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Gurdzhiyev Georgy Ivanovich (-aya part)

the intuitive comprehension of reality available to people reckoned as the Second form of knowledge with the rich imagination able to hear echoes of other worlds and to invest them with words, sounds and color combinations 2. A symbol of the creative judgment of reality peculiar to poets, musicians and artists, sufiya considered the milk capable to transformation and transformation into other products.

The third form of knowledge - experience of prophets and seers of Sufism, significantly different from direct perception of the world and expressed in mystical doctrines of Sufi mentors. The prophet deals with reality, not okazvayushchy impacts on sense organs, but giving to the awakened spirit unusually bright feelings. As a symbol of this form of knowledge of a sufiya considered honey - one of the most valuable natural antibiotics capable to preserve the organic environment and to block it from hit of pathogenic infections. The most powerful transforming qualities of honey as food product were noted long ago by the person, and not incidentally honey is a part of huge number of curative medicines with which the mankind in all centuries prior to the beginning of an era of pharmacology escaped. However, besides especially practical medical and culinary properties of honey, sufiya saw the certain special mystical substance promoting transformation of spirit and opening of “an internal look“ in this product of beekeeping.

Sufi mystics considered as the highest and fourth form of knowledge direct experience of the highest reality not available neither for sense organs, nor for intuition. Can open in itself ability to the highest form of perception of reality only the magician who developed in himself supernatural abilities. At this stage the knowledge from the logical act becomes Divine revelation. Sufiya considered as a mystical symbol of the fourth form of knowledge destroying borders human I wine which use was and remains under a ban for the prophet Muhammad`s followers. Orthodox Islam denies also music and dance that, besides, is in a conflict with mystical experience of the “dancing dervishes“ plunging by means of rhythmical circular motion into the meditative trance promoting an unprecedented growth of spirit and finding of communication with the highest world.

It is possible with big degree of probability to assume that roots of mystical Islam, (found distribution only of Persia!) lie in a fertile layer of Zoroastrian pre-Islamic culture and eat from live keys of the sacral doctrine of zervanit about time, space and a possibility of their transformation. Existence of the hidden esoteric tradition in the clear and externally seeming simple doctrine of the prophet Zaratushtra, is traced from the 5th century BC to our time. Unusual abilities of fakirs, miracles of dervishes and supernatural opportunities of the Tibetan hermits - the evidence of existence in the ancient time in the territory of the Persian Empire of the complete doctrine about the person and his place in the universe, and also complex system of the physical and breathing exercises promoting self-control and awakening of the hidden reserves of a human body. Political, ideological and philosophical disagreements of median and Persian lines of the power at the time of a dynasty Akhemenidov sharply fueled tension between magicians - zervanita and orthodox Zoroastrians. Persecutions on the mystics esteeming besides Akhuramazda as well Zervana - the abstract deity of time and space which generated everything real forced adherents of the secret doctrine to migrate to Tibet, India and Arabia. Traces of a zervanizm are distinctly traced in doctrines of the Tibetan Lamaism (school of Vajrayana), Bon, the Indian doctrine of Kalachakra about change of space eras, astral religion of Arabs which priests were several generations of ancestors of the prophet Muhammad. In Persia since Hosrov Anushirvan`s reign zervanita were forced to unite in the closed communities in which the tradition of oral transfer of sacral knowledge of space and the person was carried on. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that the zervanizm did not disappear over time, having transformed with approach of an era of Islam in Iran, found new individuality that cannot be told about orthodox Zoroastrianism. Forced to lead a “underground“ life, got used to persecutions and oppressions at the time of the imperial dynasties professing Zoroastrianism, magicians with approach of Islam developed the special symbolical language clear only to them, and named themselves sufiya. From change of an external sign the essence of esoteric knowledge did not change. Like zervanita in Zoroastrian times, sufiya became a mystical wing of Islam, having carried on tradition of studying of space and the person by means of astrology and the practician of self-control.

