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What does Easter mean to you?

that Easter - one of the biggest Christian holidays, knows everyone. But what this holiday means to you personally? What feelings are caused by him in your soul? What strings of your heart forces to sing?

last April in “Shkolazhizni. ru“ Igor Tkachyov`s article “Easter was published. Holiday of believers or fair of buffoons?“, where he with pain argues on shady sides of a holiday, on spiritual emptiness of people.

His pain and indignation are very clear to me. When people use a big light religious holiday only as the next occasion to gorge on and even to get drunk alcohol. Of course, all this is, but it is only one party of the truth.

Give this day we will see absolutely other, light party! The real sense of belief, religious holidays - to help the person to come to the Creator, to glance in depth of the soul and to make all of us purer and kinder!

So historically it developed in our society that at most of contemporaries parents atheists. Even those grandmothers and grandfathers who were believers could not cultivate openly at the children faith in God. Having huge wisdom and tolerance to the authorities, they were forced to accept rules of a socialist system, but only to accept, but without refusing in soul God. And they could give to children the strength of mind, the light belief, having brought up them fair, kind, decent, honest citizens.

It was shown including in careful preservation of Christian traditions, symbols of such day as Easter. Of course, our parents did not attach great value to holiday symbols. It was necessary to paint eggs - they were diligently painted, it was necessary to bake a Kulichiki - they were baked without fail!

But remember, remember the childhood! For preparation of easter Easter cakes our dear mothers got the hidden grandmother`s recipes, paints, color topping, mysterious kartinochka. Coloring of eggs turned for children and adults into the real studio of creativity where the flight of fancy was limited to nobody. Self-made Easter eggs with pleasure were given to the best neighbors and friends! For me since the childhood this holiday was always connected with light sacrament of expectation something new!

Day of Easter always in the nature was successful solar, joyful and a little mystical because began with mysterious “Christ has risen!“. Also it was necessary to us, not believers at all, to answer even more unclear: “Truly revived!“ And God forbid, that it was heard by strangers... In it there was a secret too!

We grew up, changed the views and even outlook. But, it is obvious that our relatives could keep light of this holiday for the descendants. And this sberezhenny spirituality wakes up in us today.

In search of meaning of life I learned about all world religions. And though now, being deeply believing person, I also do not belong to Christian belief, but on a holiday of Easter I have the same children`s awe at heart. Also I feel still big love to Christ who was the live embodiment of God on the earth, stood huge torments and pain and cleared the world for light belief.

Let this holiday for all distressful and kind people will be day of awakening and greatness of spirit. With a holiday you!

Christ has risen? Truly revived!