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How effectively to plan the family budget?

the family budget are formed Presently on other basis, than it was at the Soviet equalization. Today the income of the ordinary person is not limited by a rate or a length of service - earnings depend on efficiency of the worker.

Therefore education, additional skills, good physical shape have paramount value for growth of family welfare. Reasonable expenditure and economy are additional resources for prosperity and financial stability. Put

in yourself

Invest money in the development. Save on advanced training courses, an interesting seminar or learn English. Knowledge of English is an engine of career. So, according to the website Rabota. ru, in 30% of announcements of vacancies employers demand from the candidate knowledge of English, ideally - business - English. For saving of time and means use remote education.

Do not save on health. If you always took import medicine which helps you, then do not try to replace it with the Russian or Ukrainian analog. It can cost very much to you. Care for yourself, there are checked ways to increase immunity.

Play sports. There is no opportunity to go to fitness - club - visit more democratic gym or buy records of occupations and be engaged at home.

Nothing harms us as lack of high-quality rest. Therefore surely time, and better two times a year go to have a rest. Our many compatriots prefer not to go abroad from - for the seeming high cost. But this prejudice. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to reserve online hotel, the apartment or a cottage now - directly, without intermediaries that is very favorable. Or via the special websites of booking that too is cheaper. Earn


the Basic principle of life there has to be not an economy, but aspiration to earn more. You have a small salary, but at the same time you are an excellent expert who was ahead of schedule not so long ago, or you had new duties, or you won a professional competition? Then safely you ask salary increase.

Always look for additional sources of the income - sell unnecessary things, try to earn on the Internet by writing articles, from placement of a photo in image banks, participation in polls etc. It is important to do not stand still, and to move and look for solutions of any problems.

it is reasonable for

to spend Reasonable expenditure - all the same what to get still money. Effective expenditure allow not only to get rid of budget deficit, but also to postpone the remained funds for additional needs. What main principles of an expenditure of means?

It is necessary to live today, without buying products and things far for the future. Get only what, is really necessary at the moment and in the short term.

Plan purchases, especially big. Gifts can be bought in advance.

Do not give in to panic in connection with news about the future shortage of goods, products or inflation. Mass psychoses work only for speculators.

Try not to buy clothes during a season, wait for sales.

Buy sound clothes and footwear. At the appeared opportunity to buy clothes in Western Europe, use it - there all - the cheapest way, more qualitatively and it is possible to issue Tax Free, and it is minus of 10% at least.

It is not necessary to buy superfluous. The thing which did not rush within a year most likely is not necessary to you. However there is an unfading classics - clothes which will be always actual. Besides it is possible to save on some objects of clothes.

If unexpected money “fell down“ you, spend them for return of debts, payment of percent on the credit or invest in the education or business. The most reasonable expenditure those which bring closer to financial freedom.

Reasonable economy

Economy has to be expedient. So, going to a long journey behind cheap goods, perhaps, you will spend for the road more, than will save. During a trip you could make something very useful. Conform to the rules which will allow you to save reasonably:

Do not try to save on food and treatment - health is more expensive. But it is possible to save on drugs, buying them on the Internet. For this purpose use special services for search of drugs in which it is possible to make sorting according to the smallest price, existence etc. of

Make joint purchases. Buy drugs together with neighbors and friends, use services of joint purchases. Then the goods cost considerably cheaper.

Use one card for accumulation of discounts together with relatives and friends. So you will be able to save up the maximum discount for rather short term.

Do not hesitate to buy the things which were in the use. Agree, it is better to buy for 3000 rubles a sound dress / at, than new, but sewed from cheap fabric not of the best quality.

Surely save money. In a stocking or in bank - to solve to you, but the sum of monthly accumulation, experts advise, has to make not less than 10% of earnings.

Get rid of unnecessary things. Storage of stuff costs much to us!