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Manufacturing techniques of artificial marble on the basis of polyester pitches. (chast1)

our article, is devoted to acquaintance with the theory and technology of production molding (artificial marble, and it will be interesting first of all to those people who do not obladt big financial resources, but thinks of opening of new business, or just wants to earn, but does not know what to begin with.

Area of production of products on technology molding marble is new to Ukraine and therefore the place in it can be taken quite easily, in it the competition is small, the market has big capacity, and for a start any special knowledge is not required and the most important - is not required big financial investments.

So, molding marble is the material possessing properties of natural marble, but which is artificially made by a molding method. From where there was a name “molding marble“? The matter is that the majority of the products of type molding marble presented now at the market imitates natural marble therefore this name &ndash was assigned to material and technology; molding marble. Actually, possibilities of technology of molding marble are very wide and are not limited to imitation of only one marble. Molding marble can be defined as the composite material consisting of mix of the cured polyester pitch and a filler. In general the technology molding marble includes preparation of a form (matrix) for a product, drawing on a form of a gelkout, preparation of mix of polyester pitch with a filler and filling of the received mix in the &ndash form; molding for receiving molding marble. After hardening from a form already finished product from molding marble is taken. Unlike products from other types of a stone, use of polyester pitch in molding marble gives it such the property, most important in an interior, as warmth - at a touch molding marble not cold, unlike products from natural marble, granite or concrete. Molding marble is calculated on the budgetary market - products from it have low prime cost in production and are available at the price to a wide range of consumers.