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Spring. Thaw in brains of murderers is not expected?

On streets cheerfully ring a thaw, becomes warmer every day, but, unfortunately, warming in the nature does not bring thaw in the heads of the criminals ready to go for commission of serious crimes


In Chelyabinsk is detained the suspect who killed the woman and cutting out a swastika and the word “whore“ on her stomach (not so long ago we wrote about it). It was it 28 - the summer resident of Chelyabinsk. He is single, earlier we do not judge, has no official work, it was employed for temporary jobs by the general worker, lived with parents.

We will remind, in the night of March 27 in Chelyabinsk to death it was beaten 35 - the summer woman. It was found in a courtyard of school No. 101. She died from multiple cherepno - brain injuries which the criminal put with legs. Having finished beating, it cut out on her stomach a swastika and the word “whore“

On a question why he made it, the criminal answered that he just hates all women. He was not even familiar with the victim. Just attacked the woman passing by who suddenly caused in it feeling of hostility. Shortly before an event, the criminal a long time was treated for a venereal disease. And calls the actions revenge for it to women. Strange logic, however. And how many still the potential victims of this nedochelovek lives in his hometown, the country? How many still the victims could fall from his hands if he was not detained?

From the operational report of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg:

126 - go department of militia of Department of Internal Affairs of Tosnensky District with assistance of the operative 11 - go department of Criminal office of KM of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs is detained by Task force 17 - the summer citizen. This pupil 9 - go a class of high school on March 9 this year about 04. 00 in the settlement of Radofinnikovo at the house 14 down the street beat by a stick, Railway for the purpose of a robbery, 15 - the summer teenager, stole from it the mobile phone then disappeared. The victim from the received injuries died in hospital.

If to look at the criminal report over the country in general and reports of law enforcement agencies on the done work connected by disclosure of crimes and detention of the criminals who committed serious crimes can be confirmed the known fact long ago. The step on a social ladder of the individual is lower, the level of its education is lower, the it is worse than an accommodation condition, the probability that the person can go to a crime is higher.

Means, something not so with our society if desire of the teenager is not the aspiration something to reach in life, and envy and thirst of a profit. Dreaming to take control of property of another, weaker at any cost he is ready to go on a crime. What can be expected from this teenager in the future when it wants to him the new car of the neighbor, the wife of the friend or the apartment of the schoolmate? What can be expected from it and similar to it if at such early age they are ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of possession of phone?

There is also a wish to ask a question to parents, both teenagers who were outdoors at four o`clock in the morning. Where you look, dear? What do you wait from the children who are freely walking about at night instead of having dreams in a bed at home for? Why your children walk about on streets when also the adult not time for walks?

What happens in society? Where we slide? Why, equaling on the democratic West, we take from them generally only negative experience, rastly and corrupting youth with third-rate telecasts, propagandizing cattle life instead of distribution of transfers which will be able to give to our children, to teenagers new knowledge and will give them an impetus in aspiration to change the world to the best by means of the abilities.

Until TV companies make in the conveyor way movies where one of the main characters steadily are representatives of criminal environment, addicts, homosexuals and women of easy virtue, it is hardly trusted in the good future of residents of the country. When hosts of telecasts speak on a slang, supplying the speech often out of place with interjections, and at times inserting a strong mot. When the young men looking at us from the bespola TV screens, and are often similar to the transvestites who are vulgarly shaking hips and pretentiously drawling words when to find in girls though a drop of feminity it is possible hardly. When advertizing of beer is focused generally on youth, making false impression that any good party cannot do without frothy beverage.

Until teenagers see in most cases a negative example until from screens of TVs odes to “golden calf“ flow on them, the crime will look younger and each time their crimes will be more cruel and sophisticated. Here therefore - that does not surprise anybody emergence such as not busy, idly loafing at night, nothing the young man who reached in life angered on girls for the postponed venereal disease to the fact that it is ready to kill the first counter not the familiar and innocent woman any more. And the teenager - the murderer ready to death to beat the one who is younger and is weaker to take control of his phone.

And therefore each parent is obliged to make everything that his child received the correct education, had that core which will never allow it to cross line and to go for commission of crime. Each parent has to know where there is his child, than is engaged also who enters a circle of his friends. The birth of the child confers on parents heavy responsibility and each of them in the answer for acts of children. The main thing - to remember that making some actions in the face of the child, we program his future life, we put in it those rules to which he will conform all further life. And therefore - be kinder and take care!