Four levels of knowledge of surrounding reality of Sufi physiophilosophy - continuation of the philosophical tradition of a zervanizm based on dialectic unity of four forms of time, four elements, four directions of space. Four - sacred number of the followers of the secret doctrine about Zervan allocating eternity as the fourth and highest form of time showing qualities of the absolute - boundless Zervan Akaran in whom originate the past, the present and the one or three futures of a form restrictedly of the existing Zervan Dargakhvadat (time of long board).

the Lowest form of knowledge by means of sense organs and reason is connected with the present as gives the chance to draw conclusions of rather surrounding reality here and now. From elements to this form of consciousness there corresponds the heaviest element - the earth (a firm condition of matter), from parts of the world - the South.

the Second level of knowledge of the world (by means of intuition), available to poets, musicians and artists, is connected with last time, memoirs and impressions of endured. The elements connected with the emotional sphere - water (a liquid state of matter), and the direction of parts of the world - the West.

the Third (prophetical) level of consciousness available to only very small number of the people who wakened from a spiritual dream, certainly, corresponds to the future. From parts of the world to this form of knowledge there corresponds the East, and from four elements - air (a gaseous, mobile state of substance).

the Highest form of knowledge - Divine revelation - corresponds to eternity and not profaned elements of fire (a plasma condition of substance). The North stores in itself emanations of the eternity opening the infinite horizons only for the real magicians. From the North of the continent the doctrine Ariyev based on recognition of primacy of time and space as necessary conditions for emergence of the shown world came and extended on all continent.

Sufiya, having shifted ancient zervanitsky ideas of the nature of things to figurative language of poetry, created very peculiar doctrine which existed as the mystical direction of Islam more than 10 centuries. Communicating with Sufi dervishes during the long travel on the East in search of answers to the filosofskomirovozzrenchesky questions concerning him, Gurdzhiyev adjoined to ancient wisdom of zervanit, having gathered from it much for creation of own original philosophical concept. Gurdzhiyev, unlike theosophists (Blavatskaya, Roerich), traveled not around India and Tibet, and around Persia, adopting at Islamic mystics sacral practicians of self-control of a human body that allowed it to become one of the most popular esoteric teachers in the West. Only thanks to acquaintance to the Persian esoteric thought Gurdzhiyev managed to create own original philosophical doctrine differing from widespread views of followers of doctrines of the Indian origin markedly. The Persian and Tibetan influence are obviously felt in Gurdzhiyev`s statement about existence of only four ways of receiving esoteric experience. It gave to these four ways very laconic, but capacious names: way of the fakir, way of the monk, way of the yogi and way of the sly fellow. The last, fourth way, according to Gurdzhiyev, most precisely is suitable for receiving transcendental experience in conditions of modern society. The way of the sly fellow does not demand a limited circle of contacts, leaving to the monastery, refusal of habitual life and activity. For internal work as magnificent skilled material Gurdzhiyev suggested to use the most usual everyday life. Adherents of school of the magician - the sly fellow at the same time lived in two realities: external (objective) and internal (subjective), without drawing between them a dividing line that is demanded by following to other spiritual traditions. At an involvement into events of real life the way of the sly fellow demanded continuous internal self-checking, understanding of physiological, emotional and intellectual functions of an organism and management of it by means of establishment of control over desires, inclinations and instincts. Gurdzhiyev borrowed similar practice from sufiyev, and those, in turn, inherited from Zoroastrians - zervanit which essence of philosophy was a concept of an involvement of an individual into affairs of the real world at clear understanding of the purposes and problems of the human embodiment, and use of methods of management of the hidden opportunities of an organism.

In this foreshortening application of practice of the meditative dances promoting concentration of consciousness can be perceived as attempt of transferring by Gurdzhiyev on the European cultural soil of the most ancient ceremonial action which had deep symbolical value at the time of an Indo-European community. In a movement in a circle the special magic sense as not rectilinear, namely the roundabout reproduces the peace arrangement model “coded“ in the movement of electrons around atoms, planets around stars, stars around the centers of galaxies is concluded. The movement in a circle comprising as a statics element (constancy of distance of removal from the center) and dynamics element (change of position of a body in space), was sacralized ancient arias. Circular motion received the name of the Art (srednepersidsk.) or Mouth, Rita (Sanskrit). The Sanskrit word “Rita“ has deep value, and defines transformation of the disorder state to ordered. Thanks to Truth (Arth, the Mouth, Rita) transition from chaos to space is carried out, preservation of the main living conditions of the Universe and the person is provided. As the hierarchical order coincides with the organization of a world order, Arth (Mouth) was interpreted in the broadest sense from social orderliness to abstract philosophical concept of Truth. From the Indo-European root “Rta“ there is a Latin word Rotation (“rotation“). From Sanskrit Rita, apparently, there were Russian words “Rhythm“ and “Ritual“ expressing ancient idea of sacral circular motion. Concepts of “rhythm“ and “ritual“ coincide not only etymologically here, but also according to contents - expressing unity of space and the person as microcosm (small space). Rita`s contrast - Anrita, disorder, chaos as lack of the uniform law of Rita. General character Arts is shown that it operates also the Universe (by means of Rita the movement of the sun, a rain, life of plants, animal people is regulated), and ritual, defining physical and moral aspect of life.

