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How to achieve success in life?

each person has the concept of success. All of us measure it differently. To become well-known, to earn a lot of money, to move ahead promptly on a career ladder... The concept of success excites minds of mankind many centuries. About it the set of techniques, ways of achievement is much written, developed. But many authors could not describe the main secret of success. Persistent work, self-development, strong-willed achievement of goals … These are the necessary attributes accompanying success. But no more than that.

Agree that it is possible to work persistently in mine on coal mining all the life. Whether your chance to become successful raises it? No. It is possible stubborn to continue to write novels, to pester publishers, but not to become the famous writer … Whether it is possible to become the famous singer, without having a voice and hearing? The big desire, strong will, ability to work for 20 hours a day is only tools in our hands.

And what main thing? According to the last researches it became known that the success is directly connected with calling of the person. It is necessary to use the congenital bents, talents to the maximum. It we help ourselves. The nature put in us great opportunities. Already since the birth allocated us with various abilities. Inherent only to each of us. This set emphasizes our uniqueness. Gives the chance to show and turn them into skills for successful life. For this purpose it is necessary to understand as soon as possible who we are and for what were born. And it can be learned, having defined the mission. When the person is engaged in business of the life, at it everything turns out as if by itself.

The person gets to a uniform power stream with the world surrounding it. Its essence so reveals in the course of favourite work that the person feels happiness, harmony, satisfaction. Such exact and capacious expression is familiar to you: “It goes about not the own business“. Or still: “He feels in this case like a duck to water“. These were told a lot of things. Therefore it is necessary to listen to the soul, heart. To learn the essence.

Many of us seek to get highly paid job. We measure success by quantity of the earned money. At the choice of the business seldom who reflects: “And who I am? What I from the birth am adapted best of all for?“. As a result society receives rough sellers, indifferent doctors, not competent teachers, confused lawyers, unfortunate businessmen. What`s the reason? And people go about not the own business. Their life turns into series of automatically replaced pictures: the house - work - the house. And life human is not infinite! Look as decades fly by instantly!

Whether there is exit in such situation? Of course! The person always has a choice. To exist when life as if happens. Or to live bright interesting life, having found the mission. Each person is talented and has the natural bents. They need to be defined and used to the maximum. Meaning of life of the person in his self-realization. You do not trust?

Observe successful people. They literally shine. From them powerful positive energy proceeds. They are true professionals in the business. Also feel in the elements like a duck to water. At them everything is all right and with motivation - do favorite thing. And with money - experts are always demanded in the market. And these people really live in harmony with themselves and with the world surrounding them.

Why I write about it? In our century the most intimate is time to learn information about itself favourite. What I have talents? What to be engaged in life in? How to learn the essence? What to us prevents to realize itself in life and to achieve success? Glance in yourself! In our heart there are answers to all questions. Think from what your soul rejoices, receives a response. What occupations are close to you? Why you work at not favourite work? What prevents you to achieve the dream? These thoughts can become the beginning for change of your life.

Only ourselves are capable to help ourselves! It is time to live “to the full extent“! To find itself and to do favorite thing! Each person has for this purpose a chance! The main desire to change the life! To let it according to the best scenario! The choice for you! Act!!!