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How to bring up glamourous drones? “I like to watch

about sex. And how to strike with little girls“. (the 3rd class)

“The grandma, went on...“ (the 6th class)

my child studies at difficult Moscow school. And I, occasionally coming to a class to give additional classes, close I observe difficult Moscow children. These are quite good children. There is a couple ruminant, quite issued even in eight - nine years. To them all the same with what you came if only did not cause to a board and did not give a mark. They turn a back and rustle with candy wrappers.

But at the majority still bright eyes. They are recovered and relaxed, positive and open. Among them erudites come across. There are also lucid minds. Parents spare no expense: early development, mountain skiing, foreign languages. The stunning gaps in the most ordinary, applied knowledge, unavailability to concentrate on something that does not bring delighted recognition at the very same time, escape a look of adults.

The crossed out section in the column reserved for virtue is even less obvious: modesty, politeness, gratitude. Feeling of an age and social distance. Parents very much want to be friends of the children. It is actual and democratic. And, above all, simply! So far at them as though it turns out - children honestly do not understand that presence of the adult imposes certain restrictions for their freedom of expression. At this age among them villains seldom come across. They answer the direct question “Why You Behave Inadmissibly?“ not with an impudent, but amazed look. But it so far … parents are quiet

A. Everything goes as it is necessary. Unless they work a little and spend a little? They do not see that color of their life grows somewhere sideways. How they can see it? They meet children only on Sundays - in sushi - restaurant.

- You pay to my son not enough attention! Here at private school from where we came... - Forgive to

, but how many children were in a class? Ten? And at us twenty eight.

- Well and?.

the Parent tormented by sense of guilt is not capable to carry out parental responsibilities. It is noncritical, undemanding, blind. He is forced to close eyes to insolvency of the child as future adult accidentally not to notice own insolvency as his tutor. He is not able to afford to edify, blame and forbid. If there is no time to gain authority of the child, it is necessary to buy commitment from the consumer. In our reality turned inside out it is already norm: the Mama &Papa corporation forms client loyalty. Return on investment? False feeling “I cope“. I have nothing to blame!

- The child, do not throw a cap on a floor.

- I will complain to mother, she will dismiss you.

They too are early disaccustomed to divide the world into almighty adults and still dependent, but beloved children. Darlings certainly, but not for a salary. Also learn to divide into the highest and the lowest. Itself in this system of coordinates can allocate only one place - a center of the universe. If the main goal of the parent - to prepare the offspring for independent life, then it is a failure. Such child is doomed! He will not survive in the world which will shake from itself(himself) violent division into top and a bottom on the basis of proximity to the oil pipeline sooner or later. To any other hierarchical structure he will not adapt. Just because will not mature.

It is easy to guess who in this greenhouse the most whimsical and dunged flower. Certainly, boy, son. The only, late, adored to a hysterics, zalaskanny mother`s kid. Mother tore off it from herself not earlier than seven, having heroically given to school, and calls it on the iPhone several times in the course of the day - directly during lessons. How he can grow up? He is doomed to remain a kid. And it begins to be pleasant to it.

I know that girls at this age are more obedient and socialized. At them self-checking is higher and the aspiration to be pleasant is big. I know and do discounts. Though in ten years and the boy has to understand, than the school differs from the house, the teacher from the friend, and human behavior from monkey. Mind is enough for it for it! But the main thing is evil not that it does everything that wants, and even, strangely enough, not that he was not taught respect. The main thing is evil - here it: houses he is not a person. He is pet, glamurenysh in a design collar. It has a platinum bowl with an elite forage, a soft laying and belongings from boutique. He does not know the word it “is impossible“. He is not responsible for anything. You understand that it means?

- Do not dare to force my son to do something in a class! We have three maids, it, thank God, is relieved of all this.

- And how many maids will go to school together with it?

Why women in Russia so despise men? So despise that even to own sons do not trust to blow the nose independently? Someone will accuse feminism. Someone - incomplete families. Rapprochement of polorolevy models, loss of gender definiteness, something else. And all - than we it deserved?

And everything is simple. The man is brought up by life. Not the father and not mother, and honest strict life which there lead the father and mother. Out of this life as in lack of the catalyst, thin reaction of the birth of the person, man in the boy does not go. The tadpole tries to remain armless and macrostomatous, the soft little body persistently does not wish to hatch from a doll. But “the course of times cannot be stopped“, unwanted transformation all - happens. Something there inside - cooks, gurgles, consumes energy - increases entropy. The result is ugly. Metrosexual, manager of some there link, just animal widespread breed “the tram boor“. Anything, only not the man.

“You understand, we lived difficult, - the father who was born before war told me. - Also wanted to you easy life. Who knew that in easy life it is difficult to grow healthy morally and physically!“ So roots consign deeply to the past. Today`s mummy from generation “X“ did not make revolution in pedagogics. So parents brought up her brother, her husband was brought so up. Also it raises the son.

“You have only two rooms? How it is possible to live in two rooms?“ (the 3rd class)

“Earlier I was the richest in a class. And now at us other girl became the first on wealth, and all want to be on friendly terms with her“. (The 6th class)

the Empire dooms the citizens to moral disintegration. The mainstream is separated on the fattening rich men and begging to everything, except tips of indifferent degradant. Both that and others - drones. The people with the last bit of strength making real, socially important goods and services are driven into a marginality and impacts on moral atmosphere do not exert. Consequences were influenced by all empires of the world, from Ancient Rome to Great Britain. We are the following.

The reproach in imperialism can be thrown instead of flowers on a grave of the Soviet Union. Really we became imperialists only now. One nuance: we plunder not colonies, but own lands. It is important to mean it, looking for fundamental issue of education of our children. The empire cannot grow up the citizen! Only drone or slave.

She receives the civil beginning in society for nothing, in a makeweight to material and cultural values of the fallen mode. Also consumes as injuriously as any other assets. There will be nothing to consume soon - the bottom was already bared.