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Rubens, “Terey`s Feast“. What distinguishes the person from an animal?

Two half-naked women, at one of them in hands the head, the sitting man hold the right hand a sword.

Women are dressed as bacchantes: on them animal skins, one of them holds the pole intertwined with tapes in hand. Persons - absolutely mad, all is overturned, there was something awful. And something else has to occur.

The picture is called “Terey`s Feast“. On Rubens`s cloth Terey, his wife Prokna and her sister Philomela.

History is as follows: Terey married Prokna, took away it to himself in a kingdom. There passed five years. Prokna asks the husband to bring to her the sister Philomela to see. Terey goes for Philomela, and the chain of drama and tragic events begins here. Terey falls in love with Philomela:

It burns with voluptuousness, and to it, and the people to inherent.

Terey care of servants,

Fidelity of the wet nurse Passionately seeks to bribe; he Wants to seduce

with expensive gifts its most though whole to offer a kingdom,

by Force to kidnap her and to defend after war.

Seems, there is nothing what the Tsar captured by passion

did not decide on. In a breast it cannot constrain a pylanye.

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)
Is natural

, Terey hides the feelings. And to convince the father-in-law to release with him Philomela, sometimes even sheds a tear. Not to mention oaths that he will use reasonable efforts to return the daughter to the father as soon as possible.

But here negotiations are finished, the father agreed, the way back - in Terey`s kingdom begins. And here Terey did not constrain delight:

Only Philomela ascended to the ship painted, and from oars

the Sea came to a movement, and lands the coast was removed,

Shouted Terey: “Won! With me desired goes!“
Swimming ended with

, nothing foretold any drama turns.

Here also the way ended; vessels

tired again On the coast. But the tsar suddenly the daughter Pandiona

In a shed high attracts, shaded by dark.

There, the pale maiden frightened by everything, shivering,

In bitter tears about the sister questioning, locked and right there, to It crime having opened

, - one and innocent - force

Overcomes it...

Philomela in despair: it, without wishing that, becomes as if the second wife of Terey, the competitor to the sister. She addresses Terey, promising it to tell about all all who can hear it:

“About the barbarian, in acts cruel!

O is heartless! You, - says, - the father of an assignment,

Neither kindness of his tears, nor feeling to the sister, nor maiden

Even washing innocence did not soften, nor marriage laws! Everything you broke

. Sisters I from now on the competitor became,

You is both spouses. This flour is not deserved by me.

What you did not pull out soul at me that to you, perfidious to make Zloumyshlenye`s

? What did not kill me to awful

of our coitions?“

I, bashfulness having cast away, your Business I will announce

: oh, only there would be opportunity!

I will go To crowds of the people; and, even in the woods locked, the Speech I will fill with

the woods, I will awaken sympathy in rocks!

Then Terey cuts off it language:

Here from similar speeches the Anger was excited in the cruel lord

, and there was a fear not less. Double it is induced by the reason,

it Releases a sword from the sheath hanging at a belt. Hair of the maiden having grabbed with

, having bent it for a back of a hand,

Bonds forced to suffer. Philomela held up a throat -

Only saw a sword, began to hope for death

. But frenzied language, in vain the father calling, Endeavouring something to tell

, the tyrant, having squeezed nippers,

Brutally cut off a sword. Language only the rest trembles, he the black earth continues to whisper to

the songs.

As coils a tail at the snake chopped - fights

I, dying, traces of the madam looks for in vain. Terrible business having made

, speak, - you will not decide to believe! -

Long still dropped in voluptuousness to the tormented flesh.

Terey locks it in some similarity of prison. Having come back home, he composes a tale about Philomela`s death. Prokna all in mourning and in memory of the sister puts houses an empty coffin.

There passes year. Philomela in the prison weaves a carpet on which she writes about what was made with it by Terey. The carpet is delivered to Prokna. It happens just during the next holiday of Bacchus. Prokna puts on the bacchante, with crowd of bacchantes reaches prison and steals Philomela. Both sisters come back to the palace, Prokna swears to Philomela that she will punish Terey.

You see, I am ready for all crimes, native! Torches I will kindle

, I will kindle the palace monarchic,

In the flame, I will throw Terey into the fire of the expert,

Ya and language, both eyes, and members with what it took away

Shame from you, a sword I will excise, and in Thousand wounds I will expel criminal soul

! I great am ready to make -

I only in doubt - what?“
At this moment approaches

it and her son, Itis begins to make up. “As you are similar to the father“, - Prokna says. It is a trigger which the crimes which are not giving in to retelling follow. Why it occurred why similarity of the son to the father pushed Prokna to the subsequent actions? It seems that it had a desire to stop Terey`s family, to stop transfer by inheritance of cruel and reckless temper, Terey got which from his father Ares - god of bloody and senseless wars.

And in Prokna`s head the devil plan is born:

“In the house high having found the remote place - meanwhile as

of the Handle was stretched by him and, already the death is expected, -

“Mother! Mother!“ - shouted and was enough a maternal neck, - Prokna in blow of a sword struck with

the baby under edges, without having averted

and the person. For it though was

of the Wound of one enough, - Philomela a sword to it ripped up a throat.

Members, live still where souls the shred remained, Cut

they. Here the part in coppers begins to boil, other

On spits hisses...“
Tables are laid by

, dishes are given:

Here to what table the wife invited Terey!

I, having composed that such is a ceremony of its homeland in which

the Husband only the participant one, removed slaves and court,

Terey, highly sitting on an antiquated chair,

Eats with pleasure, itself filling the flesh in a womb.
Terey was sated with

and asks to bring the son Itis. Prokna answers:

“The fact that you call, at you inside!“ Suddenly Philomela was brought by

and Threw the bloody head of the son

to the son-in-law in a face: for ever she so did not want

to Exorcise and open triumph by the worthy speech!
Terey tries to kill with

sisters, but they turn into birds and depart from the palace. And Terey addresses in a bird too.

(In a doorway some woman watching the events is visible. Most likely, it is one of servants.)

History is so bloody that even you read it hardly. Why the artist addressed such cruel plot? Who ordered such picture?

The plot sets thinking: what is the person? Where cruelty limit? Where meanness limit? Where limit to treachery? What separates the person from an animal? And whether there will be sometime an answer to these questions?