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How to overcome laziness? The most effective model

This article does not apply for anything, these are only my thoughts, you can agree with them or not agree, and can unpack and descend in a toilet, solve to you.

it will be a question Now of that condition of consciousness which all so hate and for some reason want to overcome it. Let`s talk about laziness. Recently I read several posts that laziness kills your efficiency and if you are lazy, you just will achieve nothing in this life. I consider that any condition of our organism, is created with positive intention.

For example: the somnolence says to you that your “battery“ demands recharge and rest is necessary for your organism. The less energy remained in your “battery“, the more time will be required for its recharge, for this purpose physical and emotional rest is necessary for you.

About what tells us laziness and how to cooperate with this state?

Well first, it is necessary to understand one kvintesentsialny thing. Laziness is your friend who wants to help you . She will always tell you if you move not in that direction. Let`s consider on an example what occurs when somewhere it is deep at the unconscious level, you understand that you are engaged not in that business. which you want.

If to you laziness to go to a rocking chair, laziness will tell you about it, you will think out various excuses for yourself and for people around, will try to cross through yourself, but will hardly stretch long. She will whisper to you: “it not yours“ or “why you need it?“.

There is an excellent way. which will help you to make friends with laziness. Look at the problem from other foreshortening (replacement of a frame). You do not want to go to a rocking chair to drag iron? Perhaps you will want to go there to communicate to girls who are engaged in this hall.

If to you laziness to go by the crowded bus through all city to drive on a snowboard, perhaps you will want to go there to distract from wordly life and to feel the most free, to learn new feints then to see enthusiastic views of people around.

Notice, I do not say that it is necessary to overcome laziness, to cross through myself, to tear an ass, but to go forward, it is just necessary to change a corner, a code which you see things. And if you look at the same business under different corners, you will have an opportunity to understand that it in general moves you on life.

But it is not obligatory for me to trust in this question at all, this model works for me and my students, not the fact that will work for you. Anyway, you do not learn it, will not try yet … Laziness? Re-read article once again …

So, it is not necessary to fight against laziness, to it it is necessary to listen and tell THANKS, for a practical advice.

P. S. Your world - in your hands!