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Whether it is worth acquiring real estate “behind a hillock“? Costs!

Now the best time for acquisition of real estate abroad. But, naturally, it is necessary to do it circumspectly and intelligently!

The settled world economic and political structure change, all markets (and real estate including) now is in a fever - and it is very good for the competent buyer! Because just now it is possible to buy for tens of thousands of dollars what costs hundreds of thousands. And for hundreds of thousands, respectively, what costs millions! Very successful time!

Risks? Of course! But be not reckless, there would be no such fantastic offers also. Eventually the person - a being hazardous, on the one hand, and pragmatic on the other hand. And, making the decision on balance of these two qualities, it is possible to receive really fantastic results.

For example, a country house in 250 meters from the Red Sea in Egyptian Charm - ale - the Sheikh for 110 000 dollars. Cannot be, it is at least four times more expensive? And this real offer. Or the land plot in Prague for 80 000 euros. Too real offer.

The most widespread question at target audience is “Now and whether it is worth acquiring in general real estate “behind a hillock“?

For a start it is necessary to understand that statement of a question in itself is not absolutely correct. Whether “It is worth acquiring real estate “behind a hillock“? Where? In Somalia? Or in Britain? In the world now 194 states, and in each of them the specifics, the legislation, the risks and the taxes. Therefore to say about purchase of real estate “behind a hillock“ in general, that is without reality, it too most what to speak about purchase of the foreign car without indication of brand and the purpose of its use.

So all-: what car is bought? Rolls - Royce? Or Uno`s Fiat, the year one of release? And maybe, brand new Gazelle? What we on it are going to do and as to exploit him? With a pomp and comfort to carry itself favourite or to taksovat at the subway? Or perhaps to transport bulky goods? You catch thought?

For a start it is necessary to decide on the purpose with which the car, I`m sorry, real estate is bought accurately. And besides: what real estate? Office room, apartment, country house, floor spaces? This very important decision which is made on start.

Now directly about motives of purchase.

For one of this dispersion of assets and withdrawal of money from a ruble zone of risk. It is clear, but in that case the emphasis should be placed on what currency of this country, its liquidity, quotations and an opportunity to be transformed to other world currencies.

For others is a preparation of “spare airfield“, there is nobody a safety island where in case of problems in the homeland it is possible to leave and take away a family. It, as a rule, very much disturbs the businessmen who are afraid of raider capture with use of a corruption component. In that case the main thing - whether it is the contract on mutually delivery between Russia and this country.

For the third is no more than investments. We study a real estate demand, dynamics of its growth and an opportunity quickly and with the minimum losses to leave in a cache.

For the fourth is a purchase of “a lodge by the sea“ or “a chalet in mountains“. In that case all above-mentioned arguments become very secondary, and in a priority there is only a climate, location and comfort of stay.

And someone buys real estate only for the purpose of receiving in the long term residence permit or the second passport. In that case paramount to study the legislation of this country in this aspect. And to remember that the norms declared legislatively often very fine differ from right application practice.

And for someone purchase of real estate abroad is no more than objectification of the earned money. It is logical to assume that such person would like that the real estate by leasing itself brought money. For this purpose it is necessary to study thoroughly “demand - the offer“, “a season - not a season“, and also possible tax consequences.

There can be also other motives, but they will be crossed anyway with above-mentioned and to supplement each other.

Separately costs will stop on risks . Actually one of the highest risks of purchase of real estate - in Russia. Double and threefold sales, numerous frauds, selection by a court decision property even at the respectable purchaser, forgery - here not the complete list of what waits for the buyer of real estate in the Russian Federation.

To the person who passed all this in the homeland, it is not necessary to be afraid of similar abroad already especially. But it does not mean that there are no such risks at all there. Is, just them it is essential, many times it is less. And considering that “houses of a wall help“, in this case means that in the homeland of people knows where to go whom to address in this or that situation, and abroad there is no such opportunity therefore it is worth paying special attention to that from whom we buy this or that object.

The best that can help at the solution of this question, is “the Gipsy mail“ or “gossip hotline“, that is recommendations of the close people who already used services of a certain firm or the agent.

On reliability the name and the status of realtor office is on the second place. Expensive office schooled personnel, “the“ translators, lawyers and notaries - all this in total has to show reliability of the realtor. But do not forget that it is necessary to pay for it. And the price of any real estate object bought from such seller can be more expensive in practice average market than percent on 20.

So, as well as everywhere, we look for balance and for ourselves we define readiness for these or those risks.