Gurdzhiyev, as nobody else from esoteric teachers of the XX century captured an essense of the universal law of the Universe opened still by ancient teachers - the law of circular motion. He spoke: “We see that any sacred ritual, including dances, round dances, symbolical movements in space, church holidays with carrying out of relics, etc. - there is not simply a mystery repeating mythical plots, but also a special way of a sootrazheniye of space and a microcosm which strengthens opposition between forces of an order and powers of chaos“. Magic dance of gurdzhiyevsky school represented not only rotation of planets around a star, but also idea of collision of “good“ (conscious forces) and “is angry“ (mechanical, unconscious forces). The idea of an antagonism of the principles of structurization and destruction found reflection in the name of the ballet - actions “Fight of magicians“, symbolically reproducing various aspects of fight of chaos and an order. In Gurdzhiyev`s understanding each person to some extent is a “white“ or “black“ magician as each conscious and intended action increases forces of consciousness and an order, and each mechanical, aimless and useless act promotes loss of integrity and increase in a disorder (entropy) in the Universe.

All these sensible reasonings which are organically following from the main postulates of the Zoroastrian doctrine were apprehended by Gurdzhiyev and creatively rethought that allowed it to become one of the most popular esoteric teachers of the beginning of the XX century. The mysterious personality of Georgy Ivanovich Gurdzhiyev is a typical example of the awakened consciousness.

Having been born in a lunar eclipse (9. 01. 1879), Georgy Gurdzhiyev appeared in the power of the illusions generated by his own unconscious nature. Having adjoined to true tradition, he did not apprehend a spiritual component of the Sufi and Zoroastrian doctrine, having used only technicians and practical methods on transformation of human nature and disclosure of its creative, spiritual and physical potential. The knowledge gained by it in the east passed through a prism of its individual judgment that finally developed into creation of the eclectic doctrine which is torn off from the historical soil, but extremely demanded in the XX century.

Gurdzhiyev managed with big benefit for himself to use the knowledge acquired by him in Persia, Hindu Kush and Tibet. Its doctrine which is bearing a faint resemblance to mix of the Buddhism of Vajrayana, Sufism and zervanizm was used by him as the instrument of management of consciousness not only obedient to it adherents, but also other people from whom it needed something. To the magician who is perfectly understanding human psychology, owning hypnosis did not make any work to convince someone of validity of his arguments. Focuses Gurdzhiyev made

with manipulation of consciousness not once. The magician following by the sly fellow of Hodge Nasreddin of the XX century not only did not suffer from the Soviet power, but also managed to use greed of the Bolshevist government, having skillfully carried out around a finger of the Caucasian military commissar. Gurdzhiyev`s pupil Uspensky remembered: “When in Yessentuki appeared red, Gurdzhiyev presented to the new authorities the group as the scientists searching for location of gold in the mountains of the Caucasus. He offered the plan: to officially equip expedition (allegedly) for searches and export of gold. The requisite from Kislovodsk, Mineralnye Vody, nearby stations was built: horses, carts, alcohol for scientific needs, proviant“. Certainly, Gurdzhiyev`s expedition was not going to look for any gold as it, however, and was not going to come back to Yessentuki. The way of the sly fellow Gurdzhiyev can be interpreted by the decent person as a way of the liar. It, having stocked up with provisions, from an easy hand of the representative of the revolutionary government together with group of pupils leaves Russia, making the confused trip on foot on the mountains in Tiflis where remains for 2 years while revolution does not come to Georgia.

