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Sex issue. Whether so everything is unambiguous?

According to data of the biologist Anna Fausto - Sterling, at 4% of people are present both men`s, and women`s bodies. It, sorry, 300 million people - are twice more, than Russians.

Diabetics in the world of only 3% - and nevertheless they seem to nobody “insignificant and superfluous“, for them publish a set of books, do special cookies and croissants with a cherry stuffing...

In the world of 200 million addicts - but even Belarus already adopts the metadonovy program. The HIV problem which gives to so a lot of public attention is a disease of 40 million people.

4% are made only by people with anatomic sexual features. How many everything in the world of the people feeling gender discomfort - is unknown. But I think that the universal principle of distribution of Gauss is realized and here. That business is simple in deviation degree from obviously conditional center.

The discomfort problems connected with the imposed requirement of definition of a gender role deserve attention of society even proceeding from these 4%.

the Gametny floor

(ability to make spermatozoa or ova) - is defined by a gonadny floor. We will not even think of degree of functionality of gonads and further existence of the turning-out gametes that our head finally did not blow up.

the Hormonal floor

is defined by

gonadny too (see above). It is ability of gonads to emit specific sex hormones. You understand? What you categorically consider a floor - anatomic sexual characters - only a consequence of impact on fabrics of hormones. It is possible to efficiency of this work to learn only later, sorry, openings of a corpse. A hormonal floor - is very conditional, as well as all others.

the Morphological floor

is defined by a structure of external and internal genitals; it is caused by the level and the dominating orientation of hormonal influences.

the Civil floor

(it obstetric or passport) - at its definition is correct to be based on genetic research. But in most often (for example, in Russia) it for some reason is determined by external gender of the newborn baby. Only. As if not diplomaed doctor, and the medieval midwife delivers.

As if passports exist not for legal ascertaining of reality, and for maintenance of a veil of ignorance and stagnancy. As if the mankind unites not for self-realization of everyone, and for the correct calculation of number of toilets under construction for different categories of citizens.

the Mental floor

(a feeling floor) - can not coincide with anything from physical parameters of a floor. In the last decades more and more data that a mental floor (gender identity) is actually not a product of self-identification of the individual with man`s or a female, and a consequence of this or that structure of the psychosexual centers of a gipotalamus for man`s or female type, that is a consequence of the brain floor set anatomic collect.

Discrepancy of an anatomic floor of a brain with an anatomic floor of a body generates transsexuality. Prevalence of a transseksualizm, say, among men, according to various authors, varies from 1:37000 to 1:100000 population.

the Psychosexual floor

depends on functioning of the psychosexual centers of the central nervous system.

Everything, my dear reader, we approached a cart axis.

the Social floor

is a ratio of man`s and female manifestations of behavior in one person.

A floor is more likely the sum of vectors, only the direction of development of the person, the convention not really applicable for most of people in life.

You remember an episode with a calendar from the movie about the baron Myungkhauzen? The baron suggested to bring number which was not before in a calendar. As in an old calendar there was no empty seat, new day did not begin to add.

So bilaterally absurdly the aspiration to correction of a floor looks. On the one hand, we speak about uniqueness, a biodiversity and opposition of standardization of the state, with another - we wish to adjust people on two available curves.

Fausto - Sterling defends opinion - contrary to the point of view accepted now in medicine - that the children born with multiple or ambiguous sexual characters should not be brought to the “correct“ floor by means of surgery. “This science is at such rudimentary level of development that it is impossible to be accepted to cutting at once while we do not learn more about bodies and lives of intersexual people“, - she says.

You remember, prior to the beginning of pseudoscientific part we left the students reflecting on themselves? What they could guess if they were engaged better and instead of inhalation of a ketamin in the cellar of a dissecting room read books?

Only self-understanding matters. Self-understanding - the sum of influences of concentration of endocrine glands, set of all saltatorny jumps of nervous impulses and waves of movements of the fibers which are engaged in pristenochny digestion in intestines, a consequence of reduction of the pupillary muscle catching morning light, result of speed of a breath and repetition about itself Brodsky`s lines. At everyone the floor and the social role. And worthiness.

Discrimination - destiny of those who do not understand it. Xenophobia - the child of ignorance.

The people wishing release of society from xenophobia should be engaged in increase of the general cultural level of the people. However, at all times it was connected with opposition to this or that tyrant.

Because only on a wave of discrimination the bad power keeps. Therefore the people are split up for parts and press all and at once - anyway everyone gets to the certain isolated group, a barrack with expanded borders.

Whom you treat, the reader? You are a child, the student, the worker, the disabled person, the woman, the man, the gay, the migrant, the Jew, the pacifist, the person liable for call-up, the doctor, the teacher, the dropout, the citizen of the world? Who are you?