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Manufacturing techniques of artificial marble on the basis of polyester pitches. (chast2)

the production technology of molding marble differs in extremely small initial investments and high if not to tell, the highest, in profitability. It is connected with the fact that for the organization and support of production on technology molding marble rather small financial means are necessary, and prime cost of a product of type molding marble actually is defined by raw materials cost. Initial financial expenses generally go for purchase of the equipment, raw materials, rent of the small room and production of matrixes in which molding marble will be filled in then. Usually raw part in type products molding marble makes about 30% of the price of realization of a product. For example, raw materials cost by production of a table-top of type molding marble, with a squared size of 1000§600§10 mm makes 300 - 400 UAH. In shop the table with such table-top from molding marble will cost from 1500 UAH. Taking into account the main costs of a tenancy and a salary, profit on production of one such table-top of type molding marble can make up to 60 - 70% of the price of its realization. Benefit is obvious though it is necessary to consider that profitability of production and production is defined not only the cost of raw materials, and will depend on type of the made products from molding marble, their quantity, design, ability to sell and other factors. An external surface of molding marble - gelknut, the protective decorative layer possessing improved physics - mechanical properties, the increased resistance to an ultraviolet, moisture and other external influences. Color gelknut molding marble defines appearance of a product; when using a transparent gelkout appearance and the invoice of molding marble are defined by a filler and color of the pigment added to polyester pitch. Binding for molding marble - polyester pitch, jet organic substance which is cured in the presence of the catalyst. The liquid consistence of pitch allows to add to it various fillers, both organic, and mineral. Producers of products from molding marble as fillers usually use a marble crumb or other mineral filler having specially picked up fractional structure and neutral in relation to polyester pitch. In this case the filler serves for decrease in prime cost of products of type molding marble and giving to a product of properties of a stone. It is possible to tell that degree of ôkamennostô of a product from molding marble directly depends on quantity of the added filler. Typical products of type molding marble in which similar fillers are used are sinks, bathtubs, table-tops, window sills, bar counters from molding marble. The maintenance of a filler in products is chosen the producer, and molding marble depends including on type and a form of a product of type. By production of impressive products or having irregular shape it is expedient to use fillers of small fractions and to lower their contents. It will allow to reduce viscosity of mix, to improve its fluidity and, finally, to facilitate molding of a product from molding marble. Other type of a filler - decorative. It can be pebble, color sand, the tinted quartz. Products where similar fillers are used, do not imitate natural marble, and represent a new class of decorative surfaces. Respectively, and the market for these products can be another, not necessarily budgetary at all. At the organization of production of molding marble first of all it is necessary to choose the suitable room. Temperature indoors has to be maintained at one level within 18 - 23 Pages. Temperature of raw materials and equipment also has to be maintained in these limits. Room space depends on seriality of production and the nomenclature of products of type molding marble - each look will require the matrix and the place for its placement. Indoors it is necessary to organize a zone where all works on drawing a gelkout, preparation of filling mix and its filling in a form will be carried out and to provide in this zone pritochno - exhaust ventilation. From the equipment for production of molding marble brushes or a spray for drawing a gelkout will be required. Preparation of filling mix will require the special mixer (it is desirable vacuum) for removal of air from mix in the form of bubbles, and allows to mix quickly polyester pitch with the catalyst and a filler, to carry out unloading of the received mix in a form and to make cleaning of the mix remains. Casting molds are the most important part of production of type molding marble. Unfortunately, in the market of Ukraine there are no producers of equipment from which it would be possible to order the necessary matrix according to the catalog. Therefore purchase of a matrix of a product molding marble is possible only at foreign suppliers. The cost of an import matrix begins from 4 - 5 thousand dollars that is absolutely ôvery heavyô price for the beginning producer of molding marble. Other option is a production of a matrix to order. Here it will be required to prepare the sketch or the drawing of future product molding marble with the indication of all necessary information and to find firm which is engaged in production of equipment for production of composite materials. And the final probably most correct journey is to make matrixes independently. Besides economy of money it will also increase competitive advantage as will allow to react quickly to requirements of the market and to quickly change listed products from molding marble. And at production of products under the order it is the unique way to satisfy the customer`s wishes. And, at last, production of molding marble requires raw materials. As it was told above, the main raw materials from which receive molding marble - it is gelknut, polyester pitch and fillers. The filler which is the cheapest component of molding marble can be got in any organization selling stone waste for additives in concrete or asphalt. Gelknut, other component of molding marble, it is possible to get in the organizations which are engaged in sale of chemical raw materials for production of products from plastic. In the same place it is possible to buy also polyester pitch. Gelkouta differ on color and properties, their price depends on the same factors. The general rule - needs to be chosen gelknut, intended for use in environments with the increased humidity and high influence of an ultraviolet. From polyester pitches it is expedient to use those types which were specially created for production of molding marble. If there is no opportunity to buy such pitch, it is possible to use any other polyester pitches possessing low viscosity. As it is possible to see, for the organization of production for technology molding marble is enough to rent the small room, to get a set of the necessary equipment, a matrix for products and a raw materials stock. It is easy to buy or make all specified components, and they have low cost. Therefore if you look for opportunities for development, new technologies and unusual materials are interesting to you, we recommend to pay attention to technology molding marble, such simple and available, but still poorly known in Ukraine.