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What expects us after death?

From the point of view of yoga - the philosophical concept of the Buddhism, with death existence do not come to an end. It is considered that only low extent of intellectual development does not allow the person to come to understanding of such phenomenon as “life after death“.

At some point it becomes obvious to life to the person who actively is engaged in self-knowledge that its spiritual component is eternal. And it is even not a question of belief and knowledge, but a question of understanding. For certain, all difficult situations in life are created to awaken the person from a dream and to force it to think consciously.

So what happens to people when they die? After death true “I“, or the soul is not exposed to transformation, only the body - clothes is overthrown. Besides a rough physical body, from flesh and blood, there are still causal and astral covers consisting of thinner matter. Once, at the time of origin of life, “I“ became attached to them, recovered and it forced consciousness to be shown through them.

During death there is the return process - a razotozhdestvleniye. In case of death from an old age link is broken gradually and naturally. The premature demise involves a rough gap. In the course of evolution we developed also the mechanism of fast death with an instant “departure from a body“. So-called, shock death or process of self-liquidation. It plays a role of the protective mechanism, preserving against physical experience: long and disease process of decomposition of a body.

After peeling of thin bodies their disintegration begins and it proceeds very painfully. Before “I“ all moments of life emerge. First than vision pleasant, and then it is worse and worse. Internal thin energy rise a wave, comparable with experiences of a global catastrophe. The terrifying visions as a hobby are painful, and she begins to look for ways for the new embodiment. In the Tibetan doctrines this period is called an intermediate state which lasts no more than 49 days.

During this time thin bodies break up completely. Also there comes the key moment when the soul becomes pure, with anything not identified. After disintegration of thin bodies the last vision is the clear light called by Samatkhi. Sometimes souls are frightened this mysterious light and try to leave from it, being embodied in the first body. Though this shine - light of the soul, more precisely radiation of its energy.

Yogis consider that if to be prepared still during lifetime, then it is possible to use this moment of death and by means of infusion and mantras, to be born in due time and in the right place. To revive any more not for receiving terrestrial experience, and from compassion to people to change their life to the best. In too time if the soul wishes it it can not be embodied, and just be transferred to the world of thin matters, to paradise.

In yoga allocate 2 directions on studying of this process which partially are among themselves crossed. It is yoga of “Transfer of consciousness“ and “The yogi of clear light“. The essence of doctrines is reduced teaching to use ours “I“ by energy - a prana. All of us use this energy, but unconsciously and spontaneously. Doctrines are urged to make this process by more purposeful.

In one of the practician to seize the moment of Samatkhi several years practice meditation. Other group the practician is designed for the beginning yogis, and also for people who have a good karma. By the way, the fact that you, now, read this article - the direct certificate that you have a good karma. She helped you to find information, useful to you.