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You want to enjoy voditsa from the Slovenian keys? Go to Izborsk! When people for the first time hear

about the Slovenian keys, as a rule, think that sources are located somewhere in far foreign Slovenia. Also they do not suspect that these keys are located not where - nibud, and in native Russia. In the territory of the village which in ancient times was considered as the city and was called Izborsk.

The modern look of Izborsk is very picturesque. The architecture of structures is not quite typical for the Russian village. If carved wooden facades, pleasant, it is possible to see quite often and in other Russian villages, then the combination of a stone laying to wooden elements of structures is represented quite unique.

Today Izborsk located in the Pechora district of the Pskov region - actually border city, to border only several kilometers.

The Pechora district - the area for which, by the way, the neighboring Estonia still applies. To residents of the area, if they wish that, the Estonian government issues the national passports. Many locals obtained the second citizenship and now, lucky persons, without problems can travel around all Schengen area.

Ancient Izborsk - the fortress guarding the western boundaries of Russia many centuries. Fortress well remained and up to now. Many years it is restored. Restoration is still not finished and will continue still.

Izborsk is the city - a legend. It is included into the list of routes of the numerous tourist groups traveling around the Pskov earth.

According to local legends, the initial name of Izborsk was Slovensk. The name was formed on behalf of Novgorodian Sloven, the founder of this settlement. But later, after death of the son Sloven - Izbora, the name Izborsk was assigned to the settlement.

The first annalistic mention of Izborsk belongs to 862. By the way, and at Polotsk, the most ancient city of Belarus, same official “date of birth“.

In the annalistic work respected by all historians and specialists in ancient Russia - “Stories of temporary years“, it is told about three Varangian brothers whom urged to reign in Russia.

The senior from brothers, Rurik, reigned in Novgorod, average, Sineus, in Bela - the lake, and younger, Truvor, in Izborsk. The Poledny fact is confirmed by the remained name “Truvorovo Ancient Settlement“ which was the most ancient strengthened settlement of Izborsk.

There is even an opinion that Izborsk is more ancient than Pskov. And to that there are certain proofs - historical finds in the territory of Izborsk.

Both ancient cities were closely connected among themselves. Izborsk was an outpost of larger Pskov. He always met by the first the enemy going on ancient Russia from the West.

The highest tower of fortress was used defending for cultivation on its top of a big fire which served as a signal of invasion of enemies for residents of Pskov. Between fortresses of Izborsk and Pskov - direct visibility, distance about 30 km.

The fortress sizes, inaccessibility and thickness of its walls really impress. Not incidentally the enemy did not manage to subdue it many centuries.

In the history of Izborsky fortress there were also hard times. In 1240 when here the German knights as a part of well armed Livonsky award came, Izborsk fell. Even the help of the Pskov militia did not help. Therefore the decision on a construction of more powerful fortress in the new place was made.

As report chronicles, “Izborsk is put byst on the new place“ . Implementation of this plan is dated 1303. The choice of the place was very successful. Fortress was constructed on Zhuravy (that is Crane) a grief.

At first wooden fortress with one stone tower, and later, by 1330 was built, wooden walls were replaced by stone. For two next centuries fortress “sustained eight large sieges and was never taken by the enemy“.

After emergence of firearms fortress had to be strengthened in addition, having increased thickness of walls and having constructed powerful stone towers on perimeter. This structure also remained up to now.

Izborsk was fallen in love to many artists including modern. And beauty of a powerful image of ancient walls of fortress of Izborsk inspired famous Nikolay Roerich (1874 - 1947) on a series of the cloths devoted to ancient Russia. It is known, for example, that on a cloth “Patrol“ the artist represented Izborsky fortress.

On the ancient izborsky earth, since 2007, under the auspices of regional committee on culture and the local memorial estate “Izborsk“ the international festivals voyenno - historical reconstruction are held.

The scheduled, fourth festival, took place in 2010. The purpose of a festival sounded by organizers was “promoting voyenno - historical knowledge, education of patriotic feelings of Russians, perpetuation of memory of the Russian soldiers who died on fields of battles, increase of the international authority of the Russian weapon and strengthening of friendship between the people“.

Many tens of clubs of historical reconstruction from the Baltic countries, and also from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland participated in a festival. Organizers are sure that this action will become one of the most mass among the similar festivals organized in Russia.

The memorial estate “Izborsk“ with assistance of local authorities does for promoting of the historian much - cultural heritage of Izborsk that, in turn, attracts a huge number of tourists. Ancient Izborsk in 2012 will note 1150 - the anniversary. To you will largely carry if you are able to take part in this celebration.

Any excursion to Izborsk comes to an end with visit of the Slovenian keys. On the road conducting to them the information stand with short official information on a source is installed.

“The Slovenian keys - Izborsko`s pearl - the Malsky valley. The oral legends which reached us say that they have curative and cleaning properties and that among them there is a key of health, love, wealth, happiness, force...

One of sources has the name “Maiden Tears“. All together they merge to “The river of life“, and only Providence can help the person to find where what key.

The late legend calls sources “Keys of twelve apostles“. The Slovenian keys are annually consecrated on Friday the Light sedmitsa, in day of honoring of an icon of the Mother of God by orthodox church “Zhivonosny source““.

the Sacred source “The Slovenian keys“ is a small miracle of this ancient earth. And holy water of ancient Izborsk will present to you not only positive emotions.

Local beliefs claim that the comer needs to enjoy waters from all keys here, and also to wash in each of them. And then in your life there will be in prosperity both health, and happiness, and love.

How “The Slovenian keys“ in reality look? Imagine: you stand on the coast of the beautiful blue lake on which white swans gracefully float. Meters in 50 from the lake - almost vertical stone wall. And from this wall from height of several meters small falls of healing spring water flow.

Flowing down down, they right there merge in a uniform stream. And in the form of the small rivulet which all length is distance from a wall with sources to the coast of the lake falls into it. Near the mouth of the rivulet the wooden observation deck that it was possible to feed the birds floating nearby is constructed.

After everything full of unusual impressions, with the vessels filled with sacred water, enjoying life, pilgrims come back to the buses, having left a small part of the heart in Izborsk and dreaming of sometime again to return here.