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Adoptive father? The best father!!!

very often pestret Recently mass media of the world headings about adoption by the western stars of children. For someone adoption of the child - only an occasion to declare oneself, and for someone - call of heart, desire to help those who on someone`s fault appeared on boondocks of destiny.

Usually take in a family one or two children that it was easier for children to adapt in a family with receptions mother and the father. Often and to parents to get used to the new family member time is necessary. But in Chelyabinsk there was a case when the lonely man became a trustee of nine children at once!!!

Egor Andreyev - so call the hero of our history - became the chief of the boarding school No. 13 located in Metallurgichesky district of Chelyabinsk two years ago. First Egor looked in orphanage in holidays, gave gifts to the wards, helped to get necessary things, carried at excursion. Over time began to come each time even more often and before became attached to children that decided to take them in the family. Children were only delighted to its decision.

Of course - the Chelyabinsk officials Egor`s decision plunged into confusion. The children at 42 - summer Egor were not. Besides he is a bachelor. But before submitting the application to agencies of guardianship, Egor took care of creation of ideal conditions for accommodation and study of children. For this purpose he got a two-storeyed cottage around the Shershnevsky reservoir and in the palace of pioneers and school students of Krupskaya equipped a class for occupations where with children the invited teachers were engaged.

Passed slightly less than a year since the Moscow businessman with the Chelyabinsk roots, the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Uralavtopritsep, Egor Andreyev, became a father for five girls and four boys. “I want

that at them it was died. That an education was got and grew good, decent people“, - Egor says. Cares of education of reception children already bear fruit - children considerably improved the results, having filled gaps in education.

And the most important that they really felt that they are necessary to someone! Felt love and care of the person whom they call the father now. Once children dreamed to have parents who would love them, cared for them, did not beat and did not offend. Now the dream of children was achieved, and Egor Andreyev became for them the best father on light!

“It is possible to tell with confidence that these children have a future. They will get an excellent education, will become rather good people“ - the governor of Chelyabinsk region, Mikhail Yurevich noted, having visited a happy family. “If at least the part of our businessmen found it possible to help in one way or another for itself to children, then many of them would become successful and happy citizens“ - Yurevich added.

Very often recently names of large businessmen, successful businessmen appear in the basic in the chronicle carrying a negative shade. At last - that is an opportunity to tell you that representatives business - elite have heart too. And what! Huge! In it there was enough place for nine boys and little girls from boarding school. And now, if to ask someone from children a question whether they have a father, they will answer: “Yes! We have a father and he is the best father on light!!!“ We will hope that also other large businessmen of our country and thanks to their affairs will follow Egor Andreyev`s example, in Russia there will be more happy children.