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Children`s book. Demand gives rise to the offer?

the World day of the book and copyright is celebrated on April 23. This holiday very young - it was established to UNESCO in 1995 and is celebrated since 1996. In that case that let`s talk about the youngest reader today - the child.

Those who consider what children do not read today usually refer to what to read - that and nothing. This delusion. In the book market it is quite enough children`s literature. In recent years literature for children steadily makes 8 - 10% of all publishing book stream.

A problem in another: book trading at us now not at height. The Soviet system of book trade was destroyed, and creation of new - business long, expensive and not feasible hands of certain enthusiasts. Therefore not each book quickly and purposefully comes to the reader. at

the Most reading - children till three years


So, we will look on book shelves of shops. With the naked eye it is visible that a third from the range are books for preschool children.

Anything surprising. Agree, books for kids practically each mother and the father, even buy the most undeveloped in the cultural plan. Publishers also work for this age category. (By the way, from more than 500 book publishing houses of Russia - 100 specialize in children`s literature). Therefore - that the book shelves intended for kids abound with a variety not only works, but also formats of books. Here, as they say, each in his own way, the imagination of publishing houses knows no limit.

And it is valid, “repertoire“ of kids till 3 years attracts buyers not with contents, and a form. Books - pillows, books for bathing, books - transformers, on castors, with rattles, with dolls, the musical, making sounds, in the form of literary heroes. Wide choice of interactive books.

However, despite such refinements, shops are guided by classical Bartho, Marshak, Mikhalkov more.

- Books of these authors do not happen much - on them there is always a demand, - sellers say, - Therefore - that publishers duplicate them in a large number, counting on readers with different material resources.

Hunger on new names

of Classics prevail also in assortment of books for younger and average school students. Here already publishers stake on the reading parents. At the same time the last most often are guided by the childhood memories when we were the most reading nation, and choose “the names checked by time“. In various variations always in children`s departments there is Pushkin, Andersen, Mikhalkov, Nosov, Dragoon, Uspensky …

Besides, large publishers of fiction often are guided by the untwisted brands and “big names“ which provide fast and mass demand. From here a large number of the translated literature untwisted in the West. To public relations - campaigns of publishing houses adapt also bookstores: the fact that demand will be on the books advertized everywhere - an axiom.

It is important to remember that the book market is the market, and the book in it is presented as goods. Producers and sellers of goods are interested in that to sell it. Advertizing is used, are thought out public relations - actions, ways of impact on the potential buyer are invented. Buyers of the children`s book are most often mothers - fathers and grandmothers, and sellers, naturally, use their lack of information and professionally igrayutety. But completely to refuse the advertized goods - too an extreme. The book which to you is tried to be sold can be very good indeed.

However, for the same reason - mistrust - parents often lose sight of new names. Meanwhile, our children learn about today`s world from modern writers. We speak not about Rowling and her imitators, and about those who are able to write realistic prose: without boys - wizards and girls - charodeek. Here it is worth mentioning authors - our contemporaries: Marina Boroditskaya and Marina Moskvina, Andrey Usachyov, Mikhail Yasnov, Sergey Makhotin and Sergey Georgiev, Stanislav Vostokov, Artur Givargizov.

Unfortunately, the number of such authors, especially domestic - is limited. Meanwhile, the reader of thirteen years has a hunger on modern stories, novels in which teenagers would recognize themselves and today`s world. A bigger deficiency in poetic books for teenagers. If we have enough verses for kids, then the poetry which concerns to a shower 12 - 14 - the summer person has not enough.

Komiksny thinking

Is possible

, absence of realities in children`s and teenage books involves such bad tendency as hobby for comics.

Five years ago when comics only appeared, bookstores did not see in them demand at all. Now, unfortunately, their popularity increases. And the age of the children who are carried away by them decreases. It also is clear - children want to put less work in reading.

So also parents who try to impart love to reading not always qualitative novels for girls and children`s detectives consider it is desirable serial type. On similar series now demand.

By the way, the concept of seasonality of book business plays a large role too. Now, for example, bookstores order the literature corresponding to the list of home reading for the summer. In this case cheap editions and anthologies from the section “in total rolled into one“ enjoy bigger popularity. Diamonds and sekretik

Continuing by

conversation on buyers, it is possible to allocate also such constant group of “clients“ of bookstores as parents with children who systematically update the home library. One more category are those who choose gifts for children and know that the good book is a sure bet. For them publishers offer rather wide range. What pleases, so it is large volume of editions with so-called appendices - designers, different boxes with artifacts, cards.

Here atlas of a body of the person: you open the first turn, and there a sound illustration of heartbeat, on the second turn - the skull model. In the gift book on mythology - a cover with “diamonds“. And the book on the ancient world on each page stores handwork surprises - the put cards, boxes, the opening trunks, envelopes. And there are covers with holograms sparkling stones and beads in velvet cover. It is a pleasure to hold such books in hand. However, not always appearance corresponds to contents - but here, as they say, everything depends on our own knowledge and our relation to the real and distorted facts.

Already several years enjoy popularity any encyclopedias. However, already interest in them ceases - the matter is that more and more actively inquisitive children use the Internet.

However the similar tendency so far was not reflected in the range of encyclopedias in any way. Publishing houses offer both series of similar literature, and the general collections, and there are both cheap editions, and expensive.

As for the Internet, unlike adult literature, full-scale pumping on the monitor does not threaten children`s books. Thanks to parental prudence, children`s books will be always waited by demand.

Literature from China

the Review of children`s literature would hardly turn out

full if we did not concern the prices. Books today - all this is expensive pleasure. If five - six years ago the average cost of the children`s book made rubles fifty, then now the same book in the same shop can cost two hundred fifty, and even all four hundred rubles. Not to mention gift editions.

Yes, abroad, in the developed publishing powers, books are even more expensive, but there the intellectual consumer has, as a rule, that income level which allows to acquire books without prejudice to the family budget. At us many cultural consumers are still forced to choose between one more book and products for a week.

On the other hand, publishers, understanding a problem, look for ways to reduce prime cost of the book. Therefore now the majority of children`s editions are printed abroad where the polygraphy is much cheaper - in particular in China.

Perhaps, at the end of this review readers will ask a question: so to read to our children? This question both is difficult, and is simple at the same time. In each of us the esthete, the economist, the censor sits, each of which influences our choice.

However there is a wish to complete saying this material the classic of domestic children`s literature Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak who told in due time that books for children have to be checked twice: “ If the book is pleasant only to adults, then it is not children`s literature. If it is pleasant only to children - it is not literature in general, and hack-work “.