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What pain. The state - the businessman: 5:0!

the Football match “State“ - “Businessman“

the State attacks. The businessman in deaf protection.

First half.

At number 11 from the state goes to attack the tax inspection. The VAT, taxes on the PHOT, transport, on the earth, on profit which is absent.

the Businessman is crafty, but everything is useless. Goal!

Is begun with a midfield.

take away the Ball from the businessman at once and to attack there is number 10. Power engineering specialists. Connection, tariff, check of counters. The businessman tries to switch off a knife switch, but everything is useless. A ball in a grid of gate!

With the score 2:0 of team leave on a break. during a break the announcer at stadium tells

to public about measures for support of small business. The roller urging officials not “to nightmarize business“ too obviously is shown.

Began 2 times. the State attacks

on all flanks again. At number 9 to gate of the Businessman there is a Fire inspection. And where at gate an emergency exit, she asks. And whether there is on them a fire extinguisher, a hook and a bucket with sand.

the Businessman quietly goes nuts also 3:0!

during game Rostekhnadzor on number 3 and Sanepidemstantion at number 4 make rough tackles behind. The judge pretends that he notices nothing.

I here new attack. The militia at number 2 tries to sew a web at the businessman`s gate. Also shows it illegal business activity. Ouch - ouch - ouch. There is all team of the businessman left in the field without license.

I gets the next ball in the gate at once. 4:0!

But remains a little more time and from the State to gate of the opponent the goalkeeper comes forward. It stood during a match and did not reflect any attack. The ball so never also crossed the average line.

the Goalkeeper, and we already see that it is the speaker of the State Duma, leaves to gate of the Businessman and drives the last nail, fie you, a ball in a grid.

Clear and unconditional victory.

Fans of the State exult and part on houses on the limousines. The Businessman`s fans sadly disperse on trams and the subway. already nobody waits for

of the Revenge. What pain, what pain … Recently began, and at once 5:0!