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Norwegian literature. Who writes books for Yu Nesbyo?

translated the Book “Snowman“ of the Norwegian writer Yu Nesbyo into Russian recently. The author even came to Moscow.

So it happened that I live in the city in which there is an action of the detective - in the city of Bergen. Perhaps, the translator should go to the city about which the book. And can be...

It is difficult to write off for the Norwegian passion to walks the version about the fact that the murderer and the victim came from the mountain Floyen to the mountain Ulriken. Or 3 - 4 hours the murderer dragged the victim on himself on stony abrupt footpaths? And to Floyen they reached even on the railroad. Besides that on Floyen not the railroad, but the funicular conducts.

The funicular at Nesbyo oddly moves to the neighboring mountain: “The last car of the funicular arrived on Ulriken at five o`clock“.

As for bergensky points of action, they are limited to primitive tourist - the mountain Ulriken, park about the Aquarium and several streets. About streets I will tell nothing, I do not know such yet. But why it is necessary to cover with blood a certain snow-covered platform on the mountain, not really clear. For the instruction that action happens in Bergen? But the text does not make impression that everything occurs on Ulriken! The unsuccessful geographical cut is combined with absolutely excess details - the mountain height, gift of Seattle, etc.

the Most magnificent mistake in the book is that the police inspector, standing at the foot of the mountain, sees a snowman on an observation deck. Actually, if to look from below, it is possible to consider only a roof of cafe.

Absolutely impossible stretch use in a plot of a column which allegedly it is impossible to approach imperceptibly looks. Probably, at the moment when Nesbyo`s muse rushed by the Aquarium, all trees of park bit the dust from delight. And the animals concluded in chambers at this moment from admiration heart-rendingly squalled, so, that it was heard from the boat, from water!

As for a plot, it, unfortunately, is boring. And the offered motive of the criminal in the final well so... it is unconvincing that you begin to feel it from the very beginning of the book. “Snowman“ for me lasted nearly two months - so does not take.

Fills in Nesbyo`s pages, free from the semantic moments, with surprisingly sad scenes of sex. As during sex of people can get data on real feelings only from personal experience, it is necessary only to sympathize with inexperience of the writer. Badly, of course, when with taste of a problem, but the main problem of bad taste is an inability to hide it. Nesbyo it is worth thinking of a fantasy genre. The reality available Yu, is too modest.

The question of why such huge place in Nesbyo`s creativity is taken by an alcoholism justification, disappears when studying the website of the writer. The visitor the glass, persuasive monotonous design, surplus red meets, a podtashnivaniye and dizziness.

It is difficult to present that such famous person as Nesbyo, never was in Bergen. It is much simpler to assume that the author did not read own book.

The book strongly loses to Nesbyo`s novel “Pentagram“. But, perhaps, it from the assumption that “Pentagram“ - the book weak, and the others will be better. If to estimate two books together, then the author should practise music. Though in Norway he is loved and is periodically awarded.

You will not believe, but “Snowman“ became the first detective story which got the Norwegian award “The Best Novel of Year“ in 2008. Poor Norwegian modern literature!