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How to travel on - Norwegian?

the Norwegian writer Thomas Espedal will teach it any. Recently translated its book into Russian “we Go!“.

Many people try to correspond to a stereotype. The gay has to speak pretentiously, the fate - the musician - to go crazy from drugs, the woman should stay at home and give birth to children, and the genius, of course, is simply obliged to behave inadequately. Thomas Espedal invents a stereotype - the real poet has to travel.

About what the book? Continuously drinking wine and eating local delicacies, carefree, burdened unless by money on the account, “traveler“ alone or in the company of the same idlers with no specific aim moves / passes from the city to the city, graduating danger of the road quantity of asterisks of hotels. Satellites constantly argue on great poets and writers, proving to themselves and readers, as they not in vain smoke air, time wander, having taken a bottle - another.

Heroes are hedonists. Directly the author speaks: to what to us these very heavy backpacks, tents. Preceding climbing the mountain, heroes go to bed on a verandah of hotel to check the woolen linen and sleeping bags, and decide to buy to themselves woolen hats and leather gloves in the morning. Heroes wander about the world, deriving continuous pleasure from the expensive and up-to-date clothes. Unless they do not use the rocket for “free walks“. When the character wants to drive the car further, and the driver is too drunk to operate a car, the hero tries to buy the car at the driver. As it is good when in life there are no problems, but there are inexhaustible credit cards. It is the book not about travelers, and about entertainments of the missing Norwegians.

The text is oversaturated by sexual scenes and prostitutes. It is possible to tell, approximately from every twentieth page also nothing is poured frank changing sex in a plot - a scene. And with a plot, frankly speaking, at the author tensely. Fortunately, in this book there are no lists, faxes or pieces the Internet - dialogue. And already you are afraid of it when you take the modern eurobook in hand. This undoubted advantage of the work “We Go!“.

Generally, all who actually sometime left the house to see and understand the world, everything, going a self-locking device at the other end of the world without the large sum in a pocket, everything, dragging on themselves the stolitrovka filled by marching iron, canned food, porridges, everything, breaking far - is far from human dwellings of tent or putting type, everything, living for months outdoors, sleeping on the earth, having wrapped in cellophane, sleeping in support of bridges, on attics, on squats, in electric trains, on a cardboard, on newspapers, taken of all mailboxes of an entrance, bathing in ice streams, smoked in a smoke of fires, everything, getting into mountains without expensive equipment, all that ever and the truth traveled, starved, collected on the street of a donation, hurt, got into troubles far from the house - will not be able to plunge “we Go to the text! “, but will laugh loudly without stopping, will call the friends and to read to them paragraphs about burdens of Norwegian “tramps“.

It is quite possible that in Norwegian and Norwegians the book is read and estimated differently. The book was nominated for two literary awards. Other life, other relation to literature, to freedom, to the road...