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HK G. 36. Modern German Lego - a rifle?

Since the beginning 70 - x years the Bundeswehr tested a rifle G. 11 under unique bezgilzovy 4. 7 mm the boss, but universal introduction within NATO of the American rifle boss 5. 56õ45 mm demanded development of the weapon for this cartridge. The military commission, having tested 10 samples of small arms among which there was also a Kalashnikov (caliber 5. 56 mm of NATO), chose - from the presented samples a rifle of the Tax Code. 50th German Heckler & Koch firm.

Creators of G. 36 used in a weapon design the same ideas, as in the American rifle M16 - ergonomics, fight accuracy, broad use of plastic and other modern materials.

After small completion in 1994 the new sample of an assault rifle received an index G. 36 it was also accepted as the weapon of the limited standard for parts of quick response of the Bundeswehr. Taktiko`s

- specifications of an assault rifle G. 36:

caliber: 5. 56x45 mm (. 223 Rem);

length with the put butt: 758 mm;

weight without cartridges: 3,63 kg - modification of A1, 3,77 kg - modification of A2;

capacity of shops: 30 cartridges;

rate of firing: 750 shots / min.;

sight: optical 3,5kh and collimator (at the export version - only optical 1,5kh);

aim range: to 800 m

(the Source: Wikipedia)

on the basis of a rifle G. The 36th Heckler & Koch firm developed the whole family of the unified weapon:

standard option G. 36;

assault carbine of G. 36K (Kurz) with a short trunk;

police option G. 36C (Compact);

the simplified export option G. 36V.

Manual machine gun of LMG. 36 differs from a rifle G. 36 only the weighted trunk with bipods and special shop with a capacity of 100 cartridges.

Civil option on the basis of design and automatic equipment G. 36 “the autoloading rifle SL - the 8th caliber officially is called. 223 Remington“.

Sniper option under a cartridge 0. 300 Whisper (7. 62õ37 mm) are called SL - 9.

Since 1996 a shooting complex - an assault rifle G. 36, G carbine. 36K and manual machine gun of LMG. 36 - it is officially taken advantage of the Bundeswehr. From now on two modifications of a rifle (A1 and A2) are carried out.

of Advantage

1. Rifle very much comfort. The thought-over ergonomics, very small return, small weight. Broad use of plastic made G. 36 one of the easiest rifles in the world. The design provides a possibility of firing even with the put butt.

Governing bodies allow to fire both the right, and left hand. Aim devices are very conveniently located. The handle for carrying is located over the rifle center of gravity.

2. Allows to conduct exact firing even long turns. The overturning moment during firing is practically absent.

3. In front under a trunk there is an axis for putting on of bipods turning a rifle into an easy manual machine gun. On bipods there are special deepenings allowing to fire from ski sticks.

4. Length of the lever of a safety lock is picked up in such a way that it touches a forefinger in the situation “S“ (protection), that is the fighter defines in what situation there is a safety lock, having just undertaken the handle.

5. The rifle has no mechanical sight at all that is very important for training of unexperienced shooters. In a sight rifle two. For an aiming at distance to 200 m the collimator sight is used - to combine a special red point with the chosen purpose enough. In twilight or at night such sight works from the battery. For more long distance another is established, a riflescope, for an aiming it is necessary to combine the circle and a cross corresponding to distance (400, 600 and 800 m) on the purpose. Range is determined by the special ranging scale which is in the same place. For firing on a long distance the additional sight in which scale just the same, as well as in “day“ is established at night. The export version, by the way, has no collimator sight in a standard complete set.

6. Shops from transparent plastic have a plastic latch for connection them on three. The design of a latch is very similar on the designer of “Lego“, and G. 36 sometimes for fun is called “Lego - Gewehr“ (Lego - a rifle).

7. The belt for carrying of long about 2 m, can fork, and the arms are carried as a backpack (“on - biathlon“). For lefthanders special, additional fastening is provided.


1. The weapon is quite difficult, demands the corresponding address and leaving.

2. During a rain and fog the optics of sights mists over. And, though now complete with a rifle there are special covers for optics, for 100% it does not solve a problem.

3. In the presence of a sight of night vision or fastening of a sheaf from three shops balancing of the weapon changes that affects firing accuracy. Naturally, for the worse.

4. Bayonet connections with time become loose, and when dismantling pins can elementary be lost. Especially for pins in a butt openings where they need to be inserted at assembly - dismantling are made.

5. The mouth of acceptance of shop covers the last cartridges in transparent shop. And if it is the latest cartridges?

6. The acting sight creates big inconveniences at a protiskivaniye in narrow horizontal cracks or at a vyprygivaniye from the hatch.

7. It is very heavy to pull the handle of a perezaryazhaniye wet hands.

8. There is no mechanical sight (it it is planned to enter in new modifications of the rifles Heckler & Koch).

The American TV channel “Militari“ which made a rating of the best rifles of all times and the people allocated for the rifle Heckler & Koch G. 36th honourable sixth place. It is difficult to argue with its objectivity, first place in this rating is won by the Russian Kalashnikov.

Rifles G. 36 various modifications are exported in total to 35 states of the world including the Baltic states in the territory of the former USSR.

Film directors, developers of computer games, advertisers and designers could not ignore such interesting weapon. Especially the Stalker is a lot of Russian-language information about this weapon at forums of a computer game “. Call of Pripyat“.

Conclusions of the experts writing in various editions about this rifle, very different from enthusiastic to … “all German weapon - sad …“. The second opinion indirectly confirms a historic fact - except G. 36, the Bundeswehr buys for the employees in Afghanistan the Swiss rifles SIG 550. But the objective comparisons which are carried out by a uniform technique and with public results no.

And Germans continue to go the way, other than the whole world, meanwhile. Also this way … is called HK XM - 8 which in fact the same G. 36 in very modern option.