little in what differ from customs of the present.

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives which are applied on home or professional cuisine today are convenient to

in use, are durable and beautiful. Knives make of the chromonickel, chromcontaining steel or of special thin ceramics which is famous for the excellent operational properties.

Table knives differ among themselves to destination, so, and in a form of edges. Allocate a knife universal, fillet, a knife for cutting, a bread, vegetables and fruit, cheese knife, a knife for cutting of meat from bones, a cook knife.

That knives served long, it is necessary to know several simple rules. When washing knives, including in the dishwasher, observe an equal proportion of detergent and a conditioner; do not leave devices dirty long time - it will be much more difficult to wash them; unload the dishwasher at once after the end of its work; if necessary use means for metal clarification which will easily remove a raid, spots or the formed rust.

The knife which came to us from time immemorial remains absolutely irreplaceable subject in life also today. By means of a knife we cook salads, we undress meat and fish, we do various cuttings and allsorts, we think out figures from vegetables and fruit and we decorate with them a table. Sometimes we collect knives, we take with ourselves in a campaign or we give on birthday.

It is interesting whether there will be still the same universal and irreplaceable subject how a knife?