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How to look after the refrigerator? If you want

that your refrigerator served to you belief and the truth not one year, did not spend your time and money for elimination of the breakages arising in use preserved products and safety and at the same time did not exceed the declared norms on energy consumption, it is necessary to carry out some not too difficult operations on operational leaving.

First of all, after acquisition of the refrigerator, it is necessary to take care of its correct transportation . It is desirable to transport the refrigerator in strictly vertical position. If it is impossible - the inclination should not make more than 40 , otherwise oil from the motor - the compressor will get to delivery part of a contour that is fraught with a blockage of the filter, a capillary. If conditions of transportation are not met, it is necessary to wait after installation of the refrigerator several hours before its inclusion that oil flew down in a starting position.

After arrival of the refrigerator to you home, it is necessary to choose truly the place of its installation . Installing the refrigerator, it is necessary to remember that proximity of sources of heat (the furnace, heating devices) and hit of direct sunshine are negative factors for normal operation of the refrigerating unit. For good heat exchange of the condenser an indispensable condition is existence of space not less than 5 cm wide between the condenser and a wall of the room. Vertical position of the refrigerator is reached by rotation of the adjusting support screwed in case nests.

Each refrigerator, both before use, and in its process, should wash out and air . The wash of the refrigerator is carried out by means of warm water and a soft sponge, without application of means of household chemicals, sand. Soda solution - a spoon on water liter is allowed. After washing the refrigerator is wiped with soft fabric, and the refrigerator is aired within an hour. It is necessary to wash the refrigerator at least once in two months.

Energy consumption increases from - for following factors: existence of hot products in the refrigerator, the dusty condenser if the refrigerator costs close to a wall to the back surface, proximity of heating devices, direct sunshine, untightly closed refrigerator door.

For ensuring normal heat exchange of the condenser it is necessary to clear periodically of dust (by means of the vacuum cleaner or a damp rag) a back wall of the refrigerator.

It is necessary to remember that the products having a pungent smell need to be stored in tight packing. Liquids also should be stored in the closed container in order to avoid evaporation and formation of a snow raid.

It is not necessary to lay towels made of cloth and newspapers as it interferes with normal air circulation on refrigerator shelves.

At shutdown of the refrigerator for a long time to avoid emergence of unpleasant smells, it is necessary that refrigerating and freezing chambers were surely aired. For this purpose it is necessary to leave doors of the refrigerator slightly opened.

If on the evaporator the frost was formed, it is necessary to carry out a refrigerator defrosting. For etogoon it is disconnected from power supply, doors open. It is impossible to influence ice mechanically at all - to otkovyrivat a knife, other sharp objects since it is possible to damage the evaporator, and it is fraught with expensive repair.

After completion of process of a defrosting refrigerating and freezing chambers are wiped and aired then the refrigerator is ready to work again.