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Whether it is easy to be the gay in San - Frantsisko? I would like to tell

In this article about conversation with the person from San - Frantsisko. A subject of our conversation - “źāčš“.

according to my interlocutor, definition of queer depends on representations of the person who kvir. For example, the person who has a sexual orientation or a gender do not coincide with narrow limits of heterosexuality. Kvir includes all, excluded by society - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, their allies and all others not - heterosexualists.

The concept bisexual means that there are only two genders, but the quantity of genders is not limited. How the person at whom the gender constantly changes will call himself? Which has a mobile gender, not static? A gender - kvir. The word “kvir“ has no static borders and therefore it is radical. Includes all who want to call themselves kvir. It is possible to be geey and kvir, the lesbian and kvir, or the gay and nekvir, the lesbian and nekvir. It is possible even to be “traditional“ in a gender, orientation in household life and to be kvir politically. Earlier kvir was offensive designation of people - LGBT (Lesbians - Gays - Bisexuals - Transgendera). Now this radical and political word.

The movement of LGBT takes steps forward. But not all people recognize kvir - a variety. Kvir often have also other radical political views. For example, “radical kvir“ is kvir - anarchists. They often do not support the movement for same-sex marriages as they against marriage in general (but this political opinion - does not mean that they somehow prevent this activism).

In California in 2008. The supreme court of staff decided that the ban of same-sex marriages violates constitutional rights of citizens of staff. Same-sex marriage became legal. The same year right-wing groups were organized in “the Initiative - 8“ with the purpose to change the Californian constitution that it gave definition to marriage as the heterosexual union (it was just written “marriage“, without definition earlier what is it). 52% of citizens voted pro, and same-sex marriages became illegal again. After that several same-sex couples appealed to court of nine states (district 9), claiming that “the Initiative - 8“ violates the Constitution of the USA. The supreme court has to solve whether the Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex marriage. And this decision will be the last.

Today same-sex marriages are registered in five states and admit three. At the federal level try to adopt the law which will protect all people - LGBT from discrimination at work (Employment Non - Discrimination Act - ENDA). In 2007. could adopt the law if did not try to obtain in it the rights and for transgenders, but most of activists and the organizations decided that solidarity is very important, and refused to support ENDA without are sewn up the rights of transgenders.

There are many organizations a mainstream - activists. The biggest is Human Rights Campaign. However they supported ENDA without transgenders in 2007. Against them kvira and transgenders organized protests.

But there are also other groups. One of them is very radical group, Gay Shame is called. They against assimilation of LGBT and kvir in a mainstream - society because it is full of racism, capitalism, operation and so on. Many in group - anarchists, are also engaged in direct action. It is a protest against the power and discrimination in society. There is still a Pride at Work group which will organize LGBT and kvir - workers.

The interlocutor answered my question of by what pronoun call themselves kvir when speak about themselves whether they speak “it“, “it“, that everyone chooses a pronoun which suits it. People can choose between traditional pronouns of he and she. Or they can think up new - as ze and hir. The interlocutor preferred they pronoun. At a meeting with kvir in San - Frantsisko can ask what pronouns they prefer.

Then we talked about the area San - Frantsisko covered with iridescent flags, the gay - Castro`s region. Earlier it was more radical, now there live a mainstream - gays, that is white, rich gays with the racial and economic privilege. Radical kvir treat this area with doubt or disgust. But this area is important - similar in America a little, especially such popular and developed. It is very much loved by tourists. If before Castro there was the center a gay - activism, now it is more center the gay - consumerism. Capitalism co-opted it. Castro is similar to other bourgeois districts of the city, just a half of inhabitants - gays.

Around Castro there is a Public center for all LGBT - people. There are support groups for young people, various events, concerts, programs of medical services, kindergarten for children from LGBT - families, gallery of arts of people - LGBT, an annual film festival, programs of the help in job searches for LGBT etc. are held. In Berkeley there is a center too, but it is much less.

Despite educational activity, discrimination in California remains. There are teachers, professors, doctors, police officers and just people who against LGBT. But it is not accepted and it is considered among cultural people immoral, low, inadequate behavior.

In Berkeley there is also a legendary clinic for the poor which conducts the history from hippy revolts and fight for National park. The clinic of Berkeley provides free medical services to all to whom they are necessary, the ethnocollective works there. And all who do something there work not for money but because they want to help people. Students, the poor, the homeless, addicts address to this clinic. There render them medical services, many of them - preventive, in clinic do inoculations, carry out analyses on diseases, generally - on sexually transmitted. The clinic exists on donations of individuals, a small amount of money is paid from the State of California.

In San - Frantsisko is a lot of gay - clubs and the gay - galleries where there takes place the set of actions. Especially during a month of a pride - just everything is connected with LGBT everywhere. All city goes for parade which lasts three days in a row.

In San - Frantsisko a pride - the most important festive tradition of all city. A city big holiday where all come, the left groups, people - LGBT from the area, from the city, from California and in general from all country participate. There are many allies of LGBT. And in general people, it is just pleasant and interesting to them to come to a big holiday in the city. The pride lasts three days. And every day it is devoted to one group. Friday - day of transgenders. Many people - transgenders and their allies - gather in park. There a concert, different people sing the songs connected with the rights, singers - LGBT act, the songs and speeches connected with the rights of people - transgenders sound. And then there passes march on streets.

That helps Americans to overcome xenophobia, the interlocutor answered my question that it is necessary to communicate with different people. It helps to understand that all people first of all are similar, and nobody has to suffer from discrimination. It is necessary to communicate with people who differ from you rasovo and economically. It is so possible to experience better such concepts as “racism“, “poverty“, “sexism“, “transphobia“ - it stops being just words and allows not to give in to public stereotypes which support oppression, helps to overcome ignorance and ignorance.