For the fan of “extreme“, and mister Gurdzhiyev belonged to this type of people, the similar adventure was only a small episode in the whole chain of adventures. World War I, revolution and civil war which were followed by hunger ruin and infinite repressions, strangely enough, promoted intellectual and tutorial activity of Gurdzhiyev. It would seem, similar extreme circumstances do not promote deep introspection and internal work as demand lightning decision-making, an involvement into the taking place events. Nevertheless, Gurdzhiyev adhered to that point of view that the worse - the better, consciously creating provocative situations for pupils. “If the person lives without internal fight … - Gurdzhiyev if he goes where attracts it and where wind blows said, it remains same what was before …“ Similar, typically “plutoniansky“ psychology is very characteristic of the people born at the ascending Scorpion most “ekstremalnohm“ zodiac sign. It is practically not necessary to doubt that on Gurdzhiyev`s Ascendant there was a sign of the Scorpion - to peer into acute, magnetic eyes of the outstanding magician and hypnotist enough. This look for a long time remained in souls of the people who were personally communicating with the famous esoteric teacher.

Pyotr Demyanovich Uspensky in the book “In search of Wonderful“ describes the first meeting with Gurdzhiyev as follows: “I saw the person of east type, elderly, with black moustaches and acute eyes. It was the person with a face of the Indian rajah or Arab sheikh. He spoke in Russian incorrectly, with strong Caucasian accent...“... In Turkish “Gyurdzhi“ is meant by “Georgian“ though Gurdzhiyev was not the Georgian, the maloaziysky Greek, and mother - the Armenian was his father. The homeland was very significant for Gurdzhiyev as, being “Caucasian“, he until the end of life kept thirst peculiar to representatives of this region for movements and shocking. From the Caucasus it went to wanderings, fatal for it, three times. From here for the first time, at the age of 22 years at the head of Seekers of Truth group it goes to expedition over the countries of the East which dragged on for 10 years and upon return from which Gurdzhiyev declared himself as about the carrier of the secret occult knowledge acquired by it in India, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Persia, Tibet and Egypt. The new guru began the active approach to the Russian capital, and to the Caucasus with the Caucasus returned when in Petrograd the mutiny which later received the proud name of October revolution broke out.

Here, in the Caucasus (namely in Yessentuki) Gurdzhiyev gives lectures and holds practical sessions of hypnosis with the most devoted pupils who followed the teacher to the resort. With arrival of a revolutionary wave into the North Caucasus Gurdzhiyev acts from the place and moves through mountains to Tiflis where he brings together new group and several years works with it. When revolution reached Georgia, the group of adherents of Gurdzhiyev left the teacher`s homeland, crossed border, reached Constantinople from where went to accompany the mentor on his third big travel (this time already worldwide).

the Caucasus always remained very significant for Caucasian Gurdzhiyev as far as the homeland can be significant for the person in whose birth chart the Moon is in the Cancer sign. This “scorpion“ region became a nutrient medium for the looking for, inquisitive mind of the young seeker of esoteric knowledge. The city of Kars (the Western Armenia) where he lived, being between the Black and Caspian seas, was flooded by representatives of many people professing different religious views. At early teenage age Gurdzhiyev plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of mix of cultures and religions that, undoubtedly, was reflected further in formation of its own syncretic doctrine...

Gurdzhiyev during all the tutorial practice in every possible way emphasized the importance of a magic component of human nature. Using the enormous magic potential of the Moon in Cancer in the VIII house of a horoscope, he found the power over own internal nature and awakened destructive forces in collective unconscious. Any magic practicians leave a mark in an information field if these practicians are carried out by group of adherents. Group occupations of the “gurdzhiyevets“ reproducing fight of white and black magicians in meditative dances awakened an archetype of space opposition of powers of light and darkness in Earth noosphere. Whether Gurdzhiyev`s practicians were a presentiment of the coming World war, whether they were reflection of the vortex information streams twisting in a noosphere in a certain hard karmic knot, but, anyway, the idea of space fight revived with a new force in the first half of the XX century. It is possible to call this piece of world history time of three magicians safely: Stalin, Hitler and Gurdzhiyev. And Gurdzhiyev whose doctrine equally interested both Adolf Shiklgruber, and Iosif Dzhugashvili, died precisely between two dates of death of leaders of nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Hitler was shot in 1945, Gurdzhiyev died in four years (in 1949), and in four years (in 1953) Joseph Stalin died.


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