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How to spend holidays to Bali with a mysticism note?

the Island of Bali is rich with myths and legends, a set of temples and beauty of stone figures, wedding rituals. Having seen at least once wedding ceremony, you will want to trade places with heroes of the occasion. You will appear in the world of a ritual ancient ceremony with bright multi-colored garlands. 200 days in a year pass religious holidays.

From the East the island divides a massif into the West volcanic of active educations. Locals consider that on a volcano there live gods - sources of good and harmony.

To Bali exclusive division remained: who is on the lower step to a scale of ranks, that has no chance to get a good job. To children at Balineses the relation special, them is considered as divine innocence.

Having got on the peninsula Bukit Badung that in the south of Bali, we came to be in other world, the luxury is present continually. On Hugo - the West of the peninsula costs 100 - the meter steep rock of the XI century, on the rock there is a temple Pura Lukhur Aluvatu devoted to the goddess of water Devidan. At an entrance to the temple we are met by monkeys, begging delicacies. Such quick, aim to get into a pocket. We witnessed aggression of these “pretty girls“. For refusal to present the points glinting in the sun the monkey bit the hostess. Having come into the yard of the temple, I was disappointed a little, the furniture did not shine with wealth. But force and power of the goddess soared in air, she should be strong, meeting demons from the sea. So the Bali superstition says.

The capital of Denpasar is located to the North from the peninsula Bukit. In the downtown there is a guard of four parts of the world who is looking after the world without noticing chaos at the legs.

Sights of the city are far apart therefore on excursion we went to a taxi. The monument devoted to the tragedy of the peninsula - to mass suicide in response to the Dutch invasion in 1906 is on Puputang Square.

The national museum stores in itself the history Bali: it is placed in the palace of the Rajah. Occupies three palace buildings reconstructed later destructions by the put European aggressors. There are exhibits of historical finds and modern images of traditional needlework. In one of halls ancient statues of the good and evil in a pose of historical dance of fight are collected. A look at a statue very impressive.

Visiting temples of Bali, I felt presence something mystical, the soul pressure very much excited. Adrenaline boiled in blood that excited even more, and I was afraid that I will not manage to visit the temples planned by me.

Having passed from the capital on Hugo - the East, in half an hour we get on the beach Sanur, with the white sand and the blue sea covered with multi-colored sails of Bali boats - a magnificent landscape for holiday. Here we decided to have a rest, swim in the sea. Feeling from water indescribable. It cannot be transferred! Water pleasantly warm, caresses a tired body … Mermaids occur, and involuntarily you begin to envy them.

We visited Kut`s beach. Long large waves are ideally suited for surfers. The beach was not pleasant to me, it is famous for liberation of customs. In the evening in hotels representation of Bali dances which personally me drove in a trance begins. The dances “kechik“ or “dance of monkeys“ after sunset and only men are executed. However, you will not call it dances - rocking of a body as if waves fight about the coast under sounds of monotonous singing. Music consists of the voices dancing something fascinating, mystical is present at its step.

Next day we visited a small village of bricklayers Batubulan, known for the masters in production of stone figures from volcanic breeds. Figures carry the religious direction - protect the house from evil spirits.

Ubut`s small village is well-known for the pond which grew with lotuses, flowers gently - pink color against large green leaves look very originally. Behind a pond there is Purasarasvati`s temple, it serves for ceremonies. Having passed is slightly farther, we saw the palace Purasaren - the residence of the Rajah whose descendants store memory of times when the sultan Ubut applied for the leading political role on the island of Bali. As an interior serve the wooden figures which are driving away evil spirits.

Behind the sacred river Pakrisan there are imperial tombs Gununk Kavi, the oldest sights on the island of Bali which arose in the 11th century. In the mausoleum the tsar Anak Vung Tsu, his two wives and sons is based. Having passed is slightly farther, we leave to falls of monks. There is a giving that “the falling water“ promotes rejuvenation of a body and an organism.

There is a lot of temples in Bali, many disappear in valleys from eyes of tourists, there are the most colourful, according to stories of our guide. But we did not begin to come so far. Very much were tired.

Having visited only a little bit of sights of Bali, I was satisfied. It is happy that did not refuse a trip.

Feelings of mysticism long pursued me, haunted. Stone idols were in a dream, protecting me from demons and evil spirits.