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How the man chooses the woman? Recommendations to actions of

 All of us know that the man chooses the woman not for beautiful eyes and not for a rich inner world, just because it is under a thick layer of social dogmas, and on a surface only appearance, a make-up and clothes. As there is all process in a brain of the man who forces it to undress the woman eyes, to want her more than ever and to make her mother of the children?

We will approach this question from the scientific party.

1. The Appearance (A)

It plays an important role as if the girl externally did not interest the guy, it automatically goes for a bath. It just will not give you the chance to show the rich inner world and to reveal on the present. Of course, the statement that the man is visual not truly a priori, but will look nobody at you if you do not stand out from the crowd. Here your appearance, clothes style, attraktant of attention plays a role (a beads, suspension brackets, earrings, hairpins).

Recommendations: The good stylist, the hairdresser, courses of acting skills (or school of hunters), a course at school of models (a fashion show, fitness, acting skills etc.)

2. Sex

Yes, all of you correctly understood as soon as you underwent testing for external appeal, the man at once solves, he with you would like to have sex or not. If is not present, you automatically merge if yes - the man at the subconscious level decides as far as you suit it in sex as far as you are sexually relaxed whether you feel it, if yes - I congratulate, we go further.

Recommendations: In sex give vent to emotions, learn to suck off, do not lie a log, derezhiruy its orgasm, be not a predictable and various, wild cat, the house modest woman.

3. The Inner World (IW)

A here he considers your inner world and everything that is connected with it. Stories of your life, feeling, preference, priorities etc. are interesting to it. Here it is important not to reveal completely and not to load the man the problems, he has enough the. The woman has to be a riddle, but not a puzzle. But also you should not prattle selflessly about that what you cool and in general the best, each person is selfish and loves when first of all speak about him favourite.

of the Recommendation: get to yourself a hobby, read, be engaged in the body (dances, a strip - plasticity, fitness etc.) learn to cook well, at least superficially study art (pictures) attend exhibitions and galleries. 

4. Children

At this stage the man scratches a cherepushka, being puzzled with only one question whether he wants that you became mother of his children. If Yes, I congratulate you if I AM NOT PRESENT, continue to develop. To be with the best man, or to agree to that as so already yours, the choice for you.

IMPORTANT! It is worth following recommendations in case you want the real self-sufficient man who knows what wants from life and knows as to reach it if you need Petya from the yard, buy it beer, cigarettes and condoms - it is yours.

What you can make right now?

There are five simple steps which will help you to begin:

1. Write strong and weaknesses in a seducing.

2. Define what you want from the man why he is necessary to you with what you see your relations in a year.

3. Take care of the own life, beauty shops, shopping, fitness.

4. Define what man you want to catch, write out places in which such man can appear.

5. Come for hunting. Remember - you are a predator, make so he would be yours, and thought that it is his merit.

P. S. Your world in your hands!