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Plastic world: whom will we mold? “ Ya I mold

from plasticine, plasticine is more gentle, than clay,

Ya I mold from plasticine of dolls, clowns, dogs.

If a doll leaves badly - I will call it the foolish woman,

If the clown leaves badly - I will call it the fool

(N. Matveev) of

Let`s talk about the world. It is the obedient world. Soft, pliable, as plasticine. Only we influence it not only hands (affairs), but also the ideas of ourselves, beliefs, hopes, fears. Generally, expectations. This almost imperceptible, but extremely powerful influence. But it is frequent, unfortunately, destructive for us.

For what we usually wait from life? “No, it not for me … It is not given me … There are lucky persons!. Whether the grass is green on the other side of the fence …“ Often we consider ourselves worthy something good, attractive, desired - whether it be material findings or personal achievements? And with deep quiet conviction: “I can, it for me“, - free with “black“ or “white“ envy and in general any binding to a foreign standard, to foreign personality.

Many do not even realize what power their expectations possess. All we wait for, occurs. Surely! Under one condition - it is necessary to wait consistently, deeply and persistently. With the big energy directed to one purpose rather long time. Quite so - gradually, softly, methodically - we as sculptors, we form reality under ourselves, and “are brought up“ after the new realities which embodied our new ideas of ourselves in practice. It is a pity, but the majority of us shows this skill only concerning negative expectations. As for hopes and aspirations, we turn into fleas and we jump with one “light dream“ on another, even without trying to go deep into a subject.

“Ah, dreams, dreams!.“ And “to press through“, bring to a realization stage, any desire is possible! If only it valid ours - parental hopes, even eaten in our flesh and blood, remain strangers and will never work. So if at heart you dream to be the ingenious breeder, admit to yourself this “vulgar“ rush and forward. Eventually, it is your life, but not parents, and a pig - beautiful animals.

But as persistently, deeply, is deep-rooted we we wait for bad! Diseases, poverty, humiliations, husband`s alcoholism … And the Obedient World politely caves in under our self-destructive schemes. We know that with defined (early!) age have to begin to grow old - and the organism obediently grows decrepit. We know that life is dangerous, around one villains - and we live in moral sewage. To know still from where we “know“ all this dirty trick and why we need such, if one may say so, knowledge! The heroine of a song molding from plasticine was internally ready to receive at the exit of freaks - and received. Unless we observe not the same in life? Who is convinced that he around one fools, is doomed to suffer from others stupidity. Fools are flown to such person as flies on … honey, and the clever people who incidentally got to an orbit of its destructive expectations inexplicably grow dull and make ridiculous mistakes.

Meanwhile, the ready decision two of her brothers from the same song prompted to the girl: “You mold them rather badly, you love them a little; only you are also guilty, and nobody is guilty“. Fine words, it was necessary to interpret them only correctly! Unfortunately, the heroine who wallowed in griefs everything understood a collar - topsy-turvy: “If the clown leaves badly, I will call him the poor“. So it, of course, more merciful, but we will estimate a practical result. That “fool“ that “poor“, the clown all one leaves “badly“. This is the bad clown!

Why was to the girl to start a molding, not “sighing heavy“, and it is joyful, confident, in an anticipation of fascinating creative process and worthy result? Perhaps, she would even grow up in the sculptor or the designer. But it not so not lyrically, does not touch for soul. Failure softens heart. And success - well what you will tell about it? It does not suit for poetry. However, all this is good only until it is about someone else`s failure; for himself it would not be wished even by the finished masochist. Let`s put ourselves to the place of this unlucky skulptorsha, we will present that it - for the rest of life, and we will honestly answer ourselves: what do I want to mold on life?

Also we will fall in love with ourselves, the cheerful sculptor who was born on light - such miracle! Stop multiplying freaks. Transferring to it material, invaluable, best on light, - own personality.

However, we will try to avoid other extreme. You remember absolutely other song: “You should not cave in under the changeable world, let better it will cave in under us“? Still as St about it! The person - the creator is flexible and is respectful to the world. Only the pig-iron column costs in literal sense as driven. But if to a column it descends - at least, to the first hurricane, then “man of iron“ receives on full from the flexible world suddenly turning into a lash sooner or later.

No, we talked about mutual transformation - the world around the person and the person in the world. And even not about ways of transformation (we it and so are able, it in our nature), and only learning to do this latent activity by more conscious and to send it to the positive, creative course.

Let`s mold itself with love!

P. S. I love both of these songs. It is my youth. But not everything that is good in poetry, is directly applicable in life.