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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread?

As the company of teenagers last Saturday it appeared on the ice floe drifting across Moika it is not difficult to guess though adventurers did not begin to go into details. Thrill-seekers moored to the embankment around a confluence with Moika of Admiralteysky Canal and by means of the passersby using make-shifts (sticks, branches of trees) got on the embankment. Travelers was five - one girl and four guys. It is good that their mad act did without the victims, in most cases the river rafting on ice floes during an ice drift comes to an end is deplorable.

For last days off this case became not the only thing in the country. There were many similar fans of extreme sports in different regions. Fortunately, the most part such a grief - travelers gets off light, being the rescued employees of a coast guard or the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. But were these days and cases with a lethal outcome.

According to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk Krai the other day the desire of the ten-year-old boy to drive on an ice floe became for it the last in life. The child played on the river bank Chulym then jumped on the ice floe floating by which, without having sustained the child`s weight, broke up almost at once. Having appeared in ice water, the boy could not get out to the coast independently. The rescuers who arrived to the scene called by other child who became the witness of incident, a body of the boy who got to water still did not find. An inspection on this fact is carried out by MUVD “Achinsk“

that driving on ice floes is life-threatening, was written repeatedly. But every year the victims of such extreme also the bigger number of citizens becomes more increasing. Generally of course, it is children, boys aged till 14 years. Such driving seems to them very fascinating occupation, but they forget or do not know that the ice which is externally seeming to strong can be melted or split from below. And, having appeared in ice water, the person often cannot get out of it already independently: the stiffened extremities refuse to obey, the clothes which got wet and put on weight pull down. And the organism does not maintain long overcooling. The adult can hold on in ice water about ten minutes, and the child no more than five.

Therefore all who want to add adrenaline to blood should think repeatedly before risking the life. Present the most terrible consequences of the mad actions. Think of the relatives to whom you are very dear. Also think that, perhaps, acquaintances who learn about a cause of death will tell: “That! Itself is guilty. He knew what he went on. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!“