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Hair extension - our small secrets

the Hair extension - an ideal way for those who wants to change the style and to receive more confidence. For anybody not a secret as a voluminous and long hair and eyelashes prityagivayushche look, but not everyone and furthermore before some strictly certain date can brag of them. However now it is possible to find many options for the solution of this problem - wigs, chignons, a hair extension. The last option looks most naturally, besides the pasted locks not to be felted from the head at the most inappropriate moment. However it is necessary to approach procedure of a hair extension accurately and in advance.

In questions of building always needs to pay much attention to the choice of the master and initial material. Hair have to correspond to the family on color, on type (direct or curling), otherwise the difference can be evident. At a hair extension of a lock are pasted by special capsules, or tapes to the bases of hair, in the first nights they can prevent to sleep. By means of building it is possible not only to extend also density of your hair, but also to achieve effect of highlighting, or a kolorirovaniye. You should not postpone building until the latest moment. Also increased hair demand special leaving - it is possible to wash the head only in vertical position, it is before going to bed obligatory to wait until it completely dries, to plait for the night a hairdress or in a tail, to comb hair only a massage hairbrush without balls.

At the good choice of the master a hair extension will allow to create work of hairdresser`s art before a wedding, and at the correct leaving fine and strong hair will continue to please within several months.

In the same way occurs also eyelash extension - to the bases special structures paste long and beautiful artificial. As well as with hair, eyelash extension allows to achieve long effect to a certain date. At the same time it is necessary to be convinced previously of absence of contraindications - possible allergic reactions, conjunctivitis or excessively fat skin. In such cases it is necessary to be limited to habitual cosmetics. Having discussed with the master, you can always choose material for building, order modeling of length of eyelashes - longer from an external corner of an eye and the eyes which are gradually shortened towards an internal corner for underlining of beauty and depth of a look. Flexible, soft, the lungs pasted by special glue on one to your own, donor eyelashes look absolutely naturally. Correction of eyelashes needs to be carried out in 2 - 3 weeks after building. It is possible to remove them by means of the special means dissolving glue not injuring your eyelashes. Do not try to remove the increased eyelashes independently, it can damage own.