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Computer games - heavy handwork? About a karpalny tunnel syndrome of

Any use of the computer are a work. It is not important, whether writing it thoughtful texts, whether coding of the program, or a mad rest in next to “game“. In all these cases interaction with the computer is approximately identical, as well as impact of the computer on the operator does not depend on the one whom is the operator: secretary, programmer or visitor of an Internet cafe; he stays at home or at work.

Very few people realize that the computer consists as of material, and information components. The hardware (material) part is a system unit and the periphery connected to it. The second part - the software - soul of the computer. Without programs as a body without soul, the computer will become a dead heap of iron and plastic.

Some users are afraid of the harmful radiations proceeding from the equipment, but do not worry about influence ON on the user at all. But it would be rather irresponsible to declare that such important part of the computer has no influence on health of the operator.

A striking example of influence ON on the user are games. The speech does not even go about influence on sight from - for an overstrain of eyes or about influence on mentality: write about it much.

And whether you what impact of game is exerted on joints of hands here reflected?

So they are arranged that hands are actively used in games. For example, Abashin V. G. published results of the researches: in an hour the child - the player makes from 4500 to 8000 pressing keys. For comparison, for the adult user extreme labor intensity 5000 pressing an hour - the third (maximum) group are considered.

And it is only the keyboard. And how many movements by a mouse the player did during this time?

Also do not forget that except games at the computer, the child gives loading to hands and at school during lessons, and at home during performance of homeworks. Adult players too play not all the time, there are also other duties at work and at home. In the sum at compulsive gamblers of any age runs very decently.

As a result of a brush, wrists, forearms, shoulders - all this can seriously suffer. The most known disease connected with use of a mouse and the keyboard is “The syndrome of a mouse sting“. Correctly it is called the karpalny tunnel syndrome (KTS), or the syndrome of a carpal tunnel (SCT).

The Karpalny tunnel syndrome in essence represents a wrist injury. The wrist is a junction of beam and elbow bones and eight bones of a brush. Through a carpal tunnel between bones (the tunnel, from here and “a tunnel syndrome“) there pass the median nerve and 9 sinews of muscles of a brush. The median nerve provides sensitivity of fingers, and also operates the muscles providing the movements of big, index and average fingers.

The tunnel channel very narrow. In it - that is also squeezed, i.e. jammed, a median nerve. During the frequent, repeating movements of hands in an uncomfortable position of a sinew rub against a bone of a wrist and a sheaf. Constantly repeating small movements by fingers lead to internal microinjuries. Collecting, they have also an effect on an initial stage of an illness a shiver, an itch, hypostasis and a pricking in fingers. Swelling of the sinews passing near a nerve or hypostasis of the nerve is the reason of jamming. It, in turn, breaks blood circulation and food of fabrics that strengthens hypostasis and squeezings in the tunnel even more.

Most of people do not connect unpleasant feelings with the work since they appear only in several hours after completion of work on the computer. It leads to the started KTS cases. Gradually the sleep, pain and weight in hands come. In the most severe form of KTS it is diagnosed on the painful pains depriving of the person of working capacity and demanding surgical treatment.

There are many tunnel syndromes: in each joint - the. Respectively, and names different: the karpalny syndrome, tendinit, tendosinovit, etc. But the carpal most widespread. According to the existing data, diseases of hands and brushes are rather widespread among programmers. About 40% examined noted uncertain unpleasant feelings, and the disease was diagnosed for 21%.

The syndrome after several business hours on the computer is shown. At first feeling such as if goosebumps run on a hand. Then all hand to an elbow is penetrated by an acute pain. Then the brush grows dumb at all. Over time the illness can pass into a chronic stage which is characterized by weakening of fingers, a sleep, pain and weight in a hand. Awkwardness of a palm and fingers creates difficulty by the letter, and attempt to lift any more - less heavy subject leads to developing of burning pain in a carpal joint. Morbidity and a sleep of palms can arise also in a dream, forcing to wake up. The person at whom the tunnel syndrome developed loses working capacity for a period of up to several months and even years.

Reflect: time of restoration of working capacity at a fracture of a hand is equal 19 days, at amputation - 21 days, and already at initial stages of a tunnel syndrome of a carpal tunnel - 32 days.

For fight against KTS Americans invented special gloves without fingers (like bicycle or driver`s) with two soft laying from “foamy“ synthetic material which takes place on both parties from a median nerve of a wrist. They protect from a disease. It is possible to see such gloves often in movies about drivers - professionals, bikers, etc. They suffer from a karpalny tunnel syndrome too.