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We leave off smoking: how to sustain the first month and not to break? Once I very much liked to smoke

. It seemed to me that smoking is my integral line which I will never leave. Well, then I, of course, was younger and sillier. I thought that so stylishly and on - to the adult that it emphasizes my independence. However over time I understood that all this nonsenses, and it is possible to emphasize the independence in other, less harmful ways.

At some moment I decided to say goodbye to smoking. But it appeared, of course, not so - that simply. Only the third attempt became successful. However from this I took which - what experience. I think that the first month of no smoking - the most difficult. During the first thirty days we form a new habit - not to smoke. And old, respectively, falls into oblivion. But it is very difficult to sustain month without smoking. There are several councils which can help you:

1. The most basic rule - not to take alcohol. Refrain from reception of alcohol since alcohol weakens and withdraws a ban. The drunk person thinks a little inadequately. Even if you resolved to leave off smoking, having drunk, you will think that all this is not so important. Eventually, it will be possible to give up smoking later - tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in the following life...

2. Limit for a while communication with the smoking friends. our environment influences us more, than we would like it. My first attempt was unsuccessful just because all my friends smoked and were not going to stop to make pleasant to me. Well, you should not try to change people, just communicate with them less often, at least within the first month of no smoking. And what to do if your soulmate smokes? Ask the husband / wife not to smoke at your presence. It is desirable not to see the smoking people at all not to fall into a temptation, as they say.

3. Try not to attend parties at which alcohol and tobacco are taken. it can seem to you dullish, but it is better to sit houses or to register in a macrame circle. Believe me if you go to a party in couple of days after left off smoking, for the fact that you will break and you will start 95% over again. Present, you look all evening at people who smoke and drink, and it is impossible for you. Enviably will be, believe. I passed through it. You need to hold on only a month, then it will become easier. So, tell the friends that you depart to Hawaii or you are engaged in lying meditation in the evenings. Think up something, but do not participate in alcoholic parties.

4. Find habit substitute. It is rather known reception which very well helps. The simplest substitute is a food. Do not worry about the weight, at first it is necessary to deal with one addiction, then you will undertake others. As a last resort, it is possible to manage sosatelny candies. As soon as there was a desire to light - to eat a candy. I was personally very much helped by fruit - pears, grapes, oranges. They are such tasty! For me it was also remuneration that I still keep.

5. Play sports. It really helps. Be engaged at least 3 times a week though if there is opportunity, then it is better every day. I began to run. Every day it was impossible, ran in the evenings since in the mornings I for sport am absolutely unsuitable. But after these jogs felt physically so well that the thought of smoking did not even appear. At the same time it is possible to solve the probable problems caused by point the fourth. Though, believe if you leave off smoking, then hardly you will strongly recover. I was afraid of it too, but did not recover on gram.

6. Avoid a stress. It, certainly, the most difficult. The conflict situation can instantly discompose us, and we on a habit reduce stress cigarettes. I hope, to you will carry, and within 30 days you will have no difficulties. But if all of them - appear, try to work with this situation intellectually. Explain to yourself that the belief as if cigarettes help to get rid of a stress, is only illusion. Eventually, even if we will light again, it will not solve our difficult situation. On the contrary, also the disgusting mood from - for what again did not manage to be left off smoking will be added to it.

7. Believe in reality of transformation. Believe in what at you surely will manage to be left off smoking. It is necessary that this opportunity did not seem to you a tale. Think: in the world many people which managed it. And at you surely it will turn out. The main thing not to weaken efforts!.

After you hold on month without smoking, it will become much easier for you. You will begin to get used to thought that you really now the non-smoking person and it is normal. Now it is possible to start going to parties and to cease to play sports. Though is not present, I joke. Continue to play sports better, and with parties try to be more careful. Run from them as soon as you have a thought: “And why don`t I light again?“

Personally I implemented all these clauses two months in a row, the second month for an insurance. Since then I do not smoke 8 years, and even the desire does not arise. I hope, at you too everything will turn out. If there is a desire, then also forces for its execution surely will appear!