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What are Russians shocked by Germany with? I Will tell beer cocktails

honestly, before the moving to Germany I was not a big lover of beer. I love red wine more. However having tried the German beer, I was delighted simply: never thought that this drink can have so various flavoring scale. In my city several private breweries of which locals very much are proud.

Imagine, I even became the fan of the light beer made by local brewers. It is drunk very easily as kvass, and possesses soft taste and an improbable smell. I will long not paint the advantage of the German beer, all is so known that it is excellent. I want to tell about another, namely - about beer cocktails.

Germans very creative people. Their creativity stretches so far that even they cannot drink the fine beer without any additives. Considering that Germans not really are fond of schnapps - strong alcohol, one may say, that generally they pay attention to beer.

In Germany there is a huge number of grades of beer. But it to Germans is not enough. They with pleasure invent various new options of beer drinks, without allowing themselves to start missing. I, frankly speaking, was shocked when for the first time saw as well as what they stir beer with. You judge:

1. Kolavaytsen (Colaweizen) . It is mix of light wheat beer from “The cook - Coca“. I was long persuaded to try, but now I drink this cocktail with great pleasure. Usually to 2/3 beers it is added some 1/3 Coca. But many drink in the ratio 50/50, so more with pleasure!

2. Bananenvaytsen (Bananenweizen) . Probably, you already guessed that it is beer mix with banana nectar. Sounds wildly, especially for the Russian ear. It is necessary what mockery at beer! But you will not believe - it is incredibly tasty!

3. Kirshvaytsen (Kirschweizen) . Light beer mixes up with cherry juice. In my opinion and taste, sourishly. But Germans drink with great pleasure.

4. Radler (Radler) . Today you will surprise nobody with it, it just beer with lemonade. In different regions of Germany additives to beer differ. In the south of Germany in a radler “Sprite“ is added. Same proportions: 2 / 3 beers and 1/3 “Sprite“. It is possible to order a sour radler, it means that instead of “Sprite“ usual mineral water will be added.

5. Syringe (Sprizz) . My biggest shock - beer with champagne. Proportions 50/50, strawberry syrup is sometimes added. Frankly speaking, it and in a bad dream did not dream me, but taste really unforgettable.

6. Black Bettie (Black Betty) . Bettie, really, black, since. for its production the dark strong beer is used. As additives in this case serve cherry syrup and egg liqueur.

7. Good night cocktail (Goodnight Cocktail) . In equal proportions beer, liqueur and whisky mix up. It is necessary to notice that the name is picked up very precisely: after such drink withdrawal to a dream within the next half an hour is inevitable.

Has to tell that Germans in general big fans to mix drinks. From soft drinks shpets (Spezi) and a kib (Kiba) are very popular here. Shpets is a mix “The cook - Coca“ with “Fanta“, and a kiba - cherry juice with addition of banana nectar. Never would come to my mind to mix something similar.

First I felt the real shock: “How it in general can be drunk?“. However over time I got used to similar drinks. Just it is really tasty, try, it will be pleasant to you!

Be continued. .