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Kalokagatiya. Whether harmony of soul and a body in our times is achievable?

the Unfortunate humpback from Notr - the Lady (at the time of my childhood it was not the hero of the musical, but the book character) appeared in my life along with flu.

I was a schoolgirl, skipped classes seldom - only if actually could not go. I perfectly remember this day, this temperature and this book.

After that years ten I lived with strong belief that appearance, physical health and character of the person are not interconnected in any way. That kindness - the attribute which is not correlated to features.

Doubts appeared at me in the years of training at medical institute. The word which caused them was called “psychosomatics“ (the body reacts to a stress an illness; I believe that stresses of different types cause different diseases; there are some steady combinations; sometimes with elimination of a stress also the disease leaves).

Besides, as it appeared, there was a concept of “a patognomonichny gabitus“ - the characteristic appearance peculiar to the patient with this or that nosology.

By experience, beautiful people brought me in life much less often and were more open and benevolent. To me with them it was much simpler. But I did not want to consider such counters. They too resembled eugenics and were fraught with the next violent selection.

But it was necessary to reflect. From time to time in philosophical treatises of absolutely different cultures I met manifestos of a kalokagatiya (harmonious interrelation of light soul and a perfect body).

Finally I gave up few years ago, having seen at Patandzhali the phrase about impossibility of an enlightenment for people with an imperfect body. At school of yoga of Ayengar it is used many devices - whetstones, blankets, ropes - and postulated that practically each person can try any pose. But there is a set of restrictions for occupations. Thus, preservation of health is necessary for spiritual growth.

If to fall to household prose and to argue why beauty / not beauty is markers of a state of mind, then it will be useful to remember before it a phenomenon of “nonsense of deafs“. The special feeling of prosecution and malevolence arises at them because they do not hear that they tell people around, and reach in this suspense conclusions that against them “something is planned“. Where there is a failure of the program? “I hear nothing from what they tell. They exchange glances conspiratorially. They consider that I am the patient. They consider that I bad, time hear nothing. These are my enemies!“ Failure - after the first statement.

Long ago it is noticed how the attitude of silly people towards the vegetarian changes. There is an approximate train of thought: “So, he speaks - it is bad to kill animals. He considers himself good, and me bad. Means, he hates me. He is my enemy!“ A logical mistake if who did not catch - after the first point.

And now we will talk about the relation of people around forming mentality of children.

The beautiful and healthy person grows most often at the treated kindly attention of adults. It is perceived by people as object of esthetic pleasure, his appearance gives notable pleasure and it is expressed in a return phenomenon. Send to the child more smiles, take a thicket on hands, in the company on him games and so on are aligned. The ugly and sick child is deprived of these bonuses. Besides, it gets the mass of negative emotions.

The ugly and sick person perceives these parties of the life as heavy freight. It has no opportunity to grow undistorted internally. No environment can compensate self-awareness of lameness.

And beautiful children have a dismorfomanichesky nonsense - the body can seem ugly, a nose too long, but it already a disease of the famous register. In that case children, in principle, develop according to the scheme ugly, at them also does not happen in life of the moments in which they could feel a harmony of the lines fully. Thus, the continuous, constant dissatisfaction with own appearance, the concealed pain is available. The feeling of eternal disappointment hidden, vented stealthily, occasionally, is also sometimes resistant clinging to character. Bad temper, in turn, deepens defective appearance. I do not know whether there are ways to break off this closed cycle.

You will tell - full of the handsome with bad tempers. Oh, yes. But you, probably, mean by character certain social interrelations here. And I - also internal to a component. Whether you are sure in the depth of negative feelings of beautiful people? Whether it is easier for them to return to peace of mind, having glanced in a mirror?

You paid attention how people will be organized in couples? There is such concept of “a marriage assortativnost“. The ugly prince asks in marriage to the silly princess only in the fairy tale. Life claims that the person subconsciously knows as far as his partner has to be beautiful, understands what it is possible to apply for and where not on the merchant goods. The person looks for similar to himself, looks for externally, and it turns out - genetically. That is the person - sometimes in big secret from himself - by all means realizes the biological status. And this very correct concept as “it is necessary to look for in the pond“, inharmonious externally couple will break up. Than examples - roofs are higher, add any to taste.

And one more moment on which I would like will stop. It is considered that ugly people it is cleverer as from - for the compelled loneliness they plunge into sciences. (An example - Sechenov spoiled with smallpox in two years, not burdened with attention of girls, who became the great physiologist. Sechenov was just clever; be it and the written handsome, he would achieve the same.) And as the antithesis that beautiful - are silly because they easily get everything in life.

The last statement - delusion. Beautiful have much more opportunities for self-development and successfully use it.