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Step and tactfulness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

tactfulness to bring up the Step learns to develop to reach to observe to become concept value influences the reasons influence importance need promotes excessive the feeling true real excessive underlined sincere affected

dp Tactfulness depends, it is rather a duty, than good will.

vp Tactfulness in many respects depends on spirituality of the person.

vp True tactfulness without philanthrophy - is impossible.

vp the Guarantor of a step - morality.

dp the Real tactfulness is full of love and goodwill.

and Tactfulness - comes back.

p Ignoramuses take tactfulness for weakness and obedience, and tactlessness - as the steepness.

of stars is difficult to be tactful - without knowledge of psychology.

kld Tactfulness - the sister of success.

p Should be able to distinguish true tactfulness from philanthrophy, good breeding and respect - from politeness from - for benefits and fear.

to Tactfulness without respect - limps.

dp Feeling of a step is inherent in people reserved.

dp If the person not the owner to the emotions - it it is far to tactfulness.

and Excessive tactfulness - is luscious.

dp the Step - needs to study.

dp is difficult to be tactful - without possessing sense of proportion.

p to be sure of manifestation of tactfulness to the person - put yourself on his place.

dp Steadiness - the girlfriend of a step.

dp Tactfulness is promoted by self-control.

dp Tactful people, as a rule, are able to operate the emotions.

dp the Person who is not able to control the behavior - cannot be tactful.

dp Tactfulness is inherent in people with gentle disposition.

and Tactfulness is in many respects obliged to benevolent and soft tone. p it is difficult for

to teach Children to a step in the absence of bright examples.

and the Step is on friendly terms with a compromise.

to Tactfulness with humiliation - is not known.

d the Step relies on etiquette.

and the Step in many respects depends on mind.

pv Is impossible will learn a step - without knowing people.

pzv the Tactfulness relying on authority and knowledge of psychology allows the person, speaking about shortcomings of people and to influence positively them.

dp the Tactful person tries to offend nothing people.

p On the present the tactful person not only tries to offend or not to create nothing awkwardness - but also not to allow a situation which can create it. dp the Tactful person does not ask

excess and unpleasant questions.

dp the Tactful person does not interpose in others matter and the relations. dp the Tactful person imposes nothing to

the, and on the contrary tries to adapt to others. dp the Tactful person will not begin to point out

others defects.

dp the Tactful person will not begin to show excessive curiosity.

with Who does not listen to tactful conscience - it is roughly punished by shame.

about the Step - a hindrance to correction.

dp Stints tactfulness - at least, silly.

dp the Tactful treatment of people promotes maintenance of their health.

and Any truth does not demand such tactfulness - as the truth about shortcomings of the person.

and Nonsenses is not conducted what is tactfulness.

and Tactfulness sometimes attracts stronger - than mind, abilities and advantages.

p In dispute a step sometimes is more important than arguments.

and Often tactfulness - is the frank, worn-out hypocrisy.

p Excessive tactfulness is suspicious.

p Affected tactfulness of the person can wound stronger, than roughness. znekotory people expressly show to

tactfulness - to close communication with the person.

dp Tactfulness becomes a habit.

and Tactfulness of impudent fellows enrages.

d Sincere tactfulness - a goodwill sign. pd Tactfulness it is indecent to show


and the Step - restriction.

and Nonsense cannot be tactful on the present.

to Hypocrisy and a step - different things.

and On the present it is possible to be tactful in relation to the person - only well knowing it.

and Concept of tactfulness at everyone the.

about the Standard tactfulness should be corrected individually to each person.

p is better a step from good breeding and respect - than for fear and pity.

and the Form of tactfulness depends on a situation and a situation.

to Tactfulness - mind decorates, nonsense - hides. there is no

dp Anything good in tactfulness, - which suppresses others shortcomings and mistakes.

d the Step softens communication of people.

and need a step even feelings.

and the Step it is much more - than just good breeding.

and the Step - the getter of information.

d brings the Step to sincerity.

and Tactfulness grazes an arrangement.

dp Tactfulness helps to get used to collective.

p Tactfulness strengthens a family.

p the Tactfulness promotes career development. dp the Tactfulness helps

meets with people quicker.

yu Tactfulness is when you listen when there is a wish to speak.

yu the Highest step - is cleverer to consider others itself.

yu the Step - to tell and do only that it is favorable to all.

yu is tactful to leave most of guests - when you are going to be pushed out.

yu Best of all are tactful - musicians.

yu Tactfulness is much more difficult than a fight.

yu Nonsense cannot lose a step as a turtle - wings.

yu Studies tactfulness at a table - better not as a hungry stomach.

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