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The maid in modern Russia. How many duties, and how many rights?

Some people who were in time to grow rich fairly in 90 - e, having now two apartments in the capital and a small cozy cottage in some elite district of Moscow region, by all means get service personnel: maids, drivers, security guards, the children nurses and housekeepers. In a word, hold the whole staff of servants.

As it is strange, but petty-bourgeois traditions are live in our society. To children from respectable families bring the governess. So far the small child - strives on him the nurse as soon as the kid goes to school, requirements to the nurse will exchange: now she will have to not only do homework with small, but also be engaged with it in addition, for example, in foreign languages.

However, if before tutors wrote out from France and Germany that the teacher was that is called native speaker, then now inhabitants from the neighboring countries become nurses often: Baltic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The same concerns also maids.

By what so-called “owners“ at the choice of personnel are guided?

“Both the reaper, and shvets, and on a fife igrets“

Advertising us razbalovat

. We so got used to products 2 in 1, as in life from everything we try to take double, and even threefold benefit. And so and owners, employing the maid, want to receive:

- to wipe the cleaner which each meter of expensive type-setting parquet will daily wash also dust from the antiquarian little tables inlaid yantaryom;

- - itself will prepare the cook and the dishwasher, itself will set the table also itself will clean ware;

- the landscape designer - florets to water, replace, spray (yes that in it it is if all plants in one “a winter garden“ are collected);

- the cloakroom attendant and the costumier - that regularly clothes were washed, ironed, aired, darned and that the socks and other things scattered on the house the next morning were as if by magic in a case, accurately put on a shelf;

- the housekeeper - well, certainly, and who else will buy on all family of products and household chemicals that there were left no important people at the responsible moment without toilet paper.

“Hundred years - hundred Rublyov. Bogateyka you will become!“

At all the above-mentioned requirements to pay owners promise modestly, or, to tell, within limits, more precisely not to razbalovat employees. Situations sometimes so ridiculous that can remind the famous fairy tale “As the Priest Employed the Worker“.

And still in addition to save, and invite to work of people from the countries of the former USSR. Like, it is possible both to pay them less and to take a family with accommodation: to give a small lodge nearby or an extension for accommodation, to feed, put and dress employees and to pay on a minimum. And why to them actually money? All found live, owners provide them to all.

your life - my life

Each person knows that work - it is only part of his life. Work gives means of livelihood. Sometimes happens and so that work becomes lifework when the person likes in what he is engaged.

For “service personnel“ and living also in the territory of owners, work becomes something paramount. Behind it poor people cannot make out own life. Because they have no time for the personal occupations and entertainments. The owner can at any time summon and ask something to make: to tidy up, prepare...

Even these people cannot celebrate big holidays in a circle of an own family. Anyhow?! It is necessary to lay a master`s table, to tidy up the house by a holiday, to prepare dresses for all for evening. And when the maid will arrive the home, she has neither forces, nor desire something any more to do.

“I is an owner - the barin. That I want, I turn back!“

About what justice can there be a speech

? Even if (small in comparison with amount of works) owners can not pay those small earnings to the worker. Not to mention social package!

As happens at official work: the employee got sick, the sick-list took, appeared from the sick-list - paid it part of a salary which is necessary to it under the labor code. Here the sick-list gives nobody: you do not want to work - you will not receive money. So you are sick or is healthy, and since morning if you please - go to work. Also these prudent owners do not reflect that the sick employee contacts to them and their children.

In spite of the fact that the maid signs the contract with owners, this contract often not in favor of the employee.

The destiny of simple maids does not interest the staff of recruitment agencies which gather personnel as does not interest them and quality of work of these maids. These personnel officers on selection of servants frankly care only for the percent from the transaction.

Here also each party comes off the loser after the conclusion of the contract: owners are perplexed why such careless employee got to them, well nothing is in time.

Employees abuse owners for greed and nonsense: “It cannot find the socks! And I - that here and?! I was employed the house to clean up, but not to their father to search for socks“. Who is guilty


Often chamber, living in a family, so gets used to owners that becomes as if part of this family. Undertakes those duties which are not stated in the employment contract, well she it seems tries “to do a favour“, to be pleasant even more to owners. Then is surprised and takes offense when understands that do not appreciate, do not thank, and over time begin to perceive it as something self-evident and to demand it as if on legal grounds supposedly if did earlier, then why now ceased.

Therefore it is necessary to see accurately a side between the duties: that has to make and could make, but it is not obligatory at all. Very often people underestimate the value of work of the housemaid, they consider it as the dirty work low-qualified and, respectively, low-paid.

When some “southerner“, trying to bring order, incidentally on ignorance spoils expensive furniture and rare antiquarian things then akha okh, shouts and sighs of owners begin. And what you wanted, employing the low-qualified employee who does not even know how to clean thin bone porcelain or Bohemian crystal? Why at the time of hiring of the employee you thought of that, as if the smaller sum to state in the contract more duties, but not about safety of the expensive trinkets in an interior?

At us personnel usual, not so foreign

In the West all this is solved simply: there is a contract which conditions are accurately registered. And the maid, executing the work, nothing superfluous will never do what to it it is not paid under the contract for. And if it about something asked to sit, for example, with children or to make a dinner, she will agree to make it only for an additional fee.

About what you?! What commercialism? It to you not the family member and not the girlfriend whom it is possible to ask or persuade to make something for you. She is the simple employee who just carries out the duties and receives for it money, actually, as well as any other employee at office, for example.

But problems nevertheless remain with the maid, as well as with owners. If it remains socially unprotected person (we even have no labor unions which could assert the rights of such employees): the sick-list, the paid annual vacation - all this on goodwill of owners. What to speak about the paid health insurance, charge of the seniority and contributions to a pension fund there - there is no all this for them just.

Main problem of owners: they often face laziness, lack of initiative and small theft of hired workers, with these qualities it is necessary to be reconciled, having touched not one ten employees and consoling itself in a ratio “the price - quality“.

There is a wish to ask: if you are such rich, what you so sold too cheap? As they say in the known proverb: “Penny-wise and pound-foolish!“

A the faultless butlers serving in respectable English families will receive meanwhile good benefit, having retired.