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What do we know about the people who opened Northern and Southern poles of Earth? Rual Amundsen of

Rual Amundsen begins the book entertainingly.

Having learned that the North Pole is discovered, he decides to subdue Youzhny. Amundsen is confident in a victory and manages till last minutes to keep the expedition purpose in secret even from team. What to tell about sponsors of a trip.

The Norwegian - the complete antithesis to Robert Peary. He sees expedition force not in the strong leader, but in the rallied and discussing collective therefore it is very modest and treats himself with humour. At meetings he listens to opinion of each member of team. And each participant of a campaign will be sung by the commander.

The Norwegian expedition works absolutely in the Scandinavian style. Polar explorers take with themselves the house and load on the equipment ship for 5 years of a campaign. The oilcloth on a table seems to Amundsen`s contemporaries luxury. However on a table the oilcloth will lie in the house in Framkheym, and a floor will be covered with linoleum. The story-teller will often break on the description of magnificent meals and perfectly equipped dwellings.

It seems that all Norway rallied, fitting out the sons for a trip: Amundsen mentions by name and in superlative degrees of all furriers and bakers, all druggists and storekeepers, sellers of shops and army chiefs - generally, does not forget anybody who brought though something for the ship “Fram“. And in the final returns to suppliers product samples, visited a pole.

The national spirit directly - soars on each page of the book - from the Norwegian flags on a photo and respectful paragraphs about royal family before household disputes on the landsmol. One of the songs composed on a pole contains such lines: “Devil there was at that time a frost, we freezed heels and a nose. But I speak: it for the sake of the fatherland, we freezed a nose for the sake of the fatherland“. The last two lines - a refrain of five couplets. In all five heroes drink, eat, submit ices. In total - for the sake of the fatherland.

Having respectfully treated experience of the previous travelers, Norwegians cannot believe that skis will not slide in Antarctica. And at them as it is ridiculous, skis slide. In the final the ski track is laid by the native Telemarka.

Norwegians carry with themselves one hundred dogs who not only do not perish in warm latitudes, but also breed. Having visited a pole with Rual, the part of dogs passes to the following traveler.

The competing polar expedition of Scott goes to a pony. It, generally, causes bigger bewilderment, than throwing of dogs from one pole on another.

Peary improved sledge. Norwegians will improve a team and own ammunition.

The ruthless attitude towards dogs, utility in everything - even in a foreshortening of circumstances is realized hardly. Cannibalism cases at travelers from the civilized world become psychologically clear. No, Norwegians do not eat each other, they more than have enough food, but the feeling is created that if something happens they, having sighed, would eat also each other.

The hero always should make the choice - or to be a pioneer and the winner, or to observe the standard borders of norm and to reach nothing. Everything that goes to a pole, becomes one body, the general organic weight, plastic proteinaceous material, the subordinate to achievement of the purpose. Spirituality, life value loses value, only overcoming makes sense.

Norwegians do not need anybody`s experience. They are not guided by experience of Eskimos. They do not build a needle and yarang. They create traditional Norwegian dwellings in snow around the wooden house. The subsnow town will stay then nearly twenty years then the ice floe with it all - will break away.

Peary is supported by America and the president Roosevelt? Huo - ho, at Amundsen is the king Hakon the seventh, the people and Nansen. Even the ship “Fram“ is fanned by legends - earlier on is mute great Fridtjof swam!

Amundsen describes the most part of the dogs in more detail, than Peary - the companions. But with the same sobriety and impartiality Amundsen speaks about murder of dogs if necessary. Some dogs of Amundsen are called in honor of researchers - polar explorers: dogs Cook, Fridtjof, Peary are mentioned. (“We had Peary too“.)

Unlike Peary, Amundsen speaks not about physical sufferings, and about ease with which Norwegians overcome all most difficult barriers, about enthusiasm peaks. Something is in it from the chronicler prince Florizel.

Peary and the translator of memoirs Peary own the word better. Amundsen`s book seems taken out of a context, is chaotic, is kompozitsionno weaker. By the end it seems what just bothered to write the Norwegian and it threw the manuscript far away.

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