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Real estate how to earn from it?

Real estate

... How to earn from it?

Hello! I bring to your attention to consider such type of earnings as trade in real estate.

Who such “realtor“?

the Realtor is the intermediary between the buyer and the seller offering to the buyer options of real estate and if the transaction successfully receives the percent.

What is implied by the transaction?

the Transaction is an option which suits both parties and coming to an end with a purchase - property sales.

B what distinction between the private realtor and agency of real estate? - In opportunities. Agencies give big legal security and a good rate on the credit (banks at cooperation can lower percent on the credit), having not one ten realtors in the staff, have bigger information on the sold objects and take respectively up to 3% of real estate cost, well and, at last, can organize fast paperwork in BTI (for surcharge). The realtor, as well as in agencies, looks for options, the buyer, and carries out functions of agency further, informs the seller on what documents need to be collected, chooses the notary and carries actually out the transaction, receiving up to 1% of real estate cost. Here also it turns out that the lion`s share of process is done by the realtor, and the agency finishes (information on collecting documents and presence on transactions).

Now let`s consider process and how to receive the commission charges.

If you at least once faced purchase of housing, without resorting to services of agency of real estate, and sat diligently touched options in the newspaper, then know that 99% of offers are the share of agencies of real estate and private realtors. Why so and because about 1 - 2% of potential sellers, placing the announcement of sale in the newspaper, receive a set of calls from agencies and realtors (sometimes thinking what talks to the buyer) gives full information on the sold object which further agestvo duplicate every week, and it is favorable to all: to the seller - a set of displays from agencies to potential buyers, agencies, one more option for giving to clients, accumulation of information every new week gives to agency of real estate not of 1 - 2% of option about the sold real estate, and up to 80 - 90% of the choice. I suspect benefit the person!

Now to business, YOU are “REALTOR“! we Buy by

the newspaper with announcements purchase - property sale, in the section sale we look for announcements with the words, we call, we ask:“ You sell the apartment“ if agency or the realtor, they are presented, we lay down a tube, on the answer “Yes“, we speak:“ Yours“ if “Yes“, then we take the handle and we learn in what state the apartment, bathroom equipment, pipes, windows, heating whether there is a balcony, what party (solar), a house arrangement (the red line) how many want and whether the bargaining is pertinent. Usually specify such information in the announcement:

the area,

the street,

the house 3/5 (3 - y the floor / 5 - ti the floor house), to

material (brick),

type (a stalinka, a five-storey apartment block, an ekaterinenka),

the area 31/12/6 (31 general / 12 inhabited / the 6th kitchen),

a state (usually general)

Everything, we tell: “ Thanks, good-bye“ also we go further, on such announcements as “ARE (Agency of Real Estate) will sell“ or “It is possible not to disturb intermediaries“ time not to spend. Having checked all announcements and having written out 8 - 10 options, we choose the best in the ratio price / quality and we place short information in the newspaper (as a rule, free newspapers place to 3 - x announcements), we stick on columns and stops, it is possible to advertize in the section a purchase of real estate:“ I will buy 1,2,3 - x“ information on a call also to write down room apartments at owners. When there is a call by an apartment occasion, ask:“ To you for?“, if “Yes“, you speak: “ I am a realtor“ and you give information on the apartment if the option does not approach we learn what requirements to the apartment and we offer from already available if those do not approach, write down phone, requirements to a quartet and as soon as - that appears, we offer, and the t will appear surely. to every week, glancing over new newspapers, we write out new options, it is unforgettable to ring out old in case sold.

If suits option of the client, we learn when they wish to look, we call up to owners and we coordinate time (it is desirable to examine previously the apartment, it is possible in 20 min. prior to display), at a meeting with the potential buyer the agency suggests to sign the contract that the client promises in case the option suited it, to carry out the transaction through agency, otherwise will pay a penalty of 10% of real estate cost, but it is more a psychological factor, t. to the apartment the real buyer can issue, and in the contract to stand F. I. Oh, passport data, the signature, the attendant who was presented to you by the buyer anyway risk are, t. to dirty “realtors“ can also act, calculating the necessary option. And so if you have the similar contract with the press, you tell

to the client to take the passport, well, and is not present, rely on conscience. If later what - that time after display you were called and authorized the transaction then we pass to the finishing phase, namely, the buyer gives an earnest around 3% of apartment cost, and we inform the seller on necessary documents, such as:

the Extract from the house register;

the Certificate of absence of debt on a rent, electrical supply, fee of a telephone network;

the Reference from regional inventory bureau;

Permission of agencies of guardianship and guardianship to transaction if among owners or persons registered in the apartment there are minors or citizens belonging to risk group: registered in a psychoneurological or narcological clinic, disabled people of 1 and 2 groups, restrictedly capable;

the Certificate of registration in the apartment or that in it nobody is registered;

For the persons who are married or being at the time of acquisition of the apartment, a consent of the second spouse to transactions with real estate;

all other work will be made by the notary such as:

Verification of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment or house, lack of a ban on alienation or arrest.

and except income tax, and contribution to a pension fund on 1%, will take about 450 UAH for paperwork, the references.

The notary will not give the contract of purchase and sale until the seller receives money. At transfer of money, you receive the percent.

Everything, the transaction is ended! At successful activity through some time, having accumulated experience and communications, it is possible to open the agency of real estate. Good luck!