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Who has sex?

This question interested me after the gay - parade. Looking at how fascist youths, people in the Cossack form and church vestments beat the human rights activists supporting the rights of LGBT - people (this abbreviation means Lesbians - Gays - Bisexuals - Transgendera), I thought: and for what reason in general all asexual beings - defective Cossack bearded aged men, fanatical four-eyes yaytsemetatel in kerchiefs, the orthodox hulks which are creeping out of foreign cars, bald hitlerjugend - specify to whom with whom and where to have sex?

We will not speak about casual sex. Let`s talk about what is normal sex life. These are the sexual relations with that person(s) with whom to you wants to be (if it was so lucky that he (they) wishes), passing into preferred by you (them) contacts of various degree of intimacy. You, but not mister Patriarch of All Russia or, perish the thought, mister president or his high-pedigree and surprisingly prolific dog.

What is the mankind?

It is old men and children - which either late, or early, or there is nothing, or there is no need - owing to the physiological reasons.

It is various disabled people and inhabitants of hospitals (we will include characters with postoperative contraindications to maintaining sex life here) - the regularity considered by us and a saturation affect disappears.

It is soldiers, seamen, prisoners (or future prisoners are illegal criminals of all grades). Let`s not remember what sex the same-sex people who are in army zones - prison have.

It is students in hostels - here, perhaps, something also is, but it is not that sex about which we speak.

It is pregnant women and women after the delivery.

It is religious fanatics, monks and other aseksuala. That you knew, orthodox time extra on point duty for sex - 4 days in a year. Commission of sexual intercourse requires blessing. Yes.

It is migrants - millions of people living in terrible density, dirt and poverty - in such conditions do not breed.

It is people of amusing professions for which sex is always followed by an extreme component - conductors, forwarding agents, long-distance truck drivers and other.

Eventually are mad and terrible freaks whom nobody wants.

It is suffering from one-way love.

Now we will take the heterosexualists living in marriage. Well, all know, as occurs it between couples such. What is done in a bed by intending spouses if in the country about 800 thousand unions are annually terminated ?

It seems that only gays also have sex in full understanding of this word. When they want with whom there is a wish and as there is a wish.

So it turns out? Why the georgiyevets who are nowadays forbidden Dpnishnikov and theatrical priests the subject sex - minorities so interests? On what they are bought, except - consider, national - money? Correctly, children. To them enviably. Enviably that to someone it is good.

The state will sterilize society. It is simpler to operate geldings. They are quieter.

There is a little statistics: the Russian has sex of 150 times a year, a half of the Russian and Ukrainian teenagers has sex, 50 000 minors of the Russian girls annually marry, annually 100 000 Russian schoolgirls become mothers. Annually in Russia about 800 000 marriage are dissolved, 400 000 minor children are left without father or mother .

Look back: every tenth person in the subway car - the homosexual. 4% of men are homosexual. About three years 13% of the homosexual relations last. A third of men at least once starts out in the homosexual relations. 4% of people - hermaphrodites (leaves, hermaphrodites in the world are twice more, than Russians, - 300 million people). In all civilized countries treat LGBT tolerantly.

After such statistics you begin to doubt reasonableness of the state promotion, isn`t it?