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Legendary aeronaut, or Who such Ivan Zaikin?

Nobody writes truthful scenarios for biopeaks (movies - biographies).

On the other hand, maybe, and legends, fairy tales, myths are created. The name of the person undertakes - and the most ridiculous fantastic fictions join it.

And therefore Lermontova a pencil in a hand is put by secret office (“Pushkin. The last duel“), Taras Bulby`s wife (Bortko`s masterpiece), and also the wife of Makhno and the child Makhno (“9 lives“) are brutally killed for some reason, Picasso is represented in the form of pompous lack of talent (“Modigliani“), Klimt do by the slowed-down syphilitic having progressive paralysis, Che Guevara and Peter I become brakhmacharina (“Che“ - Soderbergh`s movie of 2008, “Russia the Young“), and Akhmatova - the hallucinating robot with protruding eyes (“The moon in a zenith“) …

the Name and couple of facts from life of the famous person in combination with a clean sheet of paper have so inspiring effect on the screenwriter, it does not make that to study the real biography of the person for it already sense.

Viewing of biopeak is the minimum and sufficient entertainment for the contemporary who any more never nothing will read. Why to read if the subject is opened by means of cinema which can be trusted. You watch what range for kitchen talk - and for only 300 rubles given for the ticket to cinema. Or even for nothing - if to download the movie from a torrent.

- Watched “Alla Pugacheva“. The movie about the singer.

- And how to you?

- Anything. And you what watched?

- I watched the movie about Volochkova, this is the ballerina …

And today, after viewing of the ancient movie “Aeronaut“ (1975) I learned that there was such Zaikin, the pilot and that authors of the movie Vekhotko and Troshchenko managed to have a look “Zabriskie a point“ (the 36th minute until the end of the movie + ideological muster).

All the rest in “Aeronaut“ is represented quite strange. In brief: the circus athlete Ivan Zaikin falls in love with the pilot Clotilda de Laroche, throws circus, gets money, studies as the pilot under the leadership of the beloved, flies up, actually soars, then observes how darling breaks together with the airplane against the earth then rushes to it and actually finishes, lifting on hands and trying to bear somewhere. Soon after ex-the world champion in fight breaks the airplane and comes back to circus. The Volga athlete is represented the psychopath in love. In parallel and very unostentatiously the anti-war subject develops that is pleasant, but it is a little inappropriate.

Raimonda de Laroche, the actress, the first woman to whom issued the certificate of the pilot, the champion really existed and actually came to Russia, acted with flights in St. Petersburg. Broke in plane crashes and on the car (together with the person who taught her to fly - Charles Voizen). Died, being a passenger of the plane. Probably, this circumstance also forced the screenwriter to cross Raimonda in Clotilda de Laroche, to replace with a car with the airplane, and then to break the woman - the pilot together with the aircraft.

Ivan Zaikin, the champion of Russia in weightlifting lifting an anchor weighing 400 kg the fighter, Poddubny`s pupil, the world champion in the French fight striking all with mad bravery really was one of the first Russian pilots. Became interested in aircraft after supervision over unsuccessful flight of the woman - the pilot in Odessa.

“I know fight, and aircraft business new, heroic“ (Zaikin I. M., In air and on the arena. Memoirs). The many-sided person, was on friendly terms with Kuprin, Gorky, Shalyapin, Kuprin, Blok, Alexey Tolstoy, Kamensk... Actually, Zaikin`s flights stopped from - for desires of the writer Kuprin to rise in air. The airplane broke from an overload. Zaikin heroically unscrewed the falling aircraft from spectator aside. Both the pilot, and the passenger by miracle survived. Kuprin`s letter on incident was printed by the “Odessa sheets“. Here of what the scenario was made.

“Aeronaut“ strikes with a cast - it is the best names of the seventieth. Actors play, especially without leaving the images familiar to us on others, the movies more often shown. And from time to time it seems that you see shots from “Imperceptible avengers“ (1966), “Intervention“ (1968), “Dangerous tours“ (1969), “Bumbarash“ (1971). And such heroes as Fedka Byk from “A green van“ (1983), Merzlyaev from the tape “About the Poor Hussar“ (1980) and even Trunks from “Pokrovsk gate“ (1982) almost invariable proceeded in the specified tapes from “Aeronaut“ - unless became more senior.

But, despite everything, it is fine that the movie survived and that any can watch it and think of heroic legendary romantics, of subjugators of heaven.