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And again the gone children. What their parents thought of?

according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk Krai, on April 17 about seven o`clock in the evening on the panel of a control room of Shushensky district arrived the message on loss of the ten-year-old boy and his three-year-old sister. As parents of the gone children told the employees who came out to the scene quickly - investigative crew, children left still around 13 - 00. The family was on a personal plot in the village Idzha. About one o`clock in the afternoon, children asked for leave at parents to walk on the river bank Shush that proceeds nearby.

But the fact that during a spring flood the river becomes deep parents did not set thinking on as far as games on the river bank can be dangerous were not remembered by it and sad stories 2005, 2006, 2007 when children vanished, and then their parents had to say goodbye to them already on a cemetery. Parents released children. And only when in an hour children did not return, parents began to worry and went to look for them at relatives, acquaintances and on the river bank. After their search did not yield any results, they asked for the help the district police officer who transferred information on loss of children to Department of Internal Affairs.

All at the moment in search of the gone children more than seventy people are involved. Search groups already surveyed the coastline and the water area of the river Shush, bypassed in search of possible eyewitnesses of the house of villages Idzha and Work, interrogated locals, examined all abandoned houses and farms of nearby settlements, combed the wood. At present searches continue.

of the Sign of the wanted children:

Girl: by sight 2-3 years, height are about 100 cm, a round face of the European type, an eye blue, hair light-fair-haired. It was dressed in a jacket of pink color, dark trousers, rubber pink slates.

Boy: by sight 10 years, height are about 120 cm, an oval face of the European type, an eye blue, hair light-fair-haired. It was dressed in a jacket of brown color, blue trousers, rubber blue slates.

to All who know something of location searched, a request to give information in Department of Internal Affairs on Shushensky district by phones 8(39139) 3-23-56, 3-29-86 or on a telephone hotline of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk Krai: 245-96-46.

At the moment one of working versions of the investigation - playing on the river bank, children could fall in it. There is a wish to believe that nevertheless children will be and will be live and healthy. Parents want to remind that, becoming parents, they bear full responsibility not only for the life and safety, but also for life and safety of the children. While the quantity of crimes against minors still still remains at the high level when the spring aggravation at people with unstable mentality began, it is necessary to be extremely attentive and to watch the children with the trebled vigilance. Do not leave children unguarded at all, do not allow them to play in places of the increased danger, explain them rules of conduct which will be able to secure them in the time spent for the street and at home.