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What teach modern machoes to?

Recently in fashion the pickup, various technicians soblazneniyach, trainings and the master - classes on pull-in of girls entered a bed. This article - a striking example of what teach on similar courses for “macho“ to. you do not understand

why on someone individuals of an opposite sex are hung up, and you should be put and emotionally and physically? Then this article for you!

As you already guessed, this article about sale, only not simple sale, and about sale in a seducing. To me really bothered to look at how guys run on shopping centers and phones at girls, in hope “shoot“ that they will be given after all. And then rejoice that from ten numbers, on a svidanka was rung the whole three girls. Though if it is honest, to rejoice that especially and not to what, considering that efficiency of 30% is disproportionate to the spent time

Why does that happen? Perhaps just because to us, men, there is a wish to see result of the work, to punch a-headed wall, but not to bypass them though agree, it would be much easier and safer to bypass for the head.

And now think, what is more effective, to flog to the person the coffee maker, or to make so he would like it, itself asked the seller to give him this coffee maker? Something prompts to me that the second option more comfortable and effective. Moreover, most likely, the client once again will come into this shop what certainly you will not tell about the first option. I do not know as you, and I would bypass shop for kilometer. in which the seller boringly tells me about qualities of goods and asks to buy it.

So why - not to transfer the same principle to a seducing if it much more comfortable and effective? What just prevents to enjoy how the girl tempts you? The girl is a predator, she is attracted with what is not available. It as with the child, children always pay bigger attention to what parents forbid to do.

Try, throw to a kitten a wrapper from candy, something prompts to me that he and will not pay attention to it, at best will smell. But as soon as you will wind a wrapper with a thread, and will roam it around a kitten, he will at once rush to be played with it, to bite, lick and scratch.

What will be required to you for such effect?

To create effect not of availability! To make so that the girl wanted to tempt you, but did not agree to the next boring evening in your company. Be not loaded, everything is not so difficult. Use body language, play with the girl, learn to make jokes, master flirtation art (simplest to learn, having observed as adult women flirt).

There are some states which have to be present at you :

1. Quiet confidence. Know who you are is also what you stand.

2. Inaccessibility. I wrote about it above.

3. Depth. As far as you are a deep person, ability to cause trust in the person and to trust most. From communication with such person, the girl will speak to girlfriends “he taaky cool as though she sees me on through and reads my mind!“.

Here some recommendations about how in itself to develop these skills .

1. Read the book on clinical psychology (psychology of the personality) of

2. Register in ballroom dances and female attention you will have the whole car and the cart. In the same place also you will perfect skills of flirtation.

3. Register in school of acting skills and pass training on oratory. There you will develop a voice, will learn emotionally, competently and beautifully to inform of the thoughts the interlocutor.

4. Every day communicate at least with one not familiar girl, be it the shop assistant in shop, the girl in turn or the stranger who just incidentally appeared with you in one car of the subway.

Work on yourself and you will see, girls to you to stretch, it will be interesting to it to come further, further away …

P. S. This post does not apply for anything, these are only thoughts of the ordinary person, and to agree with them or not, these are already your hemorrhoids;)

Life - theater in which you play a major role. Good luck to you, in